Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
I Am Happy 4000%SK
I Like You Tooo 222100%LA
I'm a Fair One Too 2000%IL
I'm a Go Getter 1000%OK
I'm Howlin 7000%OK
I'monfireforyou 44375%NM
Ibetiwin 76686%AZ
Ide 62443455%LA
Ideway 111100%OH
Ignition 43250%NE
Ihtimam 32267%WA
Ile St. Louis (CHI) 158853%AR
Illinois Storm 9000%CA
Im Millennium Man 53360%FL
Ima Good Gamble 21150%TX
Impeachment 22171150%IA
Imperial Smoke 2000%WV
Imperialism 70423651%FL
Important Notice 222100%AB
In a Walk 24161771%LA
In Excess (IRE) 58353255%CA
In Frank's Honor 111100%ON
In the Game 2000%AZ
In the Headlights 111100%TX
In Your Thoughts 111100%AZ
Inamorato 50252550%KY
Incitatus 72229%IN
Include 37343081%KY
Independentcounsel 2000%MT
Indian Charlie 1301149573%KY
Indian Country 64350%CA
Indian Express 122217%FL
Indian Ocean 73 (1)453548%FL
Indian Territory 64117%LA
Indies (GB) 103220%NM
Indio Caribe 85450%PR
Individual Style 41125%AZ
Indubitably 3000%MO
Indy 111100%CA
Indy Film 109550%CA
Indy King 215524%IN
Indy Mood 64467%IN
Indy Pacific 4000%CA
Indy Snow (GB) 208735%IL
Indy Talent 64467%OK
Indy Thunder 54360%OK
Indy Wildcat 117764%NM
Indy Wind 41232151%FL
Indygo Shiner 16813912474%KY
Inevitable Hour 31133%TX
Ingot 55120%ON
Inner Harbour 109660%WV
Insinger 2000%NM
Inspired Prospect 333100%ON
Interest Rate 166531%LA
Interfast 125542%PR
Intermediary 64350%MI
Intidab 666100%KY
Intimidator 38311847%TX
Into Mischief 61524675%KY
Invasor (ARG) 56484071%KY
Invisible Ink 118873%FL
Irish Bluff 112200%LA
Irish Colonial 333100%FL
Irish Road 19131263%FL
Irisheyesareflying 123325%TX
Iron Cat 138862%CA
Iron Deputy 63233%NJ
Iron Halo (ARG) 21150%NM
Ironman Dehere 111100%CA
Ironton 4000%TX
Is It All That 2000%LA
Is Sveikatas 2000%SC
Isaypete 52240%NM
Ish Ar 64467%TX
Isla Vista 12111192%CA
Island City 73343%OK
Issue of Gold 43375%BC
Istan 24211563%KY
Istintaj 2114943%NM
It's Always You 2000%SC
It's No Joke 128867%KY
It's too Late 2000%PQ
It'sallinthechase 32267%OK
Italian Lover 21150%BC
Itchetucknee 2000%TX
Itron 2000%TX
Ivanovsky 1000%LA
Ivar 41125%IN
Ivory Bull 1000%KY
Iwontbow 1000%TX