Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
C C Themanfrom 1000%ON
C Dupuy 1000%LA
C'Mon Tiger 12111192%OK
Cable Boy 444100%NJ
Cabo Lobo 43375%GA
Cactus Creole 42250%CA
Cactus Ridge 49392347%KY
Caduceus 444100%OK
Caicos 72229%PA
Caiman 85450%IN
Cairo 21150%LA
Calends 111100%FL
Calf Creek Dancer 3000%TX
California Sage 222100%AZ
Calkins Road 444100%CA
Call Me Cat 111100%NM
Callous Doughboy 111100%MT
Camp Izard 21150%OH
Can't Be Slew 111100%OR
Canadian Frontier 79625570%KY
Canadian Light 111100%AL
Canaveral 555100%IA
Candy Ride (ARG) 18216914881%KY
Capable Capers 111100%MI
Cape Canaveral 38282771%AB
Capitalimprovement 52240%LA
Capitano 106660%PA
Capote's Promise 111100%CO
Capsized 91111%CA
Captain Bodgit 139969%ND
Captain Collins (IRE) 1000%SK
Captain Countdown 187633%TX
Captain Short Fuse 1000%NV
Caracal 333100%NM
Cardinal Nation 54480%KY
Career Best 1000%MI
Carmen's Baby 111100%ID
Carolina Baby 222100%AL
Carry Gulch (ARG) 1000%CA
Casanova Star 1610956%PR
Casey On Deck 333100%AL
Cash Dash 4000%WA
Cashel Castle 103330%IL
Cashmula 111100%OH
Caspers Legacy 111100%AZ
Castle Arms 91111%AB
Cat Creek Slew 84338%IL
Cat Dreams 30232067%IN
Cat Is Ahsum 111100%FL
Cat Strike 4000%LA
Cat Thief 41343278%PA
Category Five 134323%MN
Catienus 20151575%NY
Catniro 53240%LA
Cats and Dogs 101010100%IN
Cause to Believe 53343158%BC
Cause Ur Mine 106440%ID
Cavvy 77571%OK
Cayoke (FR) 132215%CA
Celina Slew 1000%OK
Century City (IRE) 85338%IN
Certain 111100%TX
Cetewayo 1000%PA
Chain of Command 43375%NM
Chapel Royal 43191842%FL
Charging Indian 64467%IN
Charitable Man 79503949%WV
Charlie Trumper 12000%NM
Charlie's Reprized 1000%SD
Charming Assassin 53360%AB
Chatain 28181657%LA
Chattahoochee War 1110873%CA
Checklist 146643%IN
Chelokee 14131286%AZ
Chelsey Cat 11111091%NC
Cherokee Dancer 111100%MB
Cherokee Five 44125%OK
Cherokee Lover 222100%ID
Cherokee Path 114327%LA
Cherokee Rap 2016840%IL
Cherokee Tin 31133%LA
Cherokee's Boy 21181571%MD
Cheroot 97778%BC
Chestertown Slew 2812829%LA
Chhaya Dance 17161482%CA
Chicago Six 21150%IL
Chickamauga Trail 41125%PA
Chief Big Heart 42250%OK
Chief Planner 51120%AZ
Chief Seattle 43251842%IN
Chief Three Sox 111100%TX
Chief's Reward 333100%OK
Chieftains Hope 222100%OR
Chips Are Down 32267%NJ
Chitoz 1614956%TX
Choir Leader 41125%OK
Choosing Choice 13121185%LA
Chop Chop 134431%LA
Chosen Deputy 95556%IL
Chumaree 111100%WA
Cindago 29222172%CA
Cinnamon Creek 106550%AR
Circular Quay 46353167%FL
Citidellino 32133%MT
Citislipper 222100%WV
City Impack 31133%LA
City of Peace 2000%OK
City Place 31151342%FL
City Sharpster 13121185%PA
City Street 3000%TX
City Weekend 26161454%IN
City Zip 14912711477%KY
Civilian 1000%NM
Civilisation 42125%WV
Classic Alliance 118545%LA
Classic Cat 4000%MO
Classy E. T. 31133%WV
Classy Prospector 72114%IN
Claudius 5000%NM
Clear Course 21150%MI
Clear the Bases 111100%GA
Clermont Green 22150%FL
Clever Cry 1413857%LA
Closing Argument 77585369%KY
Clure 3000%CA
Coastal Storm 1110873%PA
Cocky 3000%MO
Collateral Attack 2000%MI
Colonel John 12911510279%KY
Colonel Warden 1100%MI
Colonial Colony 29251655%IN
Colonial Gift 111100%GA
Colorado Drive 2000%MS
Colorful Tour 96667%IA
Come On Jazz 73343%KY
Comedy Show 75571%MI
Comeonmom 111100%NY
Comet Shine 42250%CA
Comic Genius 115436%NM
Comic Strip 21171676%CA
Commanchero 107770%TX
Commander's Shoes 107660%AR
Commitment 32267%TX
Composer 83338%KS
Comprise 65583%FL
Concern 4300%OK
Concerto 41292868%FL
Concord Point 72534765%KY
Concorde's Appeal 2000%ID
Concorde's Future 333100%KS
Conduit Surge 111100%ON
Congaree 40333280%NY
Congo King 444100%IA
Congrats 20517416279%KY
Congressionalhonor 22150%OK
Connecticut 1100%IA
Connecting Terms 62233%LA
Conquer the Night 111100%MS
Conquistador Starr 65233%TX
Conroe 31133%TX
Consolidator 2111943%FL
Contante (ARG) 71114%PA
Conte Di Savoya 2000%IL
Cool Coal Man 68494363%FL
Cool Rain Falling 84338%IN
Copelan Too 41125%WV
Copelan's Pache 118655%NM
Corinthian 14712610974%KY
Corollary 22150%SC
Corporate Report 84338%ND
Cosa Vera 999100%VA
Cosmonaut 42302764%NY
Costa Rising 107660%LA
Cougar Cat 92222%AR
Could Be Me 2100%IN
Council Member 30222170%CA
Count Me In 31133%OR
Count Mein Too 22150%OR
Count the Time 31133%LA
Count'n On Jon 1000%OK
Counter Punch 111100%OK
Country Be Gold 136646%OK
Country Only 149964%WV
County Ruckus 111100%SK
Courting the Queen 3300%NE
Cowboy Cal 41333278%KY
Cowtown Cat 66444061%FL
Cozar 444100%PA
Crafty Friend 63117%NJ
Crafty Shaw 43375%KY
Crafty Song 4100%OK
Creative 111100%MI
Creative Account 21150%MN
Crescendo 32267%ID
Crimson Hero 74457%PR
Crimson Overtime 53240%MI
Crowd 212100%PR
Crown Delite 4000%NY
Crowned King 43375%LA
Cruisin' Dixie 5000%MD
Crusov Fox 74457%AB
Cryaletha 71114%KY
Crypto Star 222100%KY
Crystal Class 117545%CO
Crystal Gazer 62117%TX
Cub 1000%TN
Cuda d'Oro 1000%OK
Culturally Current 42250%IN
Curandero 112218%TX
Curlin 13111810782%KY
Cut and Shoot 111100%CO
Cyclotron 24212188%CA