Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Wacheetah 1000%NM
Wagon Limit 72229%FL
Waki Warrior 3000%IN
Wandering 222100%BC
Wando 18151372%ON
Wanna Be Like Dad 84450%ID
War Chant 51413773%KY
War Cry 229732%ON
War Eagle 86675%LA
War Front 102836766%KY
War Image 111100%MI
War Machine 111100%OK
War On Gaza 71114%ON
Warner Jones 111100%KY
Warp Speed Scottie 2000%LA
Warrior's Reward 100736363%KY
Waterton 1000%AB
Waupaca 125433%OK
Weather Warning 74443547%NM
Weeping Willow 6000%NM
Weigelia 26101038%PA
Wekiva Springs 63233%FL
Well Informed 30161343%WA
Well Noted 2000%NY
Well Positioned 107110%IL
Well Said 126650%IL
Wertaloona 111100%OK
West Acre 77457%FL
West by Gone 44375%LA
Western Echo 1000%OK
Western Expression 32272063%OK
Western Fame 65583%CA
Western Gambler 1311969%NM
Western Outlaw 52240%IN
What a Laser 41125%AZ
Wheels of Faith 222100%PA
Where's the Ring 33191545%ON
Whirlwindofangels 2000%AL
Whiskey Wisdom 126325%AB
White Magic 53240%CO
Whitehouse Charlie 22150%TX
Whizville 21150%TX
Whotoldyouthat 9000%CO
Why Wouldntu Pops 1100%LA
Wicked Rich 55480%SC
Wilburn (1) 17012310864%KY
Wild About Jon 222100%VA
Wild and Wicked 22150%KY
Wild Cat Ridge 4000%CA
Wild Deputy 5000%IN
Wild Desert 61117%MA
Wild Gold 87788%IA
Wild Jet 3000%LA
Wild Rex 111100%OK
Wild Rocket 62233%CA
Wild Scent 5300%OK
Wild Zone 21150%KY
Wildcat Heir 62413760%FL
Wildness 32267%TX
Wilko (1) 3610822%ON
Will He Shine 64350%KY
Willie Blue 3200%IN
Willo' Sweep 3000%MN
Wimbledon 63350%TX
Wind in the Sky 1000%MO
Wind Shifter 222100%CA
Wind Whipper 3000%TX
Windsor Castle 65353249%WV
Winning Bid 5000%NM
Winter Glitter 5100%IA
Wire Me Collect 54480%LA
Wise Band 3000%FL
Wise River 73343%IN
Wiseman's Ferry 32161031%PA
With Distinction 58362645%FL
Withhisapproval 111100%PR
Woke Up Dreamin 32191650%IA
Wood Reply 22150%OK
Woody Be Quick 21150%CA
Woody Win 1000%CO
Worker Man 105330%NM
Worthmorethan Matt 1000%PA