Closing Remarks
Ogden Mills Phipps Ogden Mills Phipps

Ogden Mills Phipps: Thank you very much, Pat. We appreciate your participation in the Round Table this morning, and once again, we appreciate the efforts put forth by the ad hoc committee.

I really want to thank all of our speakers for participating.

I think our program strongly conveyed three important points:

    1. We have arrived at a critical time and our problems won't get solved by themselves.
    2. There are individuals and organizations working hard to find solutions.
    3. They need your help.

None of the problems this industry faces whether it's medication, wagering systems, illegal betting, equine injuries or Thoroughbred racing in New York state can be solved without a unified effort. Without that effort, they'll never get done.

With unity of purpose, we can ensure that this industry's best days are ahead of us and not behind us.

Thank you very much for coming this morning. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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