Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
R H F Golden Globe 54360%TN
Rabih 43375%
Rahy's Secret 74457%LA
Rahy'sinthezone 3000%KS
Raise a Dreamer 3000%MT
Raise a Signal 1000%SC
Raise Suzuran 14121286%ID
Raise the Bluff 31133%WA
Raison d'Etat 45413680%KY
Rallying Cry 208840%WA
Ransom Demanded 111100%CA
Rapper S S 666100%NM
Rascal Cat 21111152%AB
Rattlesnake Bridge 72423954%FL
Rda Oro Blanco 111100%CA
Read the Footnotes 19111158%OK
Ready's Image 20131365%KY
Reagan Republican 94444%CA
Real Dandy 4000%NM
Real Estate 16100%WV
Real Prize 111100%FL
Real Solution 58444069%KY
Really Gone West 111100%CA
Rebel Alliance 77457%NM
Red Robber 1000%AR
Red Rocks (IRE) 58504272%KY
Red Sky Dubai 41125%NM
Redding Colliery 18111161%LA
Redeemed 23141357%MD
Reflect Times (JPN) 64467%PA
Regal Ransom 70413651%KY
Remarquez 555100%TN
Rendezvous 111100%CA
Retreive 53360%FL
Returning 111100%OR
Reversal 4000%ID
Revoluta 124325%OR
Revolutionary 1461038760%KY
Revolving 129758%FL
Reward the Cat 44375%FL
Rff Golden Justice 222100%CA
Richard's Kid 31202065%CA
Richter Scale 111100%LA
Right Rigger 333100%NM
Riley Ripasso 1000%ON
Rimrod 104440%PA
Risky Asset 109990%AR
Risque Remarque 888100%KY
Road Ruler 22121150%IL
Road to Knowledge 333100%PA
Rock City 111100%WV
Rock Hampton 19101053%FL
Rock Hound 111100%WV
Rock Pulpit 295517%IN
Rock Slide 85338%MD
Rock the Rock (IRE) 32267%ND
Rocky Bar 65583%CA
Rodeo 1000%LA
Roger That 1000%LA
Roi Charmant 65583%CA
Roll Hennessy Roll 28121036%NM
Roman Dancer 74343%CA
Roman Scout 21150%PR
Ronridge Will 5000%TX
Rookie Sensation 2412833%ON
Rossini 111100%LA
Royal Challenger 26131350%ND
Royal Jabar 83338%MN
Royal Memory 85450%CA
Royal Orleans 32267%NM
Royal Strand (IRE) 64467%LA
Royal Walk 1000%UT
Rule 14111179%KY
Rule by Night 118655%NY
Ruler's Court 16111063%LA
Run Away and Hide 64484266%KY
Run Brother Ron 109990%CA
Run Dot Com 1000%OR
Run It 116655%CA
Run Like Fire 4000%MO
Run Production 28191968%LA
Run to Victory 2100%AB
Running Tap 168850%WA
Runnintothealter 51120%PA
Rushin' to Altar 31133%IA
Ryan's Thunder 32267%IN