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Thursday, January 25, 2001Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
The Jockey Club Urges Early Submission of Live Foal Reports

The Jockey Club is urging all owners and breeders to submit their 2001 Live Foal Reports as soon as possible after foaling to ensure that all dams of live foals have a DNA type on file with the Registry.

“Owners and breeders can prevent future delays in registering their 2001 foals simply by submitting their Live Foal Reports as soon after the birth as possible,” said Jockey Club executive vice president and executive director, Gary Carpenter. “This will allow us to process the dam’s DNA status and, if necessary, obtain her DNA sample before her foal’s registration application arrives later this year or next.”

Approximately 15,000 mares have already been DNA-typed from frozen blood samples retained at one of the three genetic-typing laboratories employed by The Jockey Club. Mares without a retained sample are being DNA-typed using mane hair root samples as soon as they are reported as having a live foal on a 2001 Live Foal Report.

All 2001 Live Foal/No Foal Reports were distributed in mid-January. In a new departure, Jockey Club InteractiveTM users were invited to have the pre-printed information from their Live Foal/No Foal Reports e-mailed to them in lieu of receiving a mailed form. The owners of more than 9,000 mares have already taken advantage of the time- and cost-saving service.

“This new electronic service is part of an ongoing drive to maximize use of our technical resources to create operating efficiencies that benefit all owners and breeders,” said Carpenter.

“We realize that there are some owners and breeders who may not be so technically inclined or who simply prefer to receive mailed forms. But we’re really encouraging them to explore the many advantages of Jockey Club Interactive.”

Owners and breeders can sign up for the free Jockey Club InteractiveTM service through the “Interactive Registry” icon on The Jockey Club home page, located at; or by calling The Jockey Club at (859) 224-2700 or (800) 444-8521.