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Friday, September 15, 2017Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
Press Release on Jorge Navarro's Racing at New York Tracks

This statement is in reference to the recent decision regarding trainer Jorge Navarro’s eligibility to participate in Thoroughbred racing in New York State:

Sections 4002.8 and 4002.9 of the New York state Gaming Commission Rules and Regulations provide ample guidance for determining the qualifications of individuals for licensing to participate in pari-mutuel racing in New York as well as grounds for non-renewal or revocation of licenses.

Further, Section 4002.12 gives the New York State Gaming Commission the power to exclude persons from a racetrack on a variety of bases – including where a person “has been involved in any action detrimental to the best interests of racing generally.”

It is my opinion that, at minimum, entries from Mr. Navarro should not be accepted at New York tracks until the matter concerning the recent video involving Navarro is fully adjudicated by the authorities in New Jersey. I encourage the New York State Gaming Commission to re-evaluate this matter in light of all of the information available and consider further whether or not the standard for exclusion has been met in this case.


Jim Edwards
The Jockey Club-appointed Steward at NYRA