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Thursday, December 13, 2007Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
InCompass Launches Centralized Pre-Race Exam System for Vets

InCompass Solutions Inc., the premier provider of software solutions to racing offices and horsemen’s bookkeeper offices at racetracks throughout North America, today unveiled a centralized pre-race exam system that can be used by veterinarians employed by racing commissions or racetracks.

The new service is accessible through the company’s flagship Race Track Operations (RTO) system, which is currently in place at 90 racetracks, associations and organizations across North America.

“The RTO Pre-Race Vet Exam system provides commission and track veterinarians with unprecedented flexibility and convenience when it comes to the management of their horse exam records,” said InCompass President David Haydon. “Utilizing our central database, which is accessible with just a secure connection to the Internet, the service provides a link to the most current and complete information about each horse, while search and sort capabilities enable veterinarians to organize and manage their daily rounds more efficiently.

“The service is also compatible with tablet PCs so veterinarians can instantaneously view and update detailed exam records in the field, as opposed to logging results by hand into a binder or notebook,” Haydon added. “This not only eliminates duplicative data entry but provides veterinarians virtual anywhere-access to prior exam information.”

The RTO Pre-Race Vet Exam system offers a number of features, including:

• Streamlined data entry screens that utilize drop-down menus and check boxes

• Pre-populated pages with pedigree and past performance information from The Jockey Club and Equibase Company LLC databases, respectively

• Track-specific horse details and race entry data from InCompass’ racing office system

• Search and sort capabilities by race, horse, trainer or barn number

• Access to historical exam information

• Capacity to add a horse to the vet’s list at the press of a button

• Option for tracks to share exam data with authorized users at other tracks

• Tablet PC compatibility for optimum efficiency

The RTO Pre-Race Vet Exam system will be available to racetracks and state racing commissions starting in January 2008. Additional information about the system is available by contacting InCompass at (800) 625-4664 or (859) 296-3000.

InCompass is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jockey Club Holdings Inc. and integrates diverse technologies required to manage modern racing operations efficiently and effectively. Additional information about the company can be found at