Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Tactical Cat 34131338%OK
Tahkodha Hills 87563%MN
Tailfromthecrypt 333100%NM
Take Charge Indy 14511010371%KY
Tale of Ekati 100746262%KY
Tale of the Cat 118(4)927561%KY
Talent Search 38252566%PA
Tales Not Told 51120%OK
Tales of the Wild 7000%SD
Talking Duke 44375%TX
Tampa's Big City 21150%IN
Tangled Up In Blue (IRE1100%AZ
Tannersmyman 84450%CA
Tapit 164(11)15712169%KY
Tapizar 115927969%KY
Taste of Paradise 81113%KY
Tavasco 51120%ID
Tawfeer 53240%LA
Teeman 132215%AB
Teide 54480%BC
Telling 76571%FL
Temple City 86(2)514450%KY
Ten a Penny 4000%NM
Tenga Cat 15121280%CA
Tenpins 23131252%LA
Tequilazo 222100%FL
Terrific Storm 73343%OH
Teton Forest 85563%LA
Teuflesberg 40313075%NY
Texas Wildcatter 86675%BC
Textbook 1000%PA
Thabazimbi 21150%KY
Thabit 1000%KY
That's Rich 222100%WV
Thatchers Island 111100%FL
The Black Rocket 52240%NM
The Bold Bruiser 75571%IL
The Daddy 2511936%AR
The Deputy (IRE) 135431%IA
The Deputy Is Home 222100%TX
The Factor 15112211576%KY
The Green Monkey 51120%FL
The Lady's Groom 167531%WV
The Lumber Guy 47292655%NY
The Pamplemousse 65505077%CA
The Power of Juju 1000%FL
The Trader's Echo 21150%AB
The Twain 2000%CA
The Visualiser 16121063%OK
The Way Home 158747%NM
Theduke 41125%FL
Thermal Overload 111100%IL
Thesaurus 111100%IN
Thief River 111100%OK
This Fleet Is Due 8000%PA
This Freedom 4000%WV
Thoreau 86675%CA
Thorn Song 118764%CA
Three Chopt Road 65583%WV
Three Hour Nap 65583%IL
Threeandoh 2000%FL
Thunder Gulch 149321%KY
Thunder Perfect 4000%TX
Thunder Touch 65583%AB
Thunder Warning 111100%NM
Tiago 138754%KY
Tidal Wave 52240%WV
Tight Grip 555100%LA
Timber Legend 105550%MN
Time Bandit 1991053%LA
Time to Get Even 32191959%CA
Timeraker 1000%IN
Tin Can Sailor 64467%NM
Tinner's Secret 52120%AB
Tippity Tap 2000%NY
Tiz Brian 222100%KY
Tiz the One 26191765%LA
Tiz Wonderful 132969270%KY
Tizbud 47282655%CA
Tizdejavu 34171750%KY
Tiznow 132(2)1169974%KY
Tiznow My Way 71114%NE
Tizway 1411029165%KY
To Honor and Serve 98847678%KY
To Teras 75571%NM
Toccet 42262150%OK
Too Much Bling 43252047%TX
Top Hit 15121280%AZ
Top Venture 1100%AR
Toronto Flash 111100%ON
Total Bull 7000%CO
Total Command 42250%TX
Touch Gold 21101048%KY
Touchdown Ky 65467%NM
Tough Game 32133%CA
Tough Men 111100%AZ
Town Prize 11419%ON
Towson Avenue 111100%OK
Toy Soldier 4000%NJ
Trajectory 12118%PA
Trappe Shot 122988973%KY
Trapper 74457%CA
Treasure Beach (GB) 101706665%FL
Treasure Ride 4000%CA
Treasured Gift 111100%WA
Triano 1000%PR
Tribal Rule 52433873%CA
Tribal Spirit 111100%OK
Trickey Trevor 106550%WA
Tricky Prospect 3000%TX
Trinniberg 28141346%NY
Tropical Storm 1000%OH
True Paradise 9000%KS
True Sense 1910947%MB
Truest Legend 43375%CA
Tulsa Te 444100%CO
Turbo Compressor 29212069%FL
Turfiste 3000%ON
Turn Him Back 666100%KY
Turnbolt 31133%NM
Twentyfour Kt Gold 1000%CO
Twice as Bad 666100%OK
Twice Friends 1100%FL
Twice the Appeal 31133%CA
Twinspired 157640%OH
Twirling Candy 85756576%KY
Two Dimensional 22150%CA
Two Step Salsa 109747064%FL