Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
C K's Secret Oak 21150%TX
C Spot Go 111100%MT
C'Mon Tiger 105440%OK
Cable Boy 777100%NJ
Cactus Creole 222100%CA
Cactus Ridge 30151343%KY
Caiman 95222%IN
Cal Nation 45272147%MD
Caleb's Posse 57413663%KY
Calibrachoa 25151352%LA
Calimonco 50312856%CA
Camelot Cat 1000%WV
Canadian Frontier 23131252%LA
Canadian Light 1000%AL
Canaveral 51120%IA
Candy Ride (ARG) 13812110677%KY
Cap'n Capote 4000%IL
Cape Blanco (IRE) 1411069567%KY
Cape Canaveral 27121141%AB
Capitano 43375%PA
Capitol Citizen 31133%PR
Capitol Guy 1000%NM
Capote's Promise 111100%KY
Capsized 74114%CA
Captain Bodgit 107770%ND
Captain Countdown 107660%TX
Caracal 105440%NM
Carnacks Choice 54120%OH
Casanova Star 1810844%PR
Cascadian 1000%NM
Cashel Castle 139862%IL
Caspers Legacy 111100%AZ
Castine 111100%WV
Cat Creek Slew 5000%IL
Cat Genius 333100%WV
Cat Is Ahsum 1000%FL
Cat Thief 15121173%PA
Catale Harvey 1000%OK
Catchin Air 111100%OK
Category Five 71114%MN
Catienus 22131150%NY
Catniro 1000%LA
Cats and Dogs 4300%IN
Caught Streakin 111100%FL
Cause to Believe 25171560%BC
Cause Ur Mine 42250%ID
Causeway's Kin 64350%FL
Cavvy 333100%OK
Celera 111100%FL
Celina Slew 31133%OK
Century City (IRE) 222100%IN
Cepo 1000%FL
Certain 2100%AR
Cetewayo 3000%PA
Chain of Command 21150%NM
Chanate 1000%AZ
Changing (ARG) 111100%OR
Channeled 129867%KY
Chant for Gold 111100%CA
Charging Indian 222100%IN
Charitable Man 60323152%WV
Charming Assassin 333100%AB
Chatain 95667%LA
Chattahoochee War 84450%CA
Chelokee 73343%AZ
Chelsey Cat 1210758%NC
Cherokee Country 55240%AB
Cherokee Five 54240%OK
Cherokee Heaven 44375%CA
Cherokee Tin 111100%LA
Cherokee's Boy 119982%MD
Cheroot 75571%BC
Chester's Choice 1000%AZ
Chhaya Dance 53360%CA
Chicago Six 53360%IL
Chief Planner 31133%AZ
Chief Three Sox 1000%TX
Chitoz 149750%OK
Choosing Choice 53360%LA
Chosen Deputy 64467%IL
Chumaree 2000%WA
Churchhill 222100%TX
Cielo's Mate 1000%CA
Cinnamon Creek 53360%AR
Circular Quay 42241945%FL
Citidellino 2000%MT
City of Peace 1000%OK
City Place 20101050%FL
City Sharpster 86675%PA
City Street 55480%TX
City Weekend 1510960%IN
City Zip 1171049480%KY
Civilian 222100%NM
Civilisation 61117%WV
Clarke Lane 111100%NY
Classic Alliance 179635%LA
Classic Brook 3000%FL
Classy E. T. 112218%WV
Clever Cry 116436%LA
Cliff's Catch 222100%FL
Closing Argument 39242359%LA
Clure 111100%UT
Coach Billy G. 13111185%PR
Coach Forli's Call 2000%TX
Coal Cutter 7000%SD
Coast Guard 185317%WA
Coastal Storm 16216%OR
Cocktails At Five 8000%SK
Cocky 2000%MO
Coil 77585875%CA
Collector 111100%CO
Colonel John 16113512276%KY
Colonial Colony 1510853%IN
Colony Light 1100%FL
Come On Jazz 333100%KY
Comedy Show 118327%PA
Comeonmom 222100%NY
Comic Genius 42125%NM
Comic Strip 95333%CA
Commanchero 128758%TX
Commander's Flag 222100%CA
Commander's Shoes 444100%AR
Commitment 41125%TX
Composer 4000%KS
Conan 222100%AL
Concierto Alegre 21150%PR
Concord Point 53424075%KY
Concorde's Appeal 3000%ID
Concorde's Dancer 66467%NY
Concorde's Future 51120%OK
Congaree 38332976%NY
Congo King 2000%CA
Congrats 117988976%KY
Connecticut 51120%IA
Connecting Terms 111100%LA
Conquistador Starr 111100%TX
Cool Cat 111100%OK
Cool Coal Man 26131246%FL
Copelan Too 111100%WV
Copelan's Pache 2000%NM
Corinthian 117764%KY
Corollary 2200%SC
Corredor's d'Amour 1000%ON
Cosa Vera 13111185%VA
Cosmonaut 17121165%NY
Costa Rising 85563%LA
Cougar Cat 114436%NE
Council Member 35242469%CA
Count von Count 1000%MI
Country Day 46292759%KY
Country Judge 1000%NY
Courageous Cat 72574867%NY
Court Vision 121777159%ON
Cowboy Cal 62413963%KY
Cowtown Cat 53302649%FL
Cozar 52240%PA
Crafty Shaw 227627%CO
Creative Cause 1181078875%KY
Crescendo 43250%ID
Crider 333100%LA
Crimson Guard 21150%MI
Crimson Hero 1210975%PR
Crossbow 20141365%TX
Crown Delite 1000%NY
Crown of Thorns 29131138%FL
Crowned King 222100%LA
Crustaceo 111100%PR
Crystal Class 126542%CO
Cuba 73343%MD
Curandero 71114%TX
Curlin 54443972%KY
Custom for Carlos 67453755%LA
Cutladdy's Champ 2000%MD
Cyclone 31133%MS
Cyclotron 28181657%CA