Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
D K's Wildcat 1100%WV
D' Coach 33267%PR
D'wildcat 99573939%FL
Da Stoops 24121146%KY
Daaher 20181575%KY
Dakota Pride 22150%LA
Dallas Stronghold 5000%IL
Dan McGrew 81113%SD
Dance Master 2513936%OK
Dance to Destiny 1812739%ON
Dance Western 21150%CA
Dance With Ravens 66473858%MD
Dancinwiththedevil 42250%WV
Danish Gold 32133%WV
Dante's Devil 1000%VA
Dantesque (IRE) 32267%TX
Dantrick 2000%FL
Danzig Bay 222100%OK
Dark Feather 1000%OR
Dark Lightning 222100%OK
Dark Mystery 33133%NY
Dark Prince 111100%MS
Dash for Cash 2000%MT
Datrick 777100%TX
Datsdawayitis Paul 111100%KY
Dave and Busters 42250%IL
David Copperfield 31133%KY
David's Way 111100%NM
Davids Expectation 2816932%OK
Day of the Cat 22191568%TX
Day Trader 268831%OK
Daygata 1000%PQ
Dayjur 117655%KY
Daylight Savings 4000%MI
Dazzling Falls 26111038%NE
De Guerin 21150%LA
De Hero 21150%FL
De Roode 111100%MA
Deal an Ace 72229%OK
Deal Breaker 1100%AB
Dear Fellow 3100%PA
Decarchy 45322964%CA
Decibel 14117%AR
Decidedly Taken 3000%TX
Dee's Magic 1000%OK
Deeliteful Irving 2000%OK
Deer Lake 137431%IN
Defer 25201872%NY
Deferred Comp 21150%KY
Defiant Lord 2000%OK
Defrere 28212071%NJ
Defy Logic 14111071%CA
Dehere 107735551%KY
Del Mar Show 65467%CA
Delaware Township 26161246%PA
Delineator 29181552%WA
Demaloot Demashoot 84338%MI
Demidoff 25201768%MN
Demon Warlock 137646%WA
Dendrology 72114%KY
Denouncer 74343%IL
Deputy Bubba 2000%NY
Deputy Cat 14000%PA
Deputy Chief 111100%AL
Deputy Country 157747%AB
Deputy Glitters 94333%FL
Deputy Rokeby 208525%WV
Deputy Rummy 3300%WV
Deputy Storm 97667%MD
Deputy Wild Cat 128758%IL
Derby Drive 5000%ID
Derth 43375%OH
Desert Darby 2100%LA
Desert Destiny 222100%IL
Desert Dreamer 111100%CA
Desert God 33191752%NM
Desert Warrior 29201655%NY
Desktop 43375%AB
Desperately 4000%AB
Despreciado 3100%PR
Devil Diamond 5000%OK
Devil His Due 55433462%KY
Devil Hunter 21150%IL
Devil On Ice 333100%OR
Devil's Reef 2000%NM
Devilment 32267%KY
Devils Folly 1000%IN
Devils Pulpit 182211%TX
Devine Cozzene 444100%WA
Devon Deputy 135538%WV
Devon Lane 29211655%NM
Diamond 116655%OK
Diamond for King (FR) 111100%CA
Diamond Strike 149321%MI
Diamond Studs 144429%LA
Diamond Tee 1000%LA
Diazo 6000%IL
Dice and Slice 2000%WA
Dig for It 333100%NV
Digamist 53120%PA
Diogenes 4100%TX
Diplomatic Corps 111100%AZ
Diplomatic Jet 12200%FL
Direct Hit 159747%LA
Disco Rico 44312864%NY
Discreet Cat 133 (2) 1099773%KY
Dismissed 1000%CA
Distant Mirage (IRE) 2000%AR
Distinction 1311862%OK
Distinctive Cat 114327%NM
Distorted Humor 111 (7)867769%KY
Distorted Reality 35272366%KY
Distorted Rumor 62233%NM
District 218629%AR
Divine Park 70564666%KY
Divine Spirit 31133%OK
Dixie Boy 3200%ID
Dixie Dancer 31133%MO
Dixie Mon 71114%PA
Dixie Union 12411110282%KY
Dixie's Prodigy 222100%PA
Dixieland Cash 44250%NM
Dixieland Heat 26171246%TX
Doc's Tango 111100%TX
Doc's Wildman 222100%NV
Doctor Davis 22150%SC
Doctor Ritter 111100%IN
Dodgem 1000%FL
Doeny Rain 53360%LA
Domasca Dan 43375%ON
Dome 20121260%NM
Domestic Dispute 39322462%MD
Dominique's Cat 108770%NM
Don Corleone 112218%NY
Don Guido 87788%PR
Don Hector 1000%FL
Don Lux 3000%NM
Don Rigo 666100%FL
Don Six 149964%NJ
Don't Get Mad 36272261%KY
Don't Hesitate Boy 1100%IL
Don't Park Now 2000%PA
Don'tsellmeshort 43323274%CA
Doneraile Court 81574859%KY
Dont Look N Laugh 21150%FL
Double Dewars 444100%MT
Double His Dues 32267%OH
Double Honor 68312740%FL
Doug Fir 222100%IA
Dove Hunt 32267%TX
Dover Dere 222100%AZ
Down the Aisle 43375%FL
Downtown Seattle 2000%CA
Dr. Caton 107770%KY
Dr. McDreamy 5000%IL
Dr. Rockett 1000%NY
Dr. Ruggles 3000%MS
Draft Age 133323%PA
Drama Thief 2000%LA
Dream Run 106330%MA
Dream Tripper 176635%LA
Dreams Knight 61117%SK
Drewman 43250%FL
Drinkwiththedevil 118764%NE
Drouilly's Boy 1000%AB
Dry Gulch 111100%NM
Dubai Wings 6000%SC
Dubious Connection 2000%AB
Duckhorn 21150%PA
Due North 1000%CO
Dumaani 111100%KY
During 109660%KY
Dynaformer 76725876%KY
Dynameaux 105440%TX
Dynamometer 74571%SC
Dynomania 2114524%MN