Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
G. P.'s Krugerrand 1000%PA
G. W.'s Skippie 333100%LA
Gaff 37232157%FL
Gainango 63350%MI
Galaxy North Star 2000%MO
Galiano 2000%WA
Gallant (GB) 21150%NY
Gallant Lawyer 333100%PR
Gallant Step 2000%IN
Galloping Gael 1000%NY
Gamblers Slew 55480%ON
Game Plan 26201869%CA
Gamut 4000%LA
Garcon Rouge 21150%IL
Garnered 248729%WV
Gators N Bears 45322964%MD
Gauguin 125542%LA
Gayle's Sabie 21150%LA
Gazebo 103330%WI
Gen Stormin'norman 555100%NM
Gentlemen (ARG) 43125%LA
Genuine Talent 65583%FL
Ghannam 82113%TX
Ghazi 1910947%MN
Ghost Mountain 98444%NM
Ghostly Minister 28191243%WV
Ghostly Moves 34211956%NM
Ghostly Numbers 108880%WV
Ghosttrapper 72114%CA
Ghostzapper 84716173%KY
Giacomo 77 (1)524660%KY
Giant Fun 61117%LA
Giant's Causeway 19417114977%KY
Gigawatt 28221450%LA
Gilded Crusader 222100%TX
Gilded Lips 666100%ON
Gilded Time 41201639%AB
Gimmeawink 44272352%FL
Ginny's Sunshine 81113%WA
Gladiator's Gold 222100%IN
Glasnost 12000%IN
Glass King 86563%CA
Glitter Code 2000%IN
Global Mission 66583%LA
Globalize 19121053%CA
Glorious Bid 13000%AR
Gnarler 22150%OH
Gneiss 111100%MI
Go 32267%WA
Go Bob (ARG) 53360%CA
Go for Four 83113%KY
Go for Gin 159853%MD
Go Now 137538%TX
Go Red Go 62233%LA
Go to the City 8000%NJ
Going Commando 64350%MB
Going Wild 42250%TX
Gold Alert 1212650%TX
Gold Ballad 21150%VI
Gold Bayou T B 64467%MT
Gold Case 35262366%NM
Gold Commander 42250%CA
Gold Cure 7000%LA
Gold Fever 42125%MN
Gold Knuckles 54480%CA
Gold Legend 37241849%AB
Gold Pack 1000%CA
Gold Prospector 111100%CA
Gold Regent 13118%OK
Gold Search 4000%MT
Gold Tribute 38232258%LA
Gold's My Choice 2000%FL
Golden Dice 31133%NE
Golden Gear 1000%AZ
Golden Missile 72504157%NY
Golden Ransom 112218%NM
Golden Shine 106550%NM
Golden Slew 126433%LA
Golden Strategy 12000%OK
Golden Whistler 3000%PA
Goldmember 2200%WV
Goldon 2000%TX
Gone East 111100%TX
Gone Fishin 32267%ON
Gone Looking 141414100%PR
Gone North 94222%FL
Gone West 2923414%KY
Good and Tough 72483853%LA
Good Journey 49363061%CA
Good Reward 54423463%KY
Goods 30111033%IN
Gooree Lane 2000%NC
Gorbash 4000%KS
Got the Goods 25191976%TX
Got the Last Laugh 44261943%FL
Gotcha Shaken 1000%TX
Gotham City 19171789%CA
Gottcha Gold 57413765%FL
Gouldings Green 22131255%PA
Governor Vasquez 87675%IA
Gowhereyouwannago 111100%IN
Graeme Hall 102624746%FL
Grand Appointment 22161359%LA
Grand Champion Cat 2000%NM
Grand Chance 11119%IN
Grand Cinnabar 22150%PA
Grand Jewel 2000%TX
Grand Reserve 1410857%VA
Grand Reward 41343073%KY
Grand Score 22150%CA
Grand Slam 1481179564%KY
Grande's Grandslam 4000%TX
Grave Digger 107880%TX
Great Allegiance 5000%SK
Great Divide 55240%LA
Great Notion 41282663%MD
Greatness 44231739%FL
Greedy 111100%PR
Greek Sun 106660%MD
Greeley's Galaxy 18131267%NY
Green Fee 74457%WV
Green Goblin 333100%WV
Greenland 82225%BC
Grey Beard 222100%IN
Grey Memo 23181670%CA
Grey West 105550%SD
Griffinite 155533%NY
Grinding It Out 43375%CA
Grindstone 1710635%KY
Gripfast 5000%TX
Guarani 333100%CA
Guaranteed Gold 62233%ON
Guillaume Tell (IRE) 51120%FL
Gulch 20915%KY
Gulf Storm 1510960%PA
Gun Bay 222100%NM
Gun Power 9200%ON
Gunnerside 1710953%WV