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Tuesday, May 18, 2010Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
Pedigree Analysis Program Unveiled on

The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. (TJCIS) today unveiled on a Pedigree Analysis Program that enables customers to research and analyze the effects of specific crosses and inbreeding patterns through queries of the TJCIS database, the world’s most complete record of Thoroughbreds and their performance.

“The Pedigree Analysis Program opens up our entire pedigree database to breeders and others who want to explore how Thoroughbreds with specific pedigree characteristics have performed on the track,” said TJCIS Chairman and President Carl Hamilton. “It is a very comprehensive pedigree research tool that takes pedigree analysis to a new level.”

Among the components of the Pedigree Analysis Program are:

  • Horse Search, which provides a six-cross pedigree for a designated horse with options to view inbreeding, siblings and auction results, as well as the capability to expand the pedigree to 10 generations
  • Query by Position, which enables customers to input a horse name in any two or more positions within a four-cross pedigree to analyze the racing success of a wide variety of crosses
  • Query by Inbreeding, which enables customers to analyze the racing success of specific inbreeding patterns
  • Stakes Results Review, which enables customers to research the pedigrees of recent graded, non-graded and international stakes performers

The Pedigree Analysis Program was developed by TJCIS in conjunction with Byron Rogers and Alan Porter of Pedigree Consultants LLC.

“The query by position is an outstanding tool for anyone who is serious about researching Thoroughbred pedigrees,” said Rogers. “With the function using the TJCIS database, the results generated will show you a complete worldwide view of the query you are testing. It now forms an integral part of our pedigree analysis for our clients.”

“The Stakes Results Review feature provides comprehensive results of stakes races from around the world in a rapid manner,” said Porter. “The ability to further investigate the pedigrees of the first three finishers in these events should make the program invaluable to breeders and researchers.”

The annual subscription fee for the Pedigree Analysis Program is $249 and includes a four-day fully functional trial period. To learn more about the Pedigree Analysis Program and view video tours visit

Additional information about the Pedigree Analysis Program is available by calling (800) 333-1778 or by sending e-mail to

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