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Tuesday, September 27, 2011Contact: Bob Curran (212) 521-5326
Enhancement to Thoroughbred Connect Announced by The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club announced today an enhancement to Thoroughbred Connect™, the organization’s online resource for rehoming Thoroughbreds at the conclusion of their racing or breeding careers.

Under this new feature, persons in possession of Thoroughbreds in need of aftercare can now list those horses publicly on Those willing to provide assistance for a Thoroughbred appearing on the list may request their contact information be sent automatically to the person in possession of the horse.

Thoroughbred Connect enables Registry customers to express their willingness to be contacted by people in possession of Thoroughbreds in the event the horses are in need of aftercare or assistance. Those interested in providing aftercare or assistance can attach their name and contact information to the electronic records of Thoroughbreds within The Jockey Club’s database using Thoroughbred Connect. Since its introduction in May 2011, more than 830 Registry customers have signed up to use the service, and over 1,700 horses have been enrolled.

“We made this enhancement after hearing from a number of our customers who told us they’d like to see a list of horses in need of assistance, in order to expedite their placement into new homes,” said James L. Gagliano, president and chief operating officer of The Jockey Club. “We are extremely pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response to the service since its launch in May and we will continue to enhance the convenience of the service for our customers.”

Each horse listing includes a link to the Free Auction Results Search for the horse so that an individual can view public sales results as an aid in researching the horse’s history. Links to a five-generation pedigree from and to racing information from are also provided.

To raise further awareness and use of the service, The Jockey Club has added the Thoroughbred Connect logo and website address on the back of the Certificate of Foal Registration.

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