Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
M Eighty 111100%MD
Ma's Storm 2000%ND
Mach Ride 75457%FL
Machen 52141427%WV
Macho Rocket 16101063%AR
Macho Uno 73484967%KY
Macho's Gold 222100%PR
Maclean's Music 93686570%KY
Mad Flatter 30151447%PA
Maddy's Lion 222100%IL
Magic Cat 29141241%MN
Magic'sfirstchoice 111100%LA
Magna Certified 1000%FL
Magna Graduate 1411964%KY
Magnificent Falcon 222100%AZ
Magoo's Magic 111100%MB
Maimonides 19131053%KY
Majestic Falcon 2000%AL
Majestic Warrior 15813212177%KY
Majesticperfection 96766366%KY
Make Music for Me 21111048%CA
Make Your Mark 111100%OH
Maker's Time 1000%CO
Malarkey Lane 111100%OR
Malibu Moon 145(20)12811670%KY
Malibu Wesley 52240%LA
Malt Magic 1000%WA
Maltese Dog 27191763%FL
Man Law 7000%MB
Man On the Street 82225%OK
Man the Rapids 1000%LA
Mansmind 333100%CO
Many Rivers 16111063%CA
Marcavelly 21150%ON
March Time 1000%NE
March to Victory 233150%NJ
March Twelth 31133%MN
Margie's Wildcat 18141372%AZ
Marino Marini 20151470%CA
Market Strike 444100%OH
Marlin Pass 33267%OH
Marquetching 3000%OR
Marsh Side 22141150%NY
Mass Market 85563%BC
Mass Media 32211959%LA
Mast Track 75343%ON
Master Rick 54480%WV
Matt's Broken Vow 85563%MN
Matthewsburg 74457%TX
Matty G 222100%WA
Matzoh Toga 32267%LA
Mauk Four 178847%LA
Mausalama 1000%OK
Max Forever 117764%AB
Maxamax 32267%IL
Maximum Heat 111100%SC
Maybry's Boy 31133%NY
Maze Craze 222100%IA
McKenna's Justice 87788%NM
Meadow Monster 2000%NJ
Medaglia d'Oro 14313111480%KY
Medallist 72229%PA
Melbas Slew 1000%MN
Memories Last 3000%TX
Menasha 21150%KY
Mercer Mill 85563%OH
Mercy Me 2000%WY
Mesa Sunrise 10000%NM
Mesa Thunder 65467%CA
Mesopotamia 1000%WV
Messner 259832%PA
Mi Cielo 8000%AR
Mi Preferido 32267%PR
Mickey's Mirage 62233%TX
Midas Touch (GB) 25211976%KY
Midnight Lute 18614512869%KY
Midnight's Child 53240%WV
Midshipman 144959063%KY
Mighty Vow 93333%SK
Mike Fox 4000%ON
Mike's Big Man 111100%LA
Mikimoto's Mojo 222100%WV
Milwaukee Brew 36191644%ON
Mind the Minister 31133%CO
Mine for Gold 185528%NE
Mine Train 15000%SC
Mined 1000%LA
Miners Back 42125%SC
Mineshaft 110857871%KY
Mini Bolt 1000%WV
Ministers Wild Cat 72575779%CA
Miracle Man 32267%NY
Miraculous Hand 3100%ID
Misbah 111100%PA
Misremembered 31201961%KY
Mission Impazible 105767168%NY
Mister Dance 76343%LA
Mister Do It 42250%SK
Mister Phone (ARG) 71114%KY
Misty'sgoldentouch 43375%CA
Mixmaster 43375%OH
Mizzen Mast 98847273%KY
Mobil 46171737%OH
Mojave Moon 21150%MD
Monarchos 22171359%KY
Monba 111100%PA
Mondavi 73229%IN
Monetary Star 21150%MI
Monhocracy 64350%NE
Monopoly Money 3000%CO
Monterey Jazz 15111173%NM
Moonbie 2000%KY
More Smoke 72229%PA
More Than Ready 14413111681%KY
Morning Line 109837266%KY
Motovato 222100%KY
Mount McKinley 333100%FL
Mr Charlypotatoes 75343%NM
Mr Clifford 9000%TX
Mr Napper Tandy (GB) 138862%CA
Mr. Alvin Peter 111100%PR
Mr. Big 42250%KY
Mr. Congenial 111100%OH
Mr. Fleet Feet 1000%CO
Mr. Gold Mover 31242168%NM
Mr. Harry O 42250%NM
Mr. Indy 44375%PR
Mr. Mabee 42250%OH
Mr. Nightlinger 35211954%OK
Mr. Noname 31133%IN
Mr. Scotty 5000%ON
Mr. Sekiguchi 20000%NY
Mr. Sinatra 32133%OH
Mr. Talley 111100%TX
Mr. Trieste 71114%NM
Mt Pro 33133%AR
Mt Waverly 52240%IL
Mt. Glittermore 5000%IA
Much the Best 13(1)9321%OH
Mucho Grande 1000%KY
Mula Gula 53120%TX
Munasaaq 32267%PR
Munnings 94656266%KY
Music City 1000%KY
Musical Marque 333100%VA
Musket Man 2310939%LA
Musketier (GER) 36222158%ON
Must Be Fair 111100%TX
Mustanfar 75457%IN
Mutadda 96556%KY
My Charlie Brown 91111%NM
My Golden Song 59363254%TX
My High Roller 1000%BC
My Lady's Saint 3000%FL
My Pal Charlie 52282446%LA
Myfavorite Place 29272379%PR
Mykindacandy 145536%AR
Mysterious Peintre (FR)1000%SC
Mystic Replica 3100%PA
Mystic Wood 52240%WA