Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
C Spot Go 61117%MT
Cactus Creole 43250%CA
Cactus Ridge 66(1) 302335%KY
Cafe Mocha 31133%LA
Cahill Road 62353455%WA
Cairo 72229%LA
California Choice 21150%CA
California Sage 21150%AZ
Calkins Road 117764%CA
Call Me Cat 88675%NM
Call My Motel 21150%OH
Camelot Cat 2000%WV
Camp Izard 43125%OH
Can't Be Slew 44375%OR
Canadian Frontier 45362453%KY
Canadian Kid 3000%AL
Canaveral 76686%IA
Canboulay 178529%LA
Candy Ride (ARG) 77655774%KY
Canvas 2100%
Canyon de Oro 32267%IL
Canyon Run 72114%IL
Capable Capers 111100%MI
Cape Canaveral 45372453%AB
Cape Cod 94444%PR
Cape Texas 444100%OK
Cape Town 62463760%KY
Capitalimprovement 44375%LA
Capote's Promise 5000%CO
Capote's Prospect 111100%TX
Cappuchino 26161350%AB
Capsized 43272660%CA
Captain Bash 21150%ID
Captain Bodgit 86450%AB
Captain Countdown 43332865%TX
Captain Red 62233%NY
Captain's Rebel 62117%NV
Capture the Gold 51120%NJ
Caracal 13121185%NM
Career Best 3100%MI
Carlisle Bay 102220%FL
Carmen's Glory 43375%NM
Carolina Kid 4000%AL
Caros Love 97556%CA
Carr Tech 53360%OK
Carry My Colors 222100%NY
Carson's Wolf 54480%OK
Casanova Star 17151165%PR
Cascadian 104220%OR
Casey On Deck 12000%AL
Cash Attack 111100%KY
Cash Dash 109550%WA
Cash Deposit 82113%CO
Cashel Castle 25181560%FL
Cashmula 2200%OH
Castine 77457%WV
Castle Arms 1000%AB
Castle Cove 3000%VA
Castle Rising 1000%ND
Castledale (IRE) 21151048%KY
Cat Creek Slew 4000%IL
Cat Doctor 33267%KY
Cat Dreams 20151575%CA
Cat in the House 101110%CA
Cat in Town 188844%SC
Cat Power 2000%OK
Cat Ridge 1810739%KY
Cat Sound 2000%TX
Cat Strike 44125%LA
Cat Thief 21141467%KY
Catahoula Parish 43125%ON
Catastrophe 27141244%LA
Catazona 3000%AZ
Category Five 118655%ND
Category Four 7000%NM
Cathode 10900%TX
Cathy's Regal Son 1100%IL
Catienus 74(2) 575068%KY
Catniro 119436%LA
Catrail 32267%BC
Cats and Dogs 15131067%CO
Cats Castle 28191968%PR
Cause to Dance (IRE) 21150%CA
Cause Ur Mine 31191445%ID
Cavvy 24221979%OK
Cayoke (FR) 2012945%CA
Cee's Tizzy 36232261%CA
Celebrity Flight 2000%VA
Celera 22150%FL
Century City (IRE) 129867%KY
Cepo 22150%FL
Certain 6000%TX
Certain Storm 81113%PA
Cetewayo 27161556%PA
Chain of Command 41125%NM
Champali 53332853%KY
Chanate 1000%AZ
Changeintheweather 35282366%PA
Chant for Gold 75343%CA
Chapel Royal 196(2)13411559%KY
Chapman's Charge 72229%MO
Chapter One 333100%FL
Charging Indian 32267%IN
Charisantley 31133%KY
Charleston Man 61117%LA
Charleys Gamble 31133%OK
Charlie's Orphan 3000%IA
Chazerahy 3000%OK
Chelsey Cat 18181161%NC
Cherokee Beau 1000%LA
Cherokee Park 4000%OH
Cherokee Path 103330%LA
Cherokee Rap 27201970%IL
Cherokee Run 63443149%KY
Cherokee Runaway 556120%TX
Cherokee Tin 83225%LA
Cherokee's Boy 29221552%MD
Cherrokee Warrior 6000%VA
Chester's Choice 43250%AZ
Chet D T 66583%MI
Chez Black 31133%CA
Chicago Six 139754%IL
Chief Planner 53240%AZ
Chief Seattle 31201652%NY
Chief Three Sox 148643%TX
Chief's Reward 1100%OK
Chilenito 2000%PR
China Grind 55360%FL
China Ruckus 43250%ON
Chinese Gold 1000%BC
Chinquapin Charlie 2000%WA
Chips Are Down 17101059%PA
Chirac At Thetrack 111100%IL
Choir Leader 44125%OK
Choosing Choice 26191869%LA
Chop Chop 1511853%LA
Chopin 73343%NM
Chozn Style 1000%NE
Chueco 999100%NM
Chumaree 29141448%WA
Churchhill 444100%TX
Churchillian 93222%TX
Ciano Cat 42125%ON
Cimarron Secret 33211958%FL
Cindago 22171777%CA
Cinnamon Creek 126650%AR
Circus Surprise 222100%MI
Citislipper 42250%WV
City by Night 1000%AR
City Impack 42250%LA
City of Peace 24181354%OK
City Place 108786257%FL
City Sharpster 1312862%PA
City Street 444100%TX
City Weekend 25181144%IN
City Zip 103877674%KY
Civilian 111100%LA
Civilisation 66583%WV
Classi Envoy 77571%ID
Classic Alliance 75571%LA
Classic Cat 145536%IA
Classy E. T. 86563%WV
Classy Prospector 1611744%IN
Claudius 4000%NM
Clever Dude 1000%MA
Close Up 158853%NJ
Closing Argument 115908271%KY
Cloud Ten 21150%ON
Clydes Agenda 54240%TX
Coastal Storm 83338%PA
Coastal Warning 21150%NJ
Cobra King 165213%AB
Cobra Man 2000%TX
Cocky 107550%KS
Code Talker 31133%TN
Cohiba 111100%FL
Collateral Attack 3000%MI
Collector 63233%CO
College Graduate 85225%AZ
Colonel Warden 1100%MI
Colonial Gift 2000%GA
Colony Key 85563%OH
Colony Light 138862%FL
Colorful Tour 85450%IA
Comanche Slew 111100%TX
Combat Ready 53360%LA
Come Home Big Red 1000%ON
Come Out Smokin' 21150%TX
Come Summer 1000%MN
Comedian 111100%IL
Comedy Show 24171250%MI
Comeonmom 131118%NY
Comet Shine 98778%CA
Comic Genius 104330%NM
Comic Strip 1510960%CA
Commanchero 2213836%TX
Command Signal 222100%IL
Commandandconquer 1000%WV
Commander's Flag 21150%CA
Commander's Shoes 128867%AR
Commemorate 42125%IN
Commitisize 103330%AB
Compadre 26151246%ON
Company Approval 42125%IL
Competitor 3000%OH
Composer 6000%KS
Comprise 53360%FL
Con Artist 85338%NM
Concern 1810633%OK
Concerto 37211232%FL
Concorde's Appeal 1000%ID
Concorde's Tune 46322759%FL
Confess to Me 111100%TX
Confide 167638%OK
Confident Cat 2100%NY
Congaree 94585053%KY
Congrats 125957762%FL
Congressionalhonor 61403049%PA
Connecting Terms 12000%LA
Conquering Romeo 111100%TX
Conroe 2000%TX
Conscience Clear 26161038%FL
Consolidator 117867564%KY
Constant Escort 32267%WV
Contante (ARG) 114327%PA
Conte Di Savoya 22200%IL
Cook County 1000%UT
Cool Conductor 42250%IN
Cool Sandman 1000%TX
Copelan Too 1000%WV
Copelan's Pache 19151368%NM
Copper Karat 555100%ON
Copper Light 5000%LA
Copy Cat Leader 111100%TX
Corinthian 17514813577%KY
Corker 93333%NM
Corporate Report 139538%ND
Could Be Me 147429%IN
Count Me In 23161461%OR
Count Mein Too 111100%OR
Count On Kris 3000%FL
Count the Deposit 6000%TX
Count the Time 39191436%LA
Counter Punch 103330%LA
Country Be Gold 2512624%OK
Country Only 165531%WV
Country Side 21150%TX
Country Springs 9000%PR
Country Squire 1000%NY
Coup d'Eclair 53360%LA
Courageous Act 3000%AZ
Courageous King 165531%CA
Courting Diego 111100%TX
Coverallbases 145321%CO
Covered Wagon 10200%TX
Cowboy Carson 115545%WV
Cozar 22150%KY
Cozy Dell 32133%NJ
Cozzene 38241745%KY
Cracker's Folly 2000%BC
Crafty 124325%NM
Crafty C. T. 147750%CA
Crafty Cruiser 111100%CO
Crafty Dude 21150%AB
Crafty Friend 16121063%NJ
Crafty Motion 1000%FL
Crafty Player 54480%NM
Crafty Rocket 3000%OK
Crafty Shaw 31211652%KY
Crafty Song 159640%OK
Crap Shooter 105330%TX
Crazy Talent 104440%PR
Creation Song 5100%NM
Creative 111100%MI
Creative Account 2000%MN
Creative Act 1100%WV
Crescendo 9000%ID
Cresta Powered 22150%OR
Crimson Classic 52240%KY
Crimson Hero 21150%PR
Critical Mass 2000%OR
Cromwell 85563%AZ
Cross Morant 42250%ND
Crowd 63233%PR
Crown Delite 21150%FL
Crown the King 1100%CA
Crowned Dancer 9100%CA
Crowned King 1711847%LA
Crowning Season (GB) 33133%WV
Croydon 66467%AR
Cruisin' Dixie 54480%MD
Crusader Sword 54360%NY
Crush 54360%SC
Crypto Star 1511960%MD
Cryptoclearance 329619%KY
Cryptograph 31201755%ON
Crystal Class 1914947%CO
Crystal Gazer 31133%TX
Cumby Texas 111100%PA
Customer 61117%CA
Cutlass Fax 22150%FL
Cuvee 1341058866%KY
Cuzzin Jeb 1100%OK
Cyclone 97778%LA
Cyclotron 16111169%CA