Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
G. W.'s d'Oro 222100%LA
G. W.'s Skippie 63350%LA
Gaff 3110929%TX
Gainango 3000%MO
Galvan 53360%PR
Gamble's Exchange 1000%ON
Game On 2000%VI
Game Plan 86675%CA
Gandhi 17151165%WV
Garifine 22150%KY
Gary D 555100%FL
Gattopardo 32267%WV
Gauguin 1000%LA
Gayego 34201544%AB
Gazebo 91111%WI
Gemologist 130998968%KY
Gen Stormin'norman 111100%NM
General Mike 2000%TX
General Quarters 51312549%KY
Generous John 32267%CO
Gentle Tap 111100%OK
Genuine Talent 1000%TX
Get Rich Quick 93333%FL
Get Stormy 111807366%KY
Ghaaleb 12101083%IL
Ghost Mountain 1000%NM
Ghosttrapper 118873%CA
Ghostzapper 13010610178%KY
Giacomo 2110943%MD
Giant Gizmo 65382843%ON
Giant Hit 333100%AR
Giant Oak 35262469%KY
Giant Surprise 17131376%NY
Giant's Causeway 131(1)1109372%KY
Gig Harbor 108660%CA
Gigawatt 222100%LA
Gina's Roman 2000%NY
Gio Ponti 15412011373%KY
Girolamo 70514666%KY
Glacier Bay 6200%FL
Glasnost 15000%IN
Global Force 51120%WV
Globalize 1100%CA
Go Deep 111100%LA
Go for Four 2000%KY
Go Lionel Go 111100%IN
Go Now 2000%TX
Go Red Go 65583%TX
Going Black N Time 3000%SK
Going Commando 168850%MB
Going Wild 169425%OK
Gold Aly 54480%WA
Gold Brush 44375%OR
Gold Case 54480%IN
Gold Gift 666100%PR
Gold Prospector 222100%CA
Gold Ranger 223150%TX
Gold Schleiger 20(1)5524%NE
Gold Tribute 119655%LA
Golden Balls (IRE) 17171376%CA
Golden Fusaichi 1000%OK
Golden Missile 128867%NY
Golden Slew 1000%MT
Goldhaven 112200%MN
Gone Astray 64(1)343046%FL
Gone Clubbing 3000%VA
Gone Groovy 4000%LA
Gone Looking 444100%PR
Good Journey 33232061%CA
Good Opinion 222100%FL
Goods 74343%IN
Gorbash 111100%KS
Got the Goods 111100%TX
Got the Last Laugh 85563%PA
Gotcha Shaken 1000%TX
Gotham City 42250%CA
Gottcha Gold 26201973%BC
Gouldings Green 111100%PA
Governor Vasquez 1000%IA
Grace Upon Grace 22141464%CA
Graeme Hall 36242261%FL
Grand Appointment 84450%LA
Grand Capitol 222100%UT
Grand Chance 2000%IN
Grand Marshall 222100%LA
Grand Minstrel 247729%CO
Grand Reserve 3000%WV
Grasshopper 47312655%TX
Grave Digger 63233%TX
Gray 7000%PA
Graydar 13011010278%KY
Grazen 16131381%CA
Great Notion 53353362%MD
Greatness 2000%KY
Greeley's Conquest 169956%KY
Greeley's Galaxy 44252557%LA
Green Fee 1000%WV
Grey Danger 2000%FL
Grey Memo 222100%CA
Griffinite 21150%NY
Grigio 3000%TX
Grindstone 32151444%OR
Gruff 83338%OK
Guaranteed Gold 21150%ON
Gun Power 84450%MI
Gunner's View (GB) 65350%LA