Closing Remarks
William S. Farish William S. Farish - Vice Chairman, The Jockey Club

William S. Farish: Thanks to all of our speakers today, and especially to you, Louis.

Through the years, no one has done more to promote international racing and to foster cooperation within the international racing community than the Romanet family. So when Louis speaks to us from the heart, I think we would be very wise to listen.
Each and every presentation delivered from this stage today demonstrates that we have made significant progress in a number of areas in the past year, and as we heard from Louis, the rest of the racing world has duly taken note of our progress.

With continued cooperation amongst the industry’s stakeholders, we can do more.

As we said a year ago, The Jockey Club will continue to use every ounce of our will and a considerable amount of our resources to do our part to effect change where change is needed. We look forward to working with each and every one of you in the year ahead to do just that.

Our equine athletes, our jockeys and our fans deserve nothing less. Thank you.

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