Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Fabulous Fellow 111100%OK
Fabulous Frolic 1000%ID
Factum 34321956%FL
Fadaaei 32267%KY
Fairbanks 80554961%PA
Family Calling 41125%WV
Famous Last Words 333100%ON
Fan the Flame 43125%AR
Fappie's Notebook 85563%KY
Fast Draw 74457%NY
Fast Freight 72229%AZ
Fastness (IRE) 146429%PA
Fayregammo 55360%KY
Fear the Cape 81113%WV
Fiber Sonde 29252586%WV
Fidrych 1000%PA
Field Commission 87450%FL
Fiend 33133%TX
Fierce Wind 71114%VA
Fighter Joe 44125%IN
Final Score 1000%NJ
Finality 31252374%BC
Finest Hour 4000%LA
Finn McCool 55480%SD
Firejack 226418%NM
Firm Approval 111100%AZ
First Defence 60473558%KY
First Dude 131989573%FL
First Samurai 24211771%KY
Fisher of Men 1000%MT
Five Star Day 35191749%KY
Five Star Prospect 111100%OK
Flagship 1612850%KY
Flame Boy 1000%KY
Flame Thrower 21150%CA
Flamenco 73343%PR
Flammabull 21150%BC
Flannigan 333100%NE
Flash Dancer 2000%ID
Flashback Song 1000%TX
Flashstorm 254416%FL
Flashy Bull 50272040%KY
Flashy Wise Cat 118873%LA
Flatter 11810910085%KY
Flatter Me Blue 3000%IN
Flattering Report 108330%TX
Fleet Deputy 6000%NM
Fleet Foot 4000%MD
Fleet Skipper 222100%LA
Flight West 63117%IA
Flower Alley (1) 133827053%KY
Fly Till Dawn 111100%KY
Flying Baron 2000%OK
Flying Cheetah 777100%KS
Flying First Class 75571%IN
Fool for You 222100%IL
Footnotes 32267%WV
Ford Every Stream 88338%MN
Forefathers 46313065%LA
Foreign Policy 32267%OK
Forest Attack 88788%IL
Forest Command 18121056%CA
Forest Grove 87788%BC
Forest Peace 21150%CO
Forest Tour 111100%KY
Forestry 73564967%KY
Forestry Gold 111100%TX
Foreszt Tiger 111100%MO
Form a Posse 32267%ID
Formal Gold 27121037%AB
Formidable 2000%MN
Fort Knox 31133%NM
Fort La Roca 74457%PR
Fort Prado 84494756%KY
Fortifier 109550%IN
Forty Grams 127758%FL
Forward Wisconsin 111100%OH
Four Feet of Snow 21150%MT
Franchise Player 222100%OH
Free Maximus 21150%PR
Free Mongoose 2000%FL
Freedom Found 222100%OH
Freon Flier 2000%TX
Freud 16111810867%NY
Friendly Island 21150%NY
Friendly Lover 111100%IL
Friesan Fire 94585053%MD
Frisk Me Now 52240%PR
Front Agent 1000%WA
Frost Giant 34242368%NY
Frozen Chosin 32267%SC
Fuerte Royal 22150%CA
Full Mandate 95556%FL
Fullbridled 73229%CA
Fusaichi Pegasus (1) 54393667%KY
Fusaichi Zenon (JPN) 32212063%NM
Future Lover 1000%FL