Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
W's Valentino 111100%ID
W. D. Jacks 2000%TX
Waco Connection 33133%TX
Wagon Limit 15121173%KY
Waist Gunner John 115545%OH
Waiting Game 15111067%WA
Wajir 222100%TX
Wake At Noon 126542%ON
Wake Up Alarm 3000%TX
Waki Indy 54480%NM
Waki Warrior 106110%IN
Walesa 75457%TX
Walk That Walk 2000%CA
Walkinwithapproval 9000%BC
Walnut Hall 52240%LA
Walsh 2000%MB
Wandee Ruler 111100%VA
Wandering 22181464%BC
Wando 56453664%KY
Wanna Be Like Dad 86675%ID
Waquoit 19121053%MD
War Chant 59544881%KY
War Eagle 777100%LA
War Image 111100%MI
War Pack 111100%CA
Warfield 8000%TX
Warlaunch 222100%MS
Warning Sign 2000%MD
Warning Time (GB) 111100%CA
Warp Speed Scottie 95444%LA
Warpath 21150%TX
Warrantor 1000%FL
Was My Case 31133%AR
Watch the Bird 21150%NY
Watch Time Go 1000%NM
Way Wild 111100%OK
Wayne County (IRE) 137215%MD
Wayward Ways 81113%SC
We're Home 41125%KY
Wee Thunder 132215%OK
Weekend Cruise 31211755%FL
Weekend Guest 3000%AB
Weiss Rennen 2000%UT
Wekiva Springs 63272133%FL
Well Honed 2000%OK
Well Noted 28201554%NY
Werblin 109837266%FL
Wertaloona 44250%OK
Weshaam 199632%WV
West Acre 37252054%FL
Western Camp 1000%NY
Western Echo 63350%LA
Western Expression 47323166%NY
Western Fame 43362660%CA
Western Front 31133%LA
Western Gentleman 1000%LA
Western Maryland 111100%AL
Western Outlaw 74474257%IL
Western Playboy 74343%IL
Western Power 184422%TX
Western Pride 57393460%FL
Western Trader 3000%TX
Western Trick 107660%BC
Westminster 111100%NE
Westport Landing 86675%LA
Whadjathink 32133%IL
Whambam 101110%LA
Wharf 55240%FL
What a Bad Day 111100%KY
Wheaton 41282151%PA
Wheelaway 1281038063%NY
Where's the Ring 82514049%ON
Whiff of Indy 145214%LA
Whirl a Round 1000%TN
Whirlwindofangels 2000%AL
Whiskey Bayou 33267%WA
Whiskey Bill 85563%SK
Whiskey Wisdom 23151461%ON
Whisky Creek 4000%SC
White Cedar 32133%KY
White Tie Tryst 123217%MT
Whitney Tower 109660%IN
Who's John Galt 82225%OK
Who's Your Daddy 74457%MD
Whywhywhy 64524773%KY
Wicklow Highlands 1000%IL
Wild and Wicked 32262475%KY
Wild by Design 31133%PA
Wild Cat Ridge 21150%CA
Wild Coast 6000%OK
Wild Deputy 105550%NM
Wild Escapade 83683745%UT
Wild Event 125325%FL
Wild Eyed Cat 3100%TX
Wild Gambler 43125%IL
Wild Gold 2612935%IA
Wild Horses 36151336%TX
Wild Invader 106550%IA
Wild Jet 5000%LA
Wild Rocket 53360%NM
Wild View 3000%IL
Wild West 37221951%LA
Wild Zone 52302344%KY
Wildcat Heir 17314212371%FL
Wildcat Shoes 58383357%LA
Wildcharlie 111100%TX
Will the Pill 1000%OK
Will's Way 24141146%PA
Willard Scott 3000%AB
Williamstown 87450%NY
Willie Blue 4000%IN
Willing Worker 111100%CA
Willo' Sweep 5000%MN
Wimbledon 64484367%TX
Win Lose Or Draw 155533%ND
Winaprize 66583%KS
Wind in the Sky 111100%IL
Wind Whipper 74457%FL
Windsor Castle 50363468%WV
Windundermywings 111100%NJ
Windy'slittleman 3000%OK
Winged Foot Willie 21101152%FL
Wings Bash (IRE) 33267%CA
Wings of Wyoming 222100%ID
Winning Bid 13318%KY
Winning Partners 1000%NM
Winninginexcess 111100%OK
Winter Glitter 309723%IA
Winter Halo 85450%LA
Winthrop 18131267%LA
Wire Me Collect 25171560%LA
Wised Up 18141267%FL
Wiseman's Ferry 99766364%KY
Woke Up Dreamin 91665560%KY
Wolf Touch 1100%OK
Wolfire 42250%OK
Wonder Bird 28262693%PR
Wonneberg 111100%ON
Wood 5000%GA
Wood Reply 22131150%OK
Woodman 42(1)322560%KY
Woody Win 222100%CO
Woostershear 75457%AR
World Champion 7000%OK
World Order 4000%OH
Worldly Manner 114218%OK
Worldly Ways (GB) 22150%LA
Wouldn't We All 555100%KY