Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
C Denaly 111100%CO
C Spot Go 64467%MT
C'Mon Tiger 1211975%TX
C. Brisket 1100%IN
Cactus Creole 65467%CA
Cactus Ridge 24151354%KY
Cafe Mocha 31133%LA
Cahill Road 43272251%WA
Caiman 86563%IN
Cairo 63117%LA
California Choice 1000%CA
California Sage 1000%AZ
Calkins Road 86450%CA
Call Me Cat 65350%NM
Call Me Loverboy 111100%FL
Callmeinnocent 1000%NB
Camelot Cat 333100%WV
Can't Be Slew 52240%OR
Can't Stop Smiling 32267%TX
Canadian Frontier 119873%KY
Canadian Kid 21150%PA
Canadian Light 4000%AL
Canaveral 53360%IA
Canboulay 41125%LA
Candy Ride (ARG) 18215013775%KY
Canvas 111100%OH
Canyon de Oro 32133%IL
Canyon Run 3000%AR
Capable Capers 1000%MI
Cape Canaveral 54342139%AB
Cape Texas 87675%OK
Cape Town 97667%KY
Capitalimprovement 98778%LA
Capitano 21141362%PA
Capote's Promise 82225%CO
Cappuchino 199632%AB
Capsized 43250%CA
Captain Bodgit 1712953%AB
Captain Countdown 49262041%TX
Captain Red 3000%NY
Captain's Rebel 7000%NV
Caracal 126433%NM
Career Best 1100%MI
Carmen's Glory 76343%NM
Carolina Kid 333100%AL
Caros Love 33267%CA
Carson's Wolf 2000%OK
Casanova Star 17161271%PR
Cascadian 42250%OR
Casey 1000%PA
Casey On Deck 9000%AL
Cash Dash 1000%WA
Cash Deposit 21150%CO
Cashel Castle 137431%FL
Cashmula 111100%OH
Castine 32267%WV
Castle Arms 9000%AB
Castle Berry Road 42125%LA
Castle Cove 111100%VA
Cat Be Quiet 111100%IN
Cat Country 111100%MD
Cat Crusher 5000%PA
Cat Dreams 444100%CA
Cat Ridge 85338%KY
Cat Sound 222100%TX
Cat Strike 93222%LA
Cat Thief 49362857%PA
Cat's Career 1000%KY
Category Five 3000%ND
Catienus 52484688%KY
Catniro 1311431%LA
Cats and Dogs 33133%IN
Cats Castle 333100%PR
Cause to Believe 238522%BC
Cause to Dance (IRE) 222100%CA
Cause Ur Mine 1611850%ID
Cavvy 14141071%OK
Cayoke (FR) 7100%CA
Cee's Tizzy 2317939%CA
Celebrity Flight 1000%VA
Celera 1000%FL
Century City (IRE) 156640%IN
Cepo 111100%FL
Certain 3100%TX
Certain Storm 52240%PA
Cetewayo 21111152%PA
Chain of Command 43125%NM
Challedon Express 2000%NM
Champali 18131267%KY
Chanate 111100%AZ
Changeintheweather 138862%PA
Chapel Royal 108685753%FL
Chapman's Charge 115327%MO
Charging Indian 74457%IN
Charleston Man 2000%LA
Chatain 24151146%TX
Chattahoochee War 219733%CA
Chelokee 24141250%KY
Chelsey Cat 17161059%NC
Cherokee Beau 118764%LA
Cherokee Five 54240%OK
Cherokee Park 41125%OH
Cherokee Path 2110838%LA
Cherokee Rap 23171461%IL
Cherokee Run 47382043%KY
Cherokee's Boy 31211961%MD
Cheroot 666100%BC
Chester's Choice 32133%AZ
Chet D T 73343%IL
Chicago Six 74457%IL
Chickamauga Trail 4000%PA
Chief Big Heart 3000%OK
Chief Halo 111100%TX
Chief Okie Dokie 2000%LA
Chief Seattle 25141248%NY
Chief Three Sox 227627%TX
Chief's Reward 43125%OK
Chilenito 2000%PR
Chilling Sweep 4000%
China Grind 43375%FL
China Ruckus 21150%ON
Chirac At Thetrack 31133%IL
Choir Leader 41125%OK
Choosing Choice 29242172%LA
Chop Chop 126433%LA
Chueco 64467%NM
Chumaree 11000%WA
Churchhill 333100%TX
Cindago 42312867%CA
Cinnamon Creek 71114%AR
Circuit Rider 8000%IL
Circular Quay 82615061%FL
Circus Surprise 1100%MI
Citibanker 111100%CA
Citislipper 42250%WV
City Impack 2000%LA
City of Peace 16116%OK
City Place 63342438%FL
City Sharpster 15151387%PA
City Street 42250%TX
City Weekend 53282547%IN
City Zip 13111510782%KY
Civilian 52240%CO
Civilisation 92222%WV
Classi Envoy 22150%ID
Classic Alliance 53240%LA
Classic Cat 8000%MO
Classy E. T. 65583%WV
Classy Prospector 1211867%IN
Claudius 21150%NM
Clearly Awesome 2000%AR
Clever Dude 22150%MA
Closing Argument 63453759%KY
Cloud Ten 222100%ON
Coarsegold Creek 3000%NM
Coastal Storm 103330%PA
Coastal Warning 3000%NJ
Coax Kid 1000%NY
Cobra King 74114%AB
Cocky 4000%KS
Code Talker 111100%TN
Collector 52240%CO
Colonel Warden 111100%MI
Colonial Colony 28251346%IN
Colonial Gift 3200%GA
Colony Key 247729%OH
Colony Light 119982%FL
Colorful Tour 86563%IA
Comanche Slew 1000%TX
Combat Ready 21150%LA
Come On Jazz 444100%KY
Comedy Show 1413429%MI
Comeonmom 4000%NY
Comet Shine 76229%CA
Comic Genius 74343%NM
Comic Strip 1310969%CA
Commanchero 127650%TX
Commander's Shoes 20121260%AR
Commitisize 3100%AB
Commitment 4000%TX
Compadre 124325%ON
Company Approval 111100%ON
Composer 111100%KS
Comprise 65583%FL
Con Artist 63117%NM
Concern 32133%OK
Concerto 57333154%FL
Concorde's Appeal 7000%ID
Concorde's Tune 45262147%FL
Confide 157533%OK
Confident Cat 2000%NY
Congaree 63 (1)423454%KY
Congrats 56382850%FL
Congressionalhonor 48312858%PA
Connecticut 21150%IA
Connecting Terms 125542%LA
Conquer the Night 4100%MS
Conquistador Starr 3000%TX
Conroe 62233%TX
Consolidator 70474260%KY
Constant Escort 1100%WV
Contante (ARG) 81113%PA
Conte Di Savoya 7000%IL
Cook County 53360%UT
Cool Conductor 74457%IN
Copelan Too 64117%WV
Copelan's Pache 149536%NM
Copper Karat 53360%ON
Copper Light 3000%LA
Copy Cat Leader 1100%TX
Corinthian 17113611366%KY
Corollary 31133%SC
Corporate Report 1212433%ND
Cosmic Cosmo 1000%CA
Cougar Cat 108660%KY
Could Be Me 116545%IN
Council Member 39262667%CA
Count Me In 127758%OR
Count Mein Too 333100%OR
Count On Kris 222100%FL
Count the Time 28131243%LA
Country Be Gold 17121165%OK
Country Only 136538%WV
Country Side 41125%TX
Country Springs 8000%PR
Country Squire 1000%NY
Coup d'Eclair 6000%LA
Courting Diego 111100%TX
Coverallbases 135323%CO
Covered Wagon 1000%TX
Cowtown Cat 82594454%FL
Coyote Gold 53360%TX
Cozar 43125%KY
Cozy Dell 73343%NJ
Crafty Dude 3000%AB
Crafty Friend 119764%NJ
Crafty Player 1000%NM
Crafty Shaw 26241869%KY
Crafty Song 12318%OK
Crap Shooter 8000%TX
Creation Song 1000%NM
Creative 1000%MI
Crescendo 33267%ID
Crimson Hero 333100%PR
Cromwell 31133%AZ
Cross Morant 41125%ND
Crossword 54480%CA
Crowd 52240%PR
Crown Ambassador 66467%IN
Crown Attorney 21150%ON
Crowned Dancer 7000%CA
Crowned King 83338%LA
Crowning Decision 222100%LA
Crowning Season (GB) 5000%WV
Croydon 55480%AR
Crucial 111100%ON
Cruisin' Dixie 93333%MD
Crusader Sword 118873%NY
Crypto Star 43375%MD
Cryptoclearance 24121146%KY
Cryptograph 114327%ON
Crystal Class 207525%CO
Crystal Gazer 52240%TX
Culturally Current 127758%IN
Cup of Rain 8000%OH
Curandero 11000%TX
Curlin 13111710479%KY
Cuvee 34252162%KY
Cyber Hacker 2000%MT
Cyclone 116655%LA
Cyclotron 13121185%CA