Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
A Fine Romance 111100%ON
A Giant Valentine 63233%KY
A Man of Class 21150%CO
A P Valentine 3100%TX
A Soldiers Mission 111100%MI
A Trio of Devils 1000%NE
A. P. Delta 32267%LA
A. P. Million 43375%AR
A. P. Warrior 93585155%FL
Abandango 2000%LA
Abraaj 21121048%WA
Absolute Best 1000%PA
Abu Ghazal 222100%SD
Academy 1000%ND
Acceptable 75571%BC
Ace and the Queen 62233%LA
Act of Duty 32267%FL
Act of War 43250%IN
Action Seeker 55480%KS
Action This Day 154427%IN
Activist 21150%PA
Ad Infinitum 111100%UT
Added Edge 28191450%IA
Adios Charlie 48201940%FL
Adjudicator 1000%AR
Administration 1000%TX
Admiral Alex 128650%MD
Adonis 137646%OK
Advanceexpectation 5000%TX
Aeneas 1000%NM
Affirmatif 36201953%OK
Afleet Alex 96867780%KY
Afleet Bob 125542%TX
Afleet Bud 1000%ID
Afleet Express 19161684%KY
Afrashad 64467%OK
After Market 26151350%KY
Aggie Southpaw 1000%LA
Aide Memoire 111100%TX
Air Academy 4000%OK
Air Commander 115436%OK
Air to Apache 33267%KY
Airdrie Apache 21150%NV
Aisle 63350%PA
Alamo Bandit 4000%TX
Albert the Gold 178847%PR
Albert the Great 14121286%PA
Albert's Gold 1000%LA
Albertus Maximus 87585462%KY
Alex's Pal 22151464%NJ
Alice's Cooper 1000%ND
Aljabr 8000%ON
All for Marc 1000%GA
All Storm 2000%OK
Allaboutdreams 111100%CA
Alladin Rib 1100%OH
Allamystique 21150%FL
Allowance 1000%OK
Alluvial 73229%IN
Almostashar 1000%LA
Alnaab 2000%NM
Alonzo 3000%CA
Alphabet Soup 41312971%NY
Alybro 32267%BC
Alydar's Causeway 111100%WV
Alydeed 95556%AB
Alysweep 1000%IN
Alyzig 1000%LA
Amaruk 21150%BC
Ambassador (GER) 64117%KY
America's Storm 213314%KY
American Champ 104330%TX
American Lion 111766659%KY
American Spirit 64467%FL
American Tribute 222100%LA
American Trust 222100%ID
Amwaal 3000%WV
Ancient History 111100%NM
Andean Chasqui 43250%TX
Andiron 25161664%PA
Andromeda's Hero 101110%NY
Angliana 156640%TX
Angus 52240%CA
Animo de Valeroso 22150%IL
Ante Up 76686%PR
Anthony Outclass 4000%MI
Anting Anting 41125%UT
Any Given Saturday 49353469%KY
Apollo 1000%OK
Appealing Skier 1000%MN
Ara 1000%AZ
Aragorn (IRE) 32272784%CA
Arc Light 31133%LA
Arch 1141028575%KY
Arch Hall 53360%ON
Archarcharch (1)16013312377%KY
Archer 1100%MI
Arctic Bright View 284414%KY
Arctic Cielo 6000%ON
Aristocat 1100%AR
Aristotle 3000%IL
Armada 44375%IN
Arouse 222100%SC
Arrested 1000%FL
Arromanches 95444%IN
Arrow Express 22150%VA
Artemus Sunrise 87788%IN
Arthur's Ring 71114%BC
Article of Faith 3315927%IN
Artie Schiller 1261009071%KY
Artistic Song 93111%OK
Artrageous 72229%FL
Asmokingcat 1000%AR
Astroman 111100%OK
Atlantic Penn 4000%GA
Atlas Shrugs 111100%ON
Attempted Humor 18141161%LA
Atticus 61117%CA
Attila's Storm 39272154%NM
Avenue Streaker 63350%TX
Awesome Again 86767284%KY
Awesome Dividend 222100%NM
Awesome Gambler 83545465%CA
Awesome Launch 222100%OK
Awesome of Course 106706359%FL
Awesome Spirit 92222%CA
Awesome Sword 43250%LA
Aye Aye Skippy 222100%KY
Azul Da Guanabara (BRZ)32267%OK