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Thursday, November 20, 2003Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
TJCIS Announces Availability of Vet Management Software

The Jockey Club Information Systems, Inc. (TJCIS) has introduced Veterinary ManagementTM Software, a comprehensive management program that organizes all health and billing records of horses for an equine veterinary practice.

According to TJCIS vice president and director of operations Gary Falter, the stand-alone PC-based service maximizes efficiencies in the daily operation of equine veterinary practices.

“The TJCIS Veterinary Management Software simplifies and streamlines all record-keeping, so that veterinarians and their staff personnel can devote more time and attention to the care and treatment of their patients,” he said. “The software is modeled after our Horse Farm Management software which, for years, has helped farms worldwide manage their billing and horse health records.

“And just as farms are utilizing our new HealthBook to record procedures in the field using a Tablet PC and stylus pen, a customized version of the HealthBook designed specifically for veterinarians allows treatments and procedures to easily be recorded in the field and later uploaded to the Veterinary Management Software.”

The software allows veterinary practices to:

 Maintain health and billing records in one convenient location

 Access horse health and treatment history at the click of the mouse

 Calculate treatment costs and allocate charges to the appropriate owner(s) for billing and accounts receivable

 Generate complete billing statements quickly and easily

 Upload field procedures from the HFM HealthBookTM to the Veterinary Management Software

Additional information about the TJCIS Veterinary ManagementTM Software is available by calling TJCIS at (800) 333-1778 or (859) 224-2800; or by sending e-mail to

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