Thoroughbred Safety Committee

The Thoroughbred Safety Committee was created in May 2008 to review every facet of equine health and to recommend actions the industry can take to improve the health and safety of Thoroughbreds.

The committee convenes to discuss myriad safety issues with a cross section of industry representatives, including jockeys, trainers, veterinarians, chemists, pedigree experts, handicappers, owners, breeders, blacksmiths, racing commissioners, racetrack executives and geneticists.

Committee members are Craig R. Fravel (chairman), Dr. Rick Arthur, James G. (Jimmy) Bell, Dr. Larry Bramlage, Dell Hancock, Jim Lawson, Christopher J. McCarron, Dr. Hiram C. Polk Jr., Tom Robbins, and Jaime Roth. Each is a member of The Jockey Club.

8/03/2023 Track Surface Data
8/11/2022 Aftercare Liaison
8/11/2022 Out-of-Competition Testing
8/5/2021 Timing of Title Transfer with Claimed Horses (Revised)
4/24/2020 Clenbuterol
4/24/2020 Self-reporting statistics from the Equine Injury Database (EID)
4/24/2020 Mandatory stand-down period for horses in the care of trainers determined to be in possession of or evidencing the intent to administer illegal substances to racehorses
8/11/19 Use of the Crop and Penalties for Misuse of the Crop
8/11/19 Electronic Treatment Records Database
3/27/19 Discontinue Use of Bisphosphonates in Horses in Race Training
3/27/19 Creation of an Industry Crisis Response Plan
3/27/19 Recording Additional Data or Making Additional Data Sources Available for Analysis of Factors Associated with Increased Risk of Racing Fatality
3/27/19 Establishing an Equine Medical Professional Resource
8/12/18 Recording Training Fatalities in the Equine Injury Database
8/13/17 Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) Regulations
8/13/17 Self-Reporting Statistics from the Equine Injury Database (EID)
8/13/17 Disclosure of all Veterinary Medical Records to New Ownership
8/14/16 Use of Crop
8/14/16 National Uniform Veterinarian's List
8/09/15 Post-Mortem Database
8/09/15 Horses Working and Testing off the Vet's List
8/10/14 Advanced Horsemanship Program
8/10/14 Racing Integrity Hotline
8/11/13 Electronic Treatment Records Database
8/11/13 National Uniform Medication Program
8/11/13 Selection and Testing Policy
8/12/12 Protocol for Investigating and Reporting Fatalities Occurring On-Track
8/12/12 Timing of Title Transfer with Claimed Horses
8/14/11 Reformed Racing Medication Rules
8/14/11 Racetrack Veterinary Fee Structures
8/22/10 Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
8/22/10 Drug Testing & Laboratory Standards
8/22/10 Pre-Race Inspections
8/22/10 Rider Accident Database
8/17/08 TCO2 Testing
8/17/08 Equine Injury Database
8/17/08 Uniform Penalties
8/17/08 Drug Testing & Laboratory Standards
6/17/08 Shoes and Hoof Care (Modified July 22, 2009)
6/17/08 Safety Riding Crops
6/17/08 Anabolic Steroids