Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Paddy O'Prado 128858264%KY
Painting Freedom 333100%MT
Palmy Bay 43375%LA
Panicum 333100%MI
Papa Clem 59454373%CA
Papa John D. 111100%NM
Parker's Storm Cat 10000%WA
Part the Waters 111100%FL
Partner's Hero 107550%PA
Pass Rush 84450%IN
Paullinus 222100%IN
Paying Forward 43250%ID
Paynter 15813412378%KY
Peppered Cat 38141437%CA
Perfect Bullet 20141260%PR
Perfect Circle 13218%MI
Perfect Soul (IRE) 19141053%KY
Perryman Place 2100%ID
Personal Interest 32267%FL
Peruvian 333100%MT
Petionville 13101077%MD
Phantom Light 5000%TN
Phantom Wildcat 129975%CA
Phone Charger 2000%ND
Phone Home 44375%NM
Phone Ruler 1000%NM
Piccilo Pete 1000%ON
Pick Six 73343%NY
Pioneerof the Nile 13712010174%KY
Pious 21150%CA
Pirate Stronghold 1100%IL
Pivot 111100%VA
Plan 65467%MD
Podium 74343%OK
Point Encounter 97778%CA
Point Given 15121173%KY
Point of Entry 108807166%KY
Polar Coordinate 111100%NY
Polish Love 93333%NM
Polished Brass 1100%AL
Political Whit 111100%LA
Pollard's Vision 219943%FL
Pomatini 134431%AR
Pool Play 145536%ON
Poor Iggy 2000%AB
Pop Artist 54480%BC
Portobello Road 32151444%AR
Poseidon's Warrior 103635856%FL
Posse 63423759%NY
Power Broker 128837760%KY
Power by Far 43375%PA
Power Storm 31133%TX
Pragmatic 111100%NM
Preachinatthebar 53171528%WA
Precocity 54480%NM
Preferred Issue 95444%TX
Premeditation 777100%NM
Premium Wine 62233%NY
Primal Instinct 5000%WA
Primary Suspect 146643%AR
Primer Querubin 42250%PR
Primero Peru 51120%SC
Prince of Clover 1000%WA
Prince of the Mt. 1000%LA
Prince Prado 1000%TX
Princeandrew 43375%PR
Princely Fire 1000%TN
Prints of Peace 1000%WV
Private Gold 72229%WA
Private Interview 222100%NJ
Pro Prado 96667%NM
Prodical Extreme 7000%TX
Prom Shoes 51120%AR
Proper Conquest 43375%IN
Prospective 61353049%FL
Prospector's Gift 2000%LA
Proud Citizen 40322973%KY
Proud Tower Too 444100%NM
Proudinsky (GER) 53360%LA
Publican 111100%KS
Puchi's Gamble 1000%MS
Puchi's Special Fx 111100%FL
Pulling Punches 1000%LA
Pure Precision 8000%SK
Pure Thrill 1100%ID
Python 43250%IL