Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
I Am Happy 4000%SK
I Like to Win 66233%NM
I Surrender 92222%FL
I'm a Fair One Too 33133%IL
I'm Howlin 9000%OK
I'monfireforyou 22150%NM
Ian's Affair 3000%AB
Ice Baby 111100%OH
Ide 70483956%LA
Ideway 2000%OH
Ignition 44375%NE
Ihtimam 1000%WA
Ile St. Louis (CHI) 107770%AR
Illinois Storm 11100%CA
Im Millennium Man 21150%FL
Ima Good Gamble 2000%TX
Imaginary Sword 111100%NJ
Impeachment 31161239%ON
Imperial Cat 6000%NM
Imperial Smoke 111100%WV
Imperialism 93604548%FL
Important Notice 85338%AB
Improper Again 12000%TX
In a Walk 22121045%LA
In Excess (IRE) 68565276%CA
In Your Thoughts 1000%AZ
Inagroove 111100%OK
Inamorato 45222249%KY
Incitatus 3000%IN
Include 82726174%KY
Independentcounsel 5000%MT
Indian Charlie 1201038571%KY
Indian Country 1512960%CA
Indian Express 117655%FL
Indian Ocean 102(3)715453%FL
Indian Prospector (FR) 54240%TX
Indian Territory 238835%IA
Indies (GB) 16111169%NM
Indio Caribe 53360%PR
Individual Style 117545%AZ
Indubitably 2000%MO
Indy 33133%CA
Indy Film 42250%NM
Indy King 26181558%FL
Indy Mood 119655%IN
Indy Pacific 44375%CA
Indy Snow (GB) 24131146%IL
Indy Talent 117545%OK
Indy Thunder 14111071%OK
Indy Weekend 1000%OK
Indy Wildcat 115545%NM
Inevitable Hour 21150%TX
Inexcess Express 111100%IL
Inner Harbour 138646%WV
Insinger 8000%NM
Inspired Prospect 22150%ON
Interest Rate 57131018%LA
Interfast 1312862%PR
Intermediary 55360%MI
Intidab 21151257%KY
Intimidator 39302154%TX
Invasor (ARG) 78695976%KY
Invisible Ink 18151478%FL
Irish Road 19121053%FL
Irisheyesareflying 16131275%TX
Iron Cat 24161042%CA
Iron Deputy 43250%NJ
Iron Halo (ARG) 94333%NM
Ironman Dehere 33267%CA
Ironwoods Hope 111100%AR
Is Sveikatas 2000%SC
Isawhimcoming 2000%TX
Isaypete 116545%NM
Ish Ar 222100%TX
Isla Vista 43375%CA
Island City 73229%OK
Issue of Gold 116655%BC
Istan 82744757%KY
Istintaj 1410750%NM
It's Always You 3000%SC
It's No Joke 1511960%KY
It's too Late 31133%PQ
It'sallinthechase 119982%OK
Italian Lover 111100%BC
Itchetucknee 14000%TX
Ito the Hammer 5100%WA
Itron 51120%TX
Ivanovsky 32267%LA
Ivar 4000%IN
Ivory Bull 2000%KY
Izzy's Little Man 2000%LA