Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Haasil (IRE) 1000%CA
Habayeb 2000%OH
Hacker 21150%TN
Hadrian's Wall 33133%FL
Hal's Image 74457%FL
Half Ours 101716665%LA
Halo's Shadow 21150%TX
Hand Over Hand 116545%TX
Hap 111100%IN
Happy Trails 1000%PR
Harbor Master 30292170%PR
Harbor the Gold 51322753%OR
Harborage 107770%LA
Hard Currency 1000%ON
Hard Spun 15413312380%KY
Harlan's Holiday 15013212483%KY
Harlington 97667%KY
Harris Tweed 19000%ON
Harry the Hat 32133%PA
Hat Trick (JPN) 13411410881%KY
Haus of Dehere 111100%AB
Haynesfield 106928277%KY
He's Inquisitive 1000%LA
He's Tops 13101077%WA
Head Chopper 222100%ON
Hear No Evil 23171461%FL
Heart of the Storm 27121244%IN
Heat Shield 53360%CA
Heatseeker (IRE) 51403875%CA
Hello Broadway 82225%FL
Helluvahullabaloo 111100%LA
Henny Hughes 22171673%KY
Henrythenavigator 115867363%KY
Here Comes Ben 78504760%NY
Here's Zealous 65583%NY
Hero's and Crooks 111100%IL
Hero's Tribute 1000%AB
Hervy 4000%LA
Hesabull 1000%AR
Hey Chub 99778%NJ
Hey Homer 2000%PA
Hi Teck Man 21150%TX
Hiddekel 76457%IN
Hidden City 111100%AZ
Hidden Gator 1100%OH
High Cascade 17141271%LA
High Cotton 1501069563%FL
High Descent 31133%CO
High Octane 129650%NM
His Special Guy 64467%IN
Hit a Jackpot 31133%NM
Hockenheim 26211973%PR
Hold Me Back 112797466%KY
Hollycombe 6000%TX
Holmes 51120%NM
Holy Bull 1712847%KY
Holy Sting 2000%LA
Holy Tara 2000%WY
Homecroft 1000%MD
Honest Man 26181869%LA
Honor Glide 21150%LA
Honour de Vine 3000%WV
Hooks Crossing 111100%LA
Hooper 55480%OK
Hoopsworld 111100%FL
Horse Greeley 45363373%KY
Hostile Takeover 54480%OH
Hot War 3000%NM
Hot Wings 4400%LA
Hour Future Cash 22150%MS
Houseofroyalhearts 6000%WA
Huff 8000%LA
Hull 22150%FL
Hunt Crossing 28171554%WV
Hunting Hard 111100%IN
Hyper Two 1100%PA
Hyte Regency 6000%LA