Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
O J's Grey Cat 4000%OK
Obstacle 31133%MN
Ocala Marquetry 1000%FL
Ocean Indy 28121139%IN
Ocean Ripple 72229%LA
Ocean Splash 111100%PA
Ochoco 21150%OR
Odfelow 1000%MB
Officer of the Day 22150%PA
Officer Rocket (GB) 157533%WV
Offlee Wild 43333070%KY
Oh and One 222100%TX
Oh Tanner 77229%CA
Old Chief's Emblem 4000%AR
Old Dodge (BRZ) 111100%OK
Old Fashioned 104928178%KY
Old Forester 113958878%ON
Old Topper 19121263%CA
Ole Rebel 28242486%LA
Oleado (ARG) 1000%PR
Oliver's Twist 1411964%CO
Olmodavor 26232285%CA
Olmos 222100%TX
Olympio 15111173%CA
Omar Alejandro 333100%PR
Omega Code 37272568%OK
On Board Again 95444%IN
On Eagles Wings 96667%WV
On Purpose 6000%TN
On the Mark 71114%IN
Onceadayeveryday 3200%OK
One Man Army 16121275%CA
One Nice Cat 97778%NY
One Tough Dude 111100%NY
One Tough Raiser 1000%LA
One Union 444100%ID
One Way Flight 222100%PR
One Way Love 53240%ON
Onebadshark 666100%CA
Oneofthejonesboys 76686%AR
Onthedeanslist 149429%IL
Oratory 116545%MD
Orbit's Scene 5000%LA
Orchid's Devil 5000%AB
Orderly 87788%TX
Organ Grinder 63350%ON
Orient 118873%IN
Orientate 31232168%KY
Orthodox 43363377%LA
Orville N Wilbur's 1610850%LA
Osidy 128542%LA
Othello 113327%AB
Othello's Future 41125%AB
Our Breezy Trail 75343%TX
Our Chef 1000%VA
Our Diablo 63350%LA
Our Frankie 3300%NY
Our Last Try 111100%AB
Outcast 1000%WA
Outflanker 32262578%MD
Outing 21150%WA
Outrageous Limit 76686%ID
Outrageouslyfunny 222100%KY
Outta Speight 111100%KY
Over the Cannon 111100%FL