Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Wacheetah 111100%NM
Wagon Limit 72229%FL
Walk That Walk 222100%CA
Walsh 111100%MB
War Cry 6000%ON
War Eagle 115545%LA
War Front 109958881%KY
War Power 218629%WA
Warrior's Reward 1301059573%KY
Watch Me Daddy 111100%AR
Waupaca 86675%OK
Way of the Knight 22150%LA
Weather Warning 111100%CA
Weekend Wildcat 52240%KY
Weigelia 36161644%PA
Well Noted 1000%NY
Well Positioned 1110982%IL
Well Said 51120%IL
Well Spelled 21131362%PA
Western Acres 111100%TX
Western Expression 2714933%OK
Western Gambler 87675%NM
Western Outlaw 3000%IN
Western Pride 136646%OH
Westover Wildcat 41125%IL
What Now 107440%IN
Where's the Ring 35212160%AB
White Collar Crime 32133%OR
White Magic 1000%CO
White Mercedes 52240%PA
Whotoldyouthat 2000%CO
Why Wouldntu Pops 1100%LA
Wicked B. Havior 4000%OK
Wicked Rich 3000%SC
Wilburn 76474154%KY
Wild and Wicked 111100%KY
Wild Black N Blue 1000%OH
Wild Rex 42250%LA
Wild Scent 2000%OK
Wildcat Atax 1000%ID
Wildcat Brief 96444%PA
Wilko 28131243%ON
Will Take Charge 14912610973%KY
Willcox Inn 34221647%NY
William's Kitten 134431%OH
Willie Blue 2000%IN
Wimbledon 19121263%TX
Winaprize 111100%KS
Winchill 20161680%PA
Window Boy 139969%PR
Windsor Castle 56282748%WV
Winning Bid 5100%NM
Winningmotion 222100%PR
Winslow Homer 62342947%FL
Winter Glitter 108440%TX
Wired Sharp 2000%LA
Wise Diplomat 1000%MD
Wise River 55240%IN
Wised Up 13121185%FL
Wishful Thinking 111100%IL
Wishful Tomcat 12118%WA
With Distinction 52302956%FL
Woke Up Dreamin 169956%IA
Wolfcamp 888100%CA
Wood Reply 2100%OK
Woody Be Quick 1100%CA
Worker Man 2000%NM
World Renowned 28161554%CA
Wrote (IRE) 35161440%FL