Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
I'm Sky High 111100%VA
I'monfireforyou 2000%NM
Ibelongtobelle 2000%LA
Ice Box 101776968%KY
Idaho Legacy 1000%ID
Ide 30211963%LA
Idiot Proof 75571%CA
Il Postino 43250%NJ
Impeachment 128650%IA
Imperial Cat 111100%TX
Imperialism 21161676%FL
Impervious 25212184%KY
Improper Again 2000%TX
In a Walk 222100%LA
In Frank's Honor 1000%AB
In Summation 98615556%FL
In the Game 111100%AZ
In the Headlights 2000%TX
In the Woods 96667%PA
Inamorato 13000%KY
Include 121947764%KY
Incredibullmrbiggs 3000%FL
Incriminate 1613956%LA
Indian Express 52240%FL
Indian Ocean 16151275%MA
Indian Territory 54120%NM
Indies (GB) 21150%NM
Indio Caribe 2000%PR
Individual Style 2000%AZ
Indy 64233%AL
Indy Arctic Cat 2000%AB
Indy Express 28161554%OK
Indy Film 1212542%CA
Indy Pacific 33267%CA
Indy Snow (GB) 2100%IL
Indy Talent 85450%OK
Indy Thunder 63233%OK
Indy Wind 21131362%FL
Indygo Mountain 96667%TX
Indygo Shiner 104746966%KY
Informed 30242377%CA
Inforthelonghaul 4000%FL
Ingot 17116%SK
Inner Harbour 1000%WV
Innkeeper 21150%VA
Insinger 1000%NM
Insurgence 12000%OK
Interactif 48353369%LA
Interest Rate 146643%LA
Interfast 42250%PR
Intermediary 333100%MI
Intidab 116655%KY
Intimidator 34221235%TX
Into Mischief 50353570%KY
Invasor (ARG) 98889%KY
Iqbaal 444100%FL
Irish Road 2010945%NM
Iron Cat 5000%CA
Iron Deputy 1611956%NJ
Iron Halo (ARG) 666100%NM
Iron Joe 1000%NM
Ironman Dehere 21150%CA
Is Sveikatas 21150%SC
Issue of Gold 111100%OR
Istan 25181456%KY
Istintaj 51120%LA
It's No Joke 1410964%FL
It'sallinthechase 111100%OK
Italian Lover 111100%BC
Izzie's Halo 84450%LA