Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
T. Beamer 10000%UT
Tactical Cat 48322552%OK
Tafaul 22150%LA
Tag the Comet 2000%NM
Tahkodha Hills 97556%MN
Tahoe City 111100%WA
Tailfromthecrypt 222100%NM
Taillevent 42250%UT
Take Arms 33133%MA
Take Me Out John 1000%FL
Takur 111100%MN
Tale of the Cat 15211710166%KY
Talent Search 59333051%PA
Tales Not Told 50648%OK
Talkin Tough 31133%IL
Tamhid 66467%PR
Tammie's Comic 1000%TX
Tampa's Big City 64233%IN
Tangled Up In Blue (IRE1000%AZ
Tannersmyman 28202071%CA
Tap Day 72229%ON
Tapazoz 444100%WV
Tapit 171 (2)14512473%KY
Tarakam 2000%OK
Taskmaster 43375%CA
Taste of Paradise 149964%KY
Tavasco 75457%ID
Tayar 42250%TX
Tee's Turkey 3000%LA
Teed Off 222100%TX
Teeman 222100%AZ
Tejano Run 94444%ON
Tekken (IRE) 104440%PA
Tempered Appeal 32181753%AB
Tempolake 77686%ON
Tempt the Tiger 1000%UT
Ten Centuries 55480%KY
Ten Most Wanted 148429%CA
Ten Star Fleet 5000%WV
Tenga Cat 111100%CA
Tenpins 42161331%LA
Tequesta 5000%PA
Terrell 30292997%CA
Testimony 83338%SD
Tethra 62233%ON
Teton Forest 26191662%LA
Teuflesberg 31121135%FL
Textbook 61117%PA
Thatchers Island 1100%FL
The Badger's Comin 21150%PA
The Black Rocket 2000%NM
The Bold Bruiser 51120%IL
The Cliff's Edge 22151150%KY
The Daddy 51442957%KY
The Deputy (IRE) 187633%MI
The Deputy Is Home 111100%TX
The Fed 43250%ON
The Green Monkey 85563%FL
The Lady's Groom 76686%BC
The Prime Minister 22150%TX
The Trader's Echo 4000%AB
The Twain 222100%CA
The Visualiser 34191235%OK
The Way Home 39171641%NM
Theatromania 444100%ON
Theduke 21150%OH
Theran 44125%IL
Thermal Overload 111100%IL
Thesaurus 167638%IN
Thewayyouare 100706060%KY
Thinkin Problem 3000%CA
This Bulls for You 3300%PA
This Fleet Is Due 64467%PA
Thisnearlywasmine 123433%CA
Thousand Bells 7100%IN
Thousand Ores 111100%KY
Three Hour Nap 127650%IL
Three Points 333100%CA
Threeandoh 62233%FL
Thunder Gulch 69443551%KY
Thunder Touch 97778%AB
Thunder Warning 22150%KS
Thunderello 138862%KY
Thunderstone 4100%OK
Tia Pan 1000%ON
Tiago 60413457%KY
Tidal Wave 41125%WV
Tiger Talk 5100%IA
Tiger Trap 1000%AB
Tigerline 1000%LA
Tiltam 10000%FL
Timber Legend 21150%OR
Time Bandit 139969%LA
Time to Get Even 48252552%CA
Time to Run 2000%CA
Timely Roberto 53240%AB
Timeraker 21150%IN
Tin Can Sailor 94444%NM
Tinners Way 105440%TX
Tio Jaime 222100%PR
Tip Off 104330%OK
Tippity Tap 143321%NY
Tiz Wonderful 1431109969%KY
Tizbud 15111067%CA
Tiznow 144 (5)13111278%KY
To Teras 209525%NM
To Wit 53360%TX
Toca Araken 111100%SC
Toccet 62241829%PA
Tomahawk 137646%ON
Tompest 125433%NM
Too Much Bling 56302545%TX
Too Much Ice 444100%IA
Too Shy Will Fly 21150%FL
Toolighttoquit 58759%LA
Top Account 5000%WA
Top Drummer 111100%FL
Top Hit 26211869%AZ
Top Kid 1000%TX
Top Venture 54480%LA
Top Villa 2000%CO
Torey Ridge 222100%CO
Toronto Flash 111100%ON
Total Command 101110%TX
Touch Gold 44323170%KY
Touch of Star 2212418%OK
Touch Tone 95556%TX
Touchdown Ky 76457%NM
Touchdown Troy 1000%UT
Tough Game 14131179%CA
Tour's Big Red 10000%IN
Traffic Circle 222100%TX
Trajectory 22131255%ON
Transept 115545%NE
Transferred 1000%SK
Trent Bridge 101110%AZ
Trial by Jury 198842%LA
Triano 30151550%PR
Tribal Rule 101817877%CA
Trick Me 11000%NY
Trickey Trevor 27101037%WA
Tricky 83225%LA
Tricky Creek 15100%NM
Tricky Victor 2000%IL
Trifecta Scott 44375%IN
Trion Georgia 8000%LA
Triple Twist 1000%WV
Tropic Lightning 21150%WA
Tropical Storm 105550%KY
Truckee 81113%CA
Truluck 54480%TX
Trust N Luck 186528%PA
Turn West 31133%PA
Twentyfour Kt Gold 33267%TN
Twice as Bad 41125%KS
Twig n' Berries 3000%ID
Twin Fin 111100%CA
Twin Halo 138754%IN
Twisted Mister 224200%PA
Two Chiefs 111100%KY
Two Dimensional 32133%CA
Two Point Two Mill 65350%KY
Two Punch 57302544%MD
Two Punch Sonny 31133%LA
Two Step Salsa 93555256%FL