Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Factum 44393273%FL
Fairbanks 85563%PA
Fan the Flame 333100%AR
Fast Freight 7000%AZ
Fast Thought 111100%KY
Favorite Bid 2000%OH
Favorite Trick Too 1000%SK
Fearless Eagle 115436%TX
Fed Biz 14711910471%KY
Festivo 2000%GA
Fiber Sonde 94423941%WV
Fiddlers Afleet 111100%NY
Field Commission 76393749%FL
Fierce Wind 11100%VA
Fighting Hussar 444100%CA
Finale 18101056%NM
Finality 35211851%BC
Finest Hour 21150%LA
Firejack 83338%NM
Firm Approval 1000%AZ
First Defence 28211968%KY
First Dude 68373247%FL
First Samurai 99847677%KY
Flagship 111100%OH
Flame Thrower 222100%CA
Flaming West 1000%AB
Flammabull 21150%AB
Flash Dancer 21150%ID
Flashback 15712010567%KY
Flashpoint 57363460%LA
Flashstorm 29171759%FL
Flat Out 18313112367%KY
Flatter 96848083%KY
Fleet Skipper 106220%LA
Flight West 1000%IA
Flying Baron 1000%OK
Flying Cheetah 71114%KS
Flying Kris 21150%TX
Fontanella 111100%CA
Fool for You 3100%IL
Ford Every Stream 64467%MN
Foreclosed 126650%IL
Forefathers 27161244%LA
Foreign Policy 139862%OK
Forest Attack 23214%IL
Forest Command 119764%CA
Forever Perfect 222100%OH
Formal Gold 123325%AB
Fornasetti 3000%CO
Fort Knox 63233%NM
Fort Larned 88514652%FL
Fort Loudon 169744%FL
Fort Prado 179847%KY
Fortifier 3000%IN
Forty Grams 6000%FL
Forty Tales 46352657%NY
Four Feet of Snow 1000%MT
Four Sevens 41125%TX
Freedom Child 52271937%MD
Freesgood 65583%OK
Frenemy 333100%MD
Freon Flier 111100%TX
Freud 70504564%NY
Friend Or Foe 149964%VA
Friendly Lover 74457%IL
Friesan Fire 51302753%MD
Frost Giant 51353467%NY
Fullbridled 189844%CA
Fun and Fancy Free 111100%VA
Fury's Allstar 53360%BC
Fusaichi Pegasus 52262446%KY
Fusaichi Zenon (JPN) 166638%NM
Future 63117%KY