Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
O J's Grey Cat 3000%OK
Obvious Reason 44250%FL
Ocala Marquetry 222100%FL
Ocean Indy 27151348%IN
Ocean Native (MEX) 31133%LA
Ocean Ripple 104440%LA
Ocean Sound (IRE) 116655%CA
Ocean Terrace 24141042%OK
Ochoco 444100%OR
Odd Czar 32133%FL
Officer 109 (4)796761%KY
Officer of Court 3000%OK
Offlee Wild 56322138%KY
Oh and One 1000%TX
Oh My Stars 12111192%IL
Oh Tanner 3000%CA
Old Chief's Emblem 2000%AR
Old Dodge (BRZ) 62117%OK
Old Forester 37252259%ON
Old Topper 42302969%CA
Ole Rebel 26121142%LA
Oliver's Twist 17121165%CO
Olmodavor 67464060%FL
Olmos 51120%TX
Oly Ogy 104440%CA
Olympio 21121152%CA
Omar Alejandro 131313100%PR
Omega Code 25121040%FL
Ominous Dream 1000%NV
Ommadon 44250%NY
On Target 62233%LA
On the Border 31133%KY
Once a Sailor 32267%TX
Onceuponamiracle 111100%TX
One Bad Dude 1000%OH
One Eyed Jack 6000%IL
One Golf Sierra 222100%WV
One Great Cat 85563%PA
One Man Army 111100%CA
One Nice Cat 108770%NY
One Tough Dude 31133%NY
One Tough Raiser 32267%LA
One Way Flight 32267%PR
One Way Love 25131352%ON
Onebadshark 107660%CA
Oneofthejonesboys 3000%AR
Onthedeanslist 113327%IL
Open Forum 74393547%LA
Orange Power 71114%OK
Orbit's Revenge 6000%TX
Orchard Park 85338%FL
Orchid's Devil 136538%BC
Ordway 109550%PR
Ore Deal 42250%TX
Ore Grade 42250%WA
Orient 224314%IN
Orientate 79635570%KY
Oro Bandito 31133%LA
Oro Negra 222100%TX
Orphan Child 1000%BC
Orville N Wilbur's 10000%NY
Osidy 41211946%LA
Othello 21121257%AB
Our Diablo 107330%LA
Our Frankie 111100%NY
Our Irish Beau 2000%NM
Our Moment 111100%PQ
Our New Recruit 18161689%CA
Our Shining Hour 64350%LA
Ouragan 888100%IL
Out of Place 21161048%KY
Out of the Crisis 222100%LA
Out of the Realm 2200%PA
Outflanker 55342749%MD
Outing 94222%WA
Outrageouslyfunny 1000%KY
Over Due 21150%AB
Overnight Express 111100%IN