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Wednesday, February 17, 2016Contact: Kristin Werner Leshney (859) 224-2720
Thoroughbred Incentive Program Announces Creation of Youth Ambassador Program

The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.), which encourages the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding, today announced the creation of a Youth Ambassador Program.

The T.I.P. Youth Ambassador Program is offered on an annual basis to 12 young riders (18 and under) who own or lease a Thoroughbred and have actively participated in T.I.P.-sponsored shows, classes or award programs. A Youth Ambassador represents T.I.P. and the Thoroughbred breed at his or her local barn, shows, competitions, or at any other activities he or she may participate in.

This year’s ambassadors are Amber Longreen (Pennsylvania), Calista Plante (Maryland), Calvary Fielden (Florida), Caroline Kingsbury (Maryland), Chloe Bellerive (Maryland), Dalton Furkis (Michigan), Ella Sciog (Florida), Emily Zuercher (Florida), Gabriela Ortiz (Texas), Katie Hanson (Georgia), Rebecca O’Neill (Alberta), and Teri Simone (Ontario).

These young riders are from across the United States and Canada. Each of them has competed in T.I.P.-sponsored shows or award programs and competes in an array of disciplines from hunter/jumpers to eventing to dressage. These successful young horsemen represent the best of T.I.P. to the rest of the equestrian world. Read more about the ambassadors and their horses on the Youth Ambassador page on

Created and announced in October 2011, T.I.P. recognizes and rewards the versatility of the Thoroughbred through sponsorship of Thoroughbred classes and high point awards at sanctioned horse shows, performance awards, and non-competition awards. Additional information about T.I.P. is available at and on the T.I.P. Facebook page at

The Youth Ambassador Program is designed to expand awareness of the Thoroughbred Incentive Program and the versatility of the Thoroughbred.

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