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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Sabotai 22150%AB
Sabre d'Argent 76571%FL
Safado 92222%TX
Safe in the U S A 102220%CA
Saffir 14131393%ON
Sahara Heat 157640%NJ
Saint Afleet 176529%LA
Saint Anddan 45292862%FL
Saint Augustus 333100%TX
Saint Stephen 36181542%AB
Saints n' Sinners 33267%OH
Salic Law 84450%LA
Salt Lake Bay 222100%MS
Salt Water 53360%WA
Salty Sea 41125%FL
Salute the Sarge 43282353%LA
Sam Lord's Castle 74457%MN
Sam the Pettyjudge 1000%IL
Sam's Ace 21150%WA
Sapphire Cat 71114%CA
Saratoga Lightning 111100%OH
Sarava 35221851%FL
Sardegna 22202091%FL
Sasha's Prospect 16151488%OK
Saturday Edition 99778%TX
Save Big Money 32251959%OK
Savonarola (GB) 111100%OK
Savu 777100%PR
Say Florida Sandy 42250%NY
Say Uncle 41125%MA
Scat Daddy 19114213169%KY
Scavezzato 111100%NJ
Schumaker 61117%PA
Scipion 25232288%MD
Scots Pine 21150%BC
Scottish Halo 222100%OK
Screen Idol 1100%LA
Scrimshaw 119873%LA
Sea Candy Ride 75571%WA
Sea of Secrets 12101083%CA
Sea of Tranquility 111100%IN
Sea Prince 19131368%AR
Sea Wall 97667%SK
Seacliff 64467%NM
Seattle Bound 111100%TX
Seattle Buddy 43375%CA
Seattle Jones 21150%NC
Seattle Proud 43375%CA
Seattle Santa 333100%NC
Seattle Souvenir 84450%LA
Seattle Syn 42250%AB
Second Episode 111100%MA
Second in Command 17121271%BC
Secret Best Kept 1100%ID
Secret of War 111100%FL
Secret Romeo 1412321%WA
Secret Run 111100%LA
Sedition 1000%KS
See the Show 2000%TX
Seeking a Home 30171447%TX
Seeking Beauty 28161657%FL
Seeking Diamonds 1000%MN
Seeking the Best (IRE) 35252160%ON
Seeking the Cat 2100%NM
Semoran 222100%OK
Seneca Jones 24161042%TX
Senor Cat 1000%LA
Senor Eduardo 42125%FL
Senor Quinn 111100%CA
Senor Swinger 27191867%PA
Sequoia Grove 97667%TX
Sequoyah 52360%LA
Serengeti Song 102220%LA
Serious Business (IRE) 62233%SK
Service Connected 111100%KY
Service Stripe 24141042%OK
Seven Rings 41125%TX
Seventysevenstreet 147750%FL
Sexy Cowboy 31133%NE
Shadow Hawk 86675%NE
Shady Grove 85450%AR
Shaheen 31133%SK
Shaker Lemon Pie 103330%OK
Shakespeare 45353373%FL
Shame On Charlie 5000%NM
Shan Naa 32267%IN
Shaniko 139862%LA
Sharon's Beau 32267%NM
Sharp Humor 16112711773%KY
Sharp Shooter 31133%OK
Shasuit 111100%TX
Shawnee Warrior 32267%PR
Sheck My Go Yo 666100%TX
Shermanesque 22111045%LA
Sheryar Special 31133%LA
Shoe Willie Shoe 2200%TX
Shoer of Power 222100%OK
Shore Breeze 199737%IL
Shot of Gold 42250%MN
Shotiche 22150%MN
Show Tune 222100%PA
Showing Up 25151456%ON
Siberian Summer 28191657%CA
Siberian Tiger 111100%IN
Side 33133%LA
Sideburn 42250%AZ
Sightseeing 46363167%KY
Sikorsky 32133%LA
Silent Bluff 96444%NE
Silent Name (JPN) 1410964%NY
Silent Picture 108880%TX
Silent Pleasure 666100%LA
Silic (FR) 31212168%CA
Silk Broker 111100%MA
Silk Song 53240%MN
Silver Award 1000%CO
Silver City 28212175%TX
Silver Devil 555100%KY
Silver Leader 12118%PA
Silver Magnum 333100%NM
Silver Poet 162213%IA
Silver Saint 54360%CO
Silver Season 666100%NM
Silver Train 43363172%KY
Silver Tree 1710953%FL
Silver Wagon 1210975%NY
Silver Zipper 1000%IL
Silverbulletknight 2000%MS
Silverello 1212433%AB
Simon Pure 219838%FL
Sinful Persuasion 32267%VA
Sing Baby Sing 41333380%TX
Singing Rock 21150%FL
Singing Saint 29191655%ON
Singletary 52240%CA
Sinners N Saints 52240%ON
Siphon Reflection 52240%CO
Sir Gallovic 1910842%BC
Sir Knight Shadow 111100%ON
Sir Loren 4000%IL
Sir Paul Thau 31133%MS
Sir Shackleton 123217%PA
Sir Whimsey 109660%NY
Sixthirteen 19121053%OR
Skeeter Glows 111100%MD
Skimming 1410750%BC
Skip to the Stone 3000%NY
Skunked 111100%VA
Sky Approval 222100%MI
Sky Classic 64467%KY
Sky Conqueror 23151357%ON
Sky Hollister 32267%AL
Sky Mesa 15012611577%KY
Sky Terrace 333100%CA
Skye'n Thunder 275519%SD
Skyward 3000%OK
Slam My Heart 32267%MI
Sleek Jackal 72229%MB
Sleepless Morn 2200%NM
Slew City Slew 11819%KY
Slew Gulch 53240%TX
Slew the Deputy 21150%NM
Slew the Slewor 33267%GA
Slew's Pot of Gold 21150%NM
Slew's Saga 222100%OR
Slewcious 22150%CA
Slewquero 2200%OR
Slews Gold 22150%CO
Slews U Lose Cat 42250%AZ
Slewship 33267%OK
Slice of Reality 2100%NY
Slide to the Left 111100%OH
Sligo Bay (IRE) 32211959%ON
Smart Alert 32267%NY
Smart Chip 43375%ID
Smart Guy 43375%AL
Smart Sherif 63350%LA
Smart Strike 14913412181%KY
Smarty Jones 66484365%PA
Smile Again 133323%AB
Smoke Glacken 46363167%KY
Smoke Smoke Smoke 64467%MN
Smoke Warning 65467%IL
Smoked Em 111100%ID
Smoked Gold 111100%MI
Smooth Air 40261845%LA
Smooth Bid 555100%ON
Smooth Gold (GB) 1000%MB
Smooth Jazz 47131328%LA
Smooth Place 1000%CA
Snoqualmie 111100%NC
Snow Ridge 19131263%TX
Snowbound Paisley 111100%BC
Snowbound Rio 105550%MT
Snowbound Whisper 111100%WA
Snowy River 21150%ON
Snuck In 168744%LA
So Ever Clever 32267%KS
So Long Birdie 26191973%NM
So Much for That 111100%MI
Soaring By 97556%PR
Soaring Sun 62233%LA
Sociano 17131165%MA
Sofocles (BRZ) 3000%CA
Soft Gold (BRZ) 31133%OR
Solari 111100%PR
Sold to Wallstreet 117545%IN
Solemn Promise 116436%TX
Solid Hunch 42250%AB
Some Actor 42250%IN
Some Kind of Tiger 5000%NJ
Someplace Fast 111100%NM
Something Sexy 3000%AZ
Son of the West 113327%NM
Song of Navarone 75457%NM
Song of the Sword 333100%OK
Songandaprayer 45373373%KY
Sonny Dom's Day 5000%AR
Sonofalassie 1000%PA
Sorcerer's Stone 20121155%LA
Sought After 777100%CA
Sound the Alarm 333100%LA
Source 146643%NM
South of Broad 97667%LA
Southern Africa 53240%CA
Southern Image 25181872%CA
Southern Success 115545%PA
Southern Synergy 111100%AL
Southwestern Heat 27212074%NM
Space Invader 111100%CA
Space Shot 18101056%LA
Spanish Steps 32242166%IN
Spankey Come Home 86675%NM
Sparkling Prospect 2000%TX
Sparkling Wine 31133%LA
Spate of Gold 22150%IN
Special Rate 31211858%TX
Speed Dial 31133%AB
Speightstown 1201059579%KY
Spellbinder 18121161%FL
Spellbounder 111100%CO
Spendabuck's Luck 222100%OK
Spensive 109990%CA
Sportsmeister 111100%TX
Spotsgone 63233%AR
Spreebee 1100%WV
Spring At Last 65555077%KY
Spritely Walker 55480%LA
Squall 12618%NM
Square Eddie 40323178%CA
Square Expectation 42250%OK
St Elmo 1000%NC
St. Dehere 43375%OK
Stacy's Ridge 111100%CA
Standing Room Only 111100%MD
Standoffish 2200%TX
Stanislavsky 111100%NY
Stanley B 222100%KY
Star Admiral 111100%NM
Star Cat 17111059%IN
Star Programmer 666100%OK
Stark Ridge 21150%LA
Starshach 42250%LA
Starship Admiral 444100%KY
Starstone 63350%CO
State City 4000%KY
State Your Case 111100%TX
Statement 157747%LA
Stauder 111100%OK
Step Brother 1100%FL
Stephanotis 22161150%BC
Stephen Got Even 13811710576%KY
Stevie Wonderboy 50403366%KY
Stewart 111100%IN
Still Be Smokin' 94333%OK
Stone Canyon 55480%NM
Stonecoldbroke 116655%PA
Stonesider 66494873%NY
Stoneyer 119982%PR
Stored 32267%WV
Storm Account 63233%IN
Storm and a Half 52323160%AR
Storm Blast 1000%KY
Storm Broker 1000%TX
Storm Catcher 333100%IA
Storm Dani 54360%NM
Storm Harbor 4400%PR
Storm in the Glen 222100%CA
Storm Military (ARG) 65583%AB
Storm of Goshen 95556%NM
Storm Passage 43375%LA
Storm Victory 48333165%BC
Storm Wolf 16141488%CA
Stormcats Assault 21150%TX
Stormed 1000%CA
Stormello 14131179%KY
Stormin Baghdad 1000%IL
Stormin Fever 51454180%CA
Stormin' Lyon 125542%NM
Stormster 157747%LA
Stormy Atlantic 125998669%KY
Stormy Business 84450%MN
Stormy Jack 17131376%CA
Straight Faced 111100%FL
Straight Line 24191563%IL
Straight Man 83225%FL
Straight Talking 92222%SC
Strategic Mission 111100%KY
Street Boss 87696474%KY
Street Cry (IRE) 1311119976%KY
Street Hero 35262469%KY
Street Magician 63474063%MD
Street Sense 1201039478%KY
Street Theatre 999100%CA
Striking Song 76571%SK
Stroll 48423675%KY
Stromboli 21150%OK
Strong Cat 111100%MI
Strong Contender 165425%FL
Strong Hope 148857%FL
Strong Rascal 22150%NE
Strut the Stage 55452953%ON
Stryker 33267%AR
Student Council 47393472%KY
Suances (GB) 106660%CA
Suave 27181452%FL
Suave Prospect 75571%NM
Subscriber 97333%TX
Successful Appeal 96786972%KY
Successful Ways 134431%FL
Sudden Thunder 24191875%PR
Sugar's Saint 43375%OK
Sultan's Prince 1000%MA
Sumac 55240%OK
Sumba Wine 1000%OR
Summer Bird 1481139363%KY
Summit Climber 4200%IL
Sun King 50332958%KY
Sun Tzu 1000%KS
Sundarban 23181878%CA
Sunday Scooter 2000%OK
Sungold 139969%BC
Sunshine Mikey 42250%TX
Supah Blitz 27141452%AZ
Super Code 1000%AR
Super Saver 14512311579%KY
Superfly 333100%KY
Superior Success 4000%CA
Supermatic 3000%TX
Supreme Cat 16101063%TX
Supremo 137431%MN
Surachai 41125%OK
Sure Pleasure 222100%OK
Surf Cat 27232281%CA
Survivalist 43250%ON
Survivor Slew 63233%NM
Swain (IRE) 23141043%ON
Swamp 21150%TX
Swamp Rat 1000%TX
Swax 666100%AZ
Sweep Away 42125%IL
Sweet Return (GB) 35292469%FL
Swinging Sammi 111100%SK
Swiss Flag 111100%OR
Swiss Yodeler 40262460%CA
Swissle Stick 41125%NM
Syncline 111100%MI