Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
W S Rocket 1000%AZ
Wagon Limit 111100%FL
War Correspondent 53292547%KY
War Dancer 90646067%NY
War Envoy 1810950%CA
War Front 82766984%KY
War Power 53360%WA
Warrior's Reward 33211855%KY
Wartime 444100%CA
We Miss Artie 49403571%KY
Weather Warning 333100%CA
Weave It to Me 139754%WV
Weigelia 49232143%PA
Well Positioned 52240%IL
Well Said 3000%SK
Well Spelled 121212100%PA
Wesley's Thor 43250%NM
West Express 1100%NE
West Ranger 183317%IL
Western Expression 222100%OK
Western Gambler 61117%TX
Western Pride 188739%OH
Westover Wildcat 95556%MN
What a Laser 2000%AZ
What Now 43375%IN
Where's the Ring 106660%ON
Whistler Mtn Gold 72229%PA
White Gold G E S 43250%CO
White Magic 32133%CA
White Mercedes 3000%PA
Why Not Be Perfect 1010990%OR
Wicked B. Havior 444100%OK
Wicked Strike 33267%FL
Wicked Strong 67535176%KY
Wicked Tune 555100%FL
Wilburn 28151346%OK
Wild Sierra 111100%NV
Wildcat Brief 41125%PA
Wildcat Red 29211862%KY
Will Geer Road 22150%NY
Will Take Charge 1301028364%KY
William's Kitten 73229%OH
Wimbledon 888100%TX
Winchill 2000%WV
Window Boy 43375%PR
Windsor Castle 61292744%WV
Windy Maze 42250%OK
Winning Cause 22181882%CA
Winslow Homer 54240%FL
Wise River 33133%IN
Woke Up Dreamin 147750%IA
Wolfcamp 32133%CA