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Tuesday, July 20, 2004Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
TrackMaster® Performance Cycles Now Available on

Equibase Company, the Thoroughbred industry’s Official database for racing information, today announced the addition of TrackMaster® Performance Cycles to the broad range of handicapping products and racing information available on

TrackMaster® Performance Cycles is a high-end handicapping report for Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse racing that plots proprietary Performance Ratings earned by a horse in its previous races onto one- and four-year graphs. The graphs provide a clear, concise and visual depiction of each horse’s performance history, and supplies insights into how each is likely to perform in today’s race.

“Handicappers who are familiar with the various ‘sheets’ products on the market will appreciate TrackMaster Performance Cycles,” said David O’Neill, Equibase product development manager. “This is a powerful report that helps handicappers identify patterns, or cycles, in each horse’s racing history that can be used to assess the likely performance of every horse in today’s race.”

The Performance Ratings are calculated using a sophisticated algorithm that incorporates final time, pace and class to rate a horse’s past efforts. The lower the rating, the better the horse ran.

In addition to the race-by-race reports, TrackMaster® Performance Cycles includes a convenient cover sheet designed as a quick reference tool. The cover sheet contains basic race information and up to four composite Performance Ratings for each horse, as well as a projected order of finish for all races on the card based on each horse’s expected Performance Rating.

TrackMaster® Performance Cycles was developed by TrackMaster, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equibase and a leading provider of electronic handicapping data for the major racing breeds. Additional information about TrackMaster® Performance Cycles, including a detailed tutorial, is available at .

Equibase Company is a general partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America. Through its web site,, the Company offers an ever-expanding menu of racing and handicapping information for handicappers of every skill level.