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Wednesday, December 10, 2008Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
Equibase Management Committee Approves $1.2 Million Dividend

The Equibase Management Committee announced today that a dividend of $1.2 million had been approved and would be distributed to the Equibase Company partners. This brings the total dividends paid in 2008 to a record $3.6 million, $2.4 million of which is distributed to the member tracks of the Thoroughbred Racing Associations and $1.2 million of which goes to The Jockey Club, the managing partner for Equibase.

The distribution for 2008 represents a 9% increase against the 2007 dividend distribution of $3.3 million, and brings the total amount of dividends distributed to Equibase partners since 1998 to $24.6 million.

“Equibase not only has delivered significant financial returns to its partners through the years, but more importantly has provided the industry with a uniform, industry-owned database of racing information and statistics,” said Alan Marzelli, chairman of Equibase Company. “When you consider the fact that the third party publisher that previously collected past performance information has changed hands no less than five times since Equibase was formed, the importance of this achievement cannot be underestimated.”

Equibase Company is a partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations and serves as the Thoroughbred industry’s official database for racing information. Through its web site,, the company provides a comprehensive menu of racing information, statistics and handicapping products for everyone from the sophisticated handicapper to the casual fan.