Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
D' Funnybone 169744%NY
D Mac 52240%IA
Da Big Hoss 54480%OH
Da Stoops 23141357%OK
Daaher 25151456%KY
Daareb 1000%OK
Daddy Nose Best 44262455%CA
Dads Caps 61413252%CA
Dance Hall Doctor 5100%CA
Danza 28211968%KY
Danzing Candy 129817659%CA
Daredevil 1401009467%KY
Dark Kestrel 111100%OH
Dashing Warrior 32267%LA
Data Link 86563%KY
Datrick 111100%TX
Dawn Treader 111100%OK
Day of Destiny 222100%SK
De Hero 111100%FL
De Lux Design 1000%CO
Decisive Moment 54480%FL
Declan's Warrior 74457%WV
Declaration of War 110907871%KY
Declassify 189950%AB
Delhomme 63350%NM
Delighted Season 3300%ON
Deliver the Storm 111100%AR
Demon Warlock 21150%WA
Dendrology 1000%ND
Denis of Cork 176635%WV
Den's Legacy 54353361%OK
Deputy Director 1000%ON
Deputy Storm 31133%IN
Desert Code 14111071%CA
Desert Party 94444%NY
Despite the Odds 111100%MD
Diabolical 138646%NM
Dialed In 17715614079%KY
Diamond 82225%OK
Diamond Lou 1100%TN
Diamond Strike 2000%MI
Distorted Humor 1361129268%KY
Divining Rod 102746968%MD
Dixie Banner 41125%IA
Dixie Chatter 43375%CA
Dixie Dancer 1000%MO
Dixie Mon 111100%OH
Dixieland Cash 42250%NM
Dnieper 62233%TX
Do the Roar 444100%FL
Doc N Bubba G 222100%AL
Doctor Chit 113218%OK
Doctor Romane 98889%TX
Dome 73229%NM
Domestic Dispute 111100%IN
Dominique's Cat 74457%NM
Domino Johnson 2000%AZ
Dominus 29201862%KY
Don Gato 1000%TX
Don Lux 3000%NM
Don Paco 13101077%PR
Done Talking 147750%SC
Doneraile Court 21150%FL
Dontmesswithkitten 333100%WA
Don'tsellmeshort 42250%CA
Dopo Lavoro 111100%FL
Dortmund 25161456%MD
Double Irish 32161547%AR
Double Talk 111100%LA
Dowsing (JPN) 226627%IN
Dr Large 86563%NY
Dr. Smarty Jack 64467%NM
Dramedy 169531%OK
Dreamsrunwild 222100%LA
Drewssasin 111100%LA
Drill 42201536%FL
Drill Sergeant 222100%IL
Drums of Thunder 2000%TX
D's Wando 71114%ON
Due Date 76571%LA
Duke of the City 42250%NJ
During 2000%WV
D'wildcat 166531%LA
Dynamic Impact 54480%OR
Dynamic Sky 95444%ON