Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
R W's Prize 22000%SD
Ra Ra Superstar 41125%OK
Rabih 107660%MN
Race for Glory 111100%CA
Rage 33267%OK
Rahy's Secret 85450%LA
Rahy'sinthezone 5000%KS
Rail 3000%LA
Rainmaker 31133%LA
Raise Suzuran 25000%ID
Raise the Bluff 125433%WA
Rallying Cry 26141350%WA
Ran South 113218%MB
Ransom Demanded 44375%CA
Rapa Moon 1100%IL
Rapid Thunder 1000%UT
Rapper S S 555100%NM
Razor 21150%IN
Rda Oro Blanco 333100%CA
Read the Footnotes 30161550%OK
Ready's Image 129978062%KY
Real Dandy 117655%NM
Real Estate 158747%WV
Reardon Steel 333100%OK
Rebellion (GB) 1810950%ON
Recap 23191878%CA
Red 32267%MT
Red Giant 51373467%KY
Red Sky Dubai 4000%NM
Red Sky's 1100%AZ
Red's Honor 9000%KS
Reflect Times (JPN) 1910842%PA
Reformer Rally 61117%LA
Regal Ransom 68474566%KY
Regalo Del Oro 4000%AB
Reigning King 111100%PA
Relato Del Gato 73343%NY
Remarquez (2) 14141179%TN
Rendezvous 76686%CA
Reparations 92111%WV
Repent 41272561%FL
Research 1000%MI
Restless Mon 222100%IL
Resurrected Gold 111100%CA
Reuben 53360%NM
Reversal 115545%ID
Revival Song 555100%PA
Rff King's Ransom 111100%KY
Rich Deeds 54480%WV
Richter Scale 32201856%LA
Riddler's Revenge 22150%TX
Ride the Storm 71114%SC
Riders Up 222100%LA
Right Rigger 333100%NM
Rimrod 30181240%PA
Rindanica 2000%AB
Ring 21150%SC
Rinkatink 1100%OH
Risk and Reward 22150%OH
Risky Pistol 21150%OK
Risque Remarque 65583%AZ
River Eagle 71114%OK
Road Ruler 28327%IL
Roaring Fever 27151244%NY
Robador 21150%CA
Robannier 32267%CA
Rock City 2000%WV
Rock Hampton 42141433%FL
Rock Hard Ten 41292868%KY
Rock Hound 2000%WV
Rock Pulpit 189950%IN
Rock Slide 257728%MD
Rock the Rock (IRE) 71114%IA
Rocket Included 1000%NM
Rocket Legs 222100%MA
Rocking Trick (ARG) 32267%KY
Rockport Harbor 28191554%KY
Rocky Bar 31252581%CA
Rodeo 53360%LA
Rodman 1510747%FL
Roger That 222100%LA
Roi Charmant 53360%CA
Rojo Dinero 3000%OK
Roll Hennessy Roll 21111048%NM
Roman Commander 222100%CA
Roman Dancer 111100%CA
Roman Emperor 2000%NM
Roman Ruler 45333169%KY
Roman Scout 222100%PR
Romolo's Fritzi 21150%PA
Roots and Ropes 1000%CA
Rosberg 31242168%BC
Rosetti 3000%AB
Rossini 33133%LA
Rowdy Ruckus 7000%AB
Royal Command 2000%MT
Royal Empire 222100%AL
Royal Fable 111100%OK
Royal Jabar 31133%MN
Royal Orleans 65583%NM
Royal Rendition 111100%TX
Royal Strand (IRE) 85450%LA
Royal Thunderflash 1000%LA
Rubiyat 51120%OK
Ruler's Court 43375%LA
Ruler's Vision 2000%FL
Run Away and Hide 50322652%KY
Run Brother Ron 1210975%CA
Run Dot Com 1000%OR
Run Like Fire 3000%NM
Run Production 46312554%LA
Run Thruthe Sun 2000%MI
Run to Victory 444100%AB
Run With the Money 111100%OK
Runali 2000%KY
Runaway Macho 3200%WV
Runnintothealter 22150%PA
Rushin' to Altar 96556%IA
Rutledge Humor 147750%IA
Ryan's Thunder 7000%IN