Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
P. J.'s Paulie Boy 111100%ON
Pacemaker 1000%CA
Pacific Missioner 111100%BC
Pacific Waves 115436%OH
Packy 88788%WA
Painting Freedom 42250%OR
Panoramic 222100%WA
Papa Clem 57474782%CA
Parade Ground 19115%OK
Parading 97645254%KY
Parents' Reward 61117%OH
Park Avenue Ball 105440%NJ
Parker's Storm Cat 58282645%WA
Part the Waters 222100%FL
Partner's Hero 26151558%PA
Partridge 1000%AZ
Pass Rush 1913947%IN
Passer Magnum 42250%NM
Paster's Caper 21150%IA
Patriot Act 27212178%NY
Patriot's Pass 32267%CO
Patton 7000%IN
Paynes Bay 75571%ON
Paynes Mill 81113%TX
Peak a Bootrando 94444%WA
Peak Dancer 17141271%WV
Peaks and Valleys 146429%ON
Pellegrino (BRZ) 5000%AB
People's Choice 4000%MO
Pepito At Last 22150%UT
Pepper M. 3100%TX
Peppered Cat 41125%CA
Perfect 86450%NJ
Perfect Circle 3000%MI
Perfect Formation 2000%PR
Perfect Mandate 41125%CA
Perfect Soul (IRE) 63393352%KY
Performing Magic 41125%NY
Pernambuco 111100%VA
Persian Star 222100%BC
Personal 44375%IN
Personal Five 31133%TX
Peruvian 1000%NY
Pete's Sake 1000%ON
Pete's Wonder 2000%OK
Peteski's Charm 333100%CA
Petionville 33181855%KY
Peyehue (ARG) 111100%
Phantom Light 13000%TN
Philadream 5000%IN
Philanthropist 238835%ON
Phone Charger 3000%ND
Phone Home 76571%NM
Phone Ruler 62233%NM
Phoneforchampagne 555100%LA
Picasso's Image 1000%VA
Piccilo Pete 111100%ON
Pike Place Gold 31133%AB
Pikepass 8000%ON
Pine Bluff 43125%TX
Pioneering Song 73229%PR
Pioneerof the Nile 1301029170%KY
Pistols and Roses 166425%UT
Piston 21150%FL
Placid Fund 73114%LA
Planet Earth 111100%LA
Plato 94222%PR
Play Both Ends 43375%GA
Pleasant Tap 41242151%KY
Pleasantly Perfect 54342852%KY
Podium 107550%OK
Point Determined 25171664%KY
Point Given 32262372%KY
Point in Time 212100%FL
Polish 91111%LA
Polish Love 53360%NM
Polish Miner 11119%WA
Polish Rifle 1000%NM
Polished Brass 85450%AL
Political Force 32242166%KY
Political Whit 21150%LA
Pollard's Vision 1651068853%KY
Pomatini 113218%AR
Pomeroy 53363566%FL
Poor Iggy 51120%AB
Poor Man's Monte 1100%TX
Popular 32133%CA
Port Vila (FR) 76571%MD
Portentoso 73343%PR
Porto Foricos 66443045%LA
Porto Varas 3000%TX
Portobello Road 39242462%AR
Poseidons Gift 52240%SK
Poseidons Revenge 111100%UT
Positively Gold 111100%TX
Posse 87585563%NY
Power and Peace 4000%LA
Power by Far 75571%PA
Power Failure 1000%CA
Power Storm 117655%TX
Powerful Goer 76343%IL
Pragmatic 444100%NM
Preachinatthebar 198842%OK
Precious Marque 111100%MD
Precocity 114436%NM
Prefer 7000%OK
Premeditation 333100%NM
Pretty Wild 104220%PA
Primal Storm 28191864%TX
Primary Suspect 34171647%AR
Prince Gaylord 22150%WY
Prince Guistino 5000%IN
Prince Halory 111100%MN
Prince Joseph 31133%PA
Prince of Fame 144429%NM
Prince of the Mt. 6000%LA
Prince Prado 32267%TX
Prince T. 64467%LA
Prints of Peace 83113%WV
Private Gold 20131260%WA
Private Interview 73343%NJ
Private Joe 21150%SK
Private Lap 122217%IN
Private Scandal 76686%WV
Private Vow 45373476%LA
Prized 2310626%WV
Pro Prado 21151467%NM
Problem Solver 6000%IN
Prodical Extreme 11000%TX
Profiler 22121150%LA
Progressor 111100%AZ
Promissory 12118%LA
Proper Conquest 1000%IN
Proper Ridge 1000%AR
Proper Texan 85450%WV
Prose (IRE) 333100%NM
Prospect Bay 85563%WV
Prospected 83338%WA
Prospective Wish 1000%TX
Prospector Street 51120%GA
Prospector's Gift 108660%LA
Prospector's Treat 43250%KS
Proud and True 22161464%LA
Proud Cellar 2000%OK
Proud Citizen 45353373%KY
Proud Irish 1611956%NM
Proud Journey 333100%NM
Proud Tower Too 25211456%NM
Publican 119655%KS
Puck 17121059%LA
Puerto Banus 32133%CA
Pulling Punches 51120%LA
Pulpit 97817072%KY
Pulpit Music 6200%KS
Pulverizing 1000%MD
Purdue's Double 1000%CA
Pure D' Dash 111100%NM
Pure Precision 35181749%PA
Pure Prize 111665449%KY
Pure Thrill 31133%ID
Pure White Gold 111100%VA
Purge 22151359%KY
Purim 86553945%KY
Put It Back 76423546%FL
Pyramid Peak 1000%KY