Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
T S Thrill Seeker 21150%UT
Tabacchi 22150%FL
Tabib 93333%MB
Taconic Road 3100%OK
Tactical Cat 67574263%KY
Tactical Heir 3100%CA
Tagish 33267%VA
Tahkodha Hills 27191348%MN
Tahoe City 31133%WA
Tailfromthecrypt 54480%NM
Taillevent 83338%UT
Take Arms 111100%MA
Take Me Out 127758%NY
Take the Shot 10000%TN
Takin It Deep 14111179%CA
Takur 54360%MN
Tale of the Cat 15413311675%KY
Talk Is Money 107550%KY
Talkin Tough 21150%IL
Tamhid 1313754%PR
Tamourad 13000%WA
Tangled Up In Blue (IRE111100%AZ
Tannersmyman 17131376%CA
Tap N Snap 42250%NM
Tap the Till 43375%MO
Tapado 111100%CA
Tapit 104847673%KY
Tarakam 114327%OK
Taskmaster 76571%CA
Taste of Paradise 67524669%KY
Tasty Chardoneigh 42125%OR
Tavasco 75457%ID
Tawakoni 111100%TX
Tax Collection 52240%AZ
Taxicat 127650%LA
Taylor 1000%BC
Team Zachary 7000%OR
Teddy Boy 8200%AZ
Teed Off 7000%TX
Tejabo 156640%ON
Tejano Run 52281937%ON
Tekken (IRE) 44250%PA
Temescal Ridge 176635%CA
Tempered Appeal 1916842%AB
Temperence Two 1000%AB
Tempolake 10000%ON
Ten Most Wanted 51423671%KY
Ten Star Fleet 82225%WV
Tenor Verse 41125%NJ
Tenpins 74655574%KY
Terrell 34242471%BC
Terry's Image 2000%LA
Testafly 52240%KS
Testimonial 62117%BC
Tethra 189844%ON
Teton Forest 111786054%KY
Texarkana 97778%AR
Texas Affair 1000%TX
Texas Blue Jet 1000%AR
Texas City 97556%TX
Texas Fuel 111100%IN
Texas Glitter 42271945%FL
Textbook 6000%PA
Thank the Bank 1212650%LA
That's How I Am 222100%
That'sahandfull 111100%WA
Thatchers Island 111100%FL
Thats Our Buck 20171470%TX
Thatsusintheolbean 111100%NM
The Badger's Comin 106440%OH
The Baker Boys 5000%WA
The Black Rocket 82225%NM
The Bold Bruiser 86675%IL
The Call of Duty 21150%KY
The Cliff's Edge 76545066%KY
The Deputy (IRE) 55343055%MI
The Editor (GB) 333100%CA
The Fed 104440%ON
The Good Life 104330%CA
The Great Prize 1000%TX
The Kaiser 87450%FL
The Key Rainbow (IRE) 222100%AB
The Kinneman Edge 111100%WI
The Lady's Groom 87675%BC
The Name's Jimmy 3100%FL
The Pawn Broker 1000%NY
The Perfect Coach 44375%PR
The Prime Minister 74457%TX
The Rufus 1110655%CO
The Third Dan 54480%NJ
The Trader's Echo 2110943%NM
Theatrical (IRE) 50373060%KY
Theatromania 66467%ON
Thedreams Cometrue 1100%VA
Theran 129867%IL
There Goes Rocket 444100%LA
Thesaurus 111100%KY
Thill a Sec 111100%WY
Thinkin Problem 3100%CA
This Bulls for You 111100%PA
Thisjudgeisaprinc 53360%AR
Thisnearlywasmine 26211765%CA
Thorn Cat 45241738%TX
Thousand Ores 43125%KY
Three Wonders 58383153%FL
Thriller 222100%NY
Throw Down 21150%TX
Thunder Boy 3000%NM
Thunder Gulch 1401159669%KY
Thunder River 21150%OK
Thunder Rumble 3100%NY
Thunderello 95333%NY
Thunderprince 111100%KY
Ti Valley 333100%KS
Ticketless 65350%NM
Tiffany Ice 64350%OR
Tiger Ridge 98786667%FL
Tiger Talk 65117%IA
Tiger Tiger 1000%MO
Tiger Trap 41292356%AB
Tigre Rasurado 41125%PR
Tilt the Odds 1000%NM
Tiltam 12000%FL
Timber Legend 72229%OR
Timber Stag 43250%MN
Time Bandit 44343068%LA
Time Chopper 103110%IL
Time to Run 21150%CA
Timekeeper 111100%VA
Timeraker 71114%IN
Timetobewild 1100%KS
Tin Can Sailor 107770%NM
Tinners Way 32141031%TX
Tip Off 8000%OK
Tiro Fijo 21150%FL
Tizbud 36323083%CA
Tiznow 13112211084%KY
To a Wild Kris 1100%TX
To Teras 24151250%NM
To Wit 6000%TX
Toast Our Future 1000%TX
Toasty 111100%MT
Toca Araken 1000%FL
Toccet 112907163%KY
Today's Prospect 21150%OK
Tom Cobbley 61117%VA
Tomahawk 76513850%ON
Tomorrow's Slew 1810528%OR
Tomorrows Cat 105787269%NY
Too Much Ice 76571%IA
Toolighttoquit 27171659%LA
Toot'n Tudor 5100%NM
Top Account 112218%WA
Top Gear 105550%TX
Top Ghost 31133%LA
Top Hit 22171464%AZ
Top Venture 1811633%LA
Top Villa 4000%CO
Top Win 444100%MN
Torcher 111100%OH
Torey Ridge 1000%CO
Toro Negro 1100%MD
Tortilla Flash 2000%MI
Tory Hole 81113%TX
Tossofthecoin 17516%AB
Touch 'n' Fly (IRE) 43375%MD
Touch Gold 89(1)827281%KY
Touch Tone 2115629%TX
Touchdown Ky 1210975%NM
Tough Call 84338%IL
Tough Cat C L S 5000%GA
Tough Men 31133%AZ
Tour d'World 111100%FL
Tour's Big Red 88675%IN
Touring Dancer 43375%TX
Tourist 74457%LA
Toycat 1100%KY
Traffic Circle 1210650%TX
Trail City 52240%CA
Trajectory 81635669%ON
Trancus 123325%TX
Trans Caribbean 555100%PR
Transferred 41125%MB
Trapp Mountain 43375%TX
Trapper 109990%CA
Treasured Gift 74343%WA
Treasured One 111100%WA
Tree 62233%NJ
Treetopper 42250%TX
Tres Hombres 222100%MT
Tri Line 2000%NY
Tribal Rule 43302456%CA
Tribunal 70443550%WA
Trick Me 98556%NY
Tricky 2112943%LA
Tricky Creek 20161575%NM
Tricky Mister 32267%PA
Tricky Six 64350%KS
Tricky Victor 44250%IL
Trifecta Scott 1000%TX
Trippi 127917962%FL
Tripps to Win 42250%PA
Tropic Lightning 149964%WA
Tropical Storm 54422750%KY
Troppo 7000%CA
Truck by Lightning 3200%TX
Truckee 18111056%CA
True Concern 1000%LA
True Direction 21131257%FL
True Gentleman 1100%ON
Truluck 40312460%TX
Truly Met 11000%CA
Trump an Ace 22150%IA
Trust and Respect 8000%ID
Trust N Luck 38292874%KY
Trust No Lawyer 5000%AR
Truth and Glory 111100%FL
Tudor's Magnum 1000%CA
Tuesday's Special 1000%TX
Tunza Talent 1100%CA
Turkey Trot 111100%PA
Turkoman 20131050%CA
Turkonoir 111100%LA
Turkowar 33133%MO
Turn West 204525%PA
Turnofthecentury 86675%PA
Tuxedo Suit 31133%OR
Twice Friends 32267%FL
Twice Rumored 111100%NY
Twice the Thunder 2000%
Twig n' Berries 32267%MT
Twilight Agenda 127650%LA
Twin Spires 54480%CA
Two Chiefs 76229%KY
Two Jungles 2000%CA
Two Point Two Mill 87675%KY
Two Punch 52352650%MD
Two Punch Sonny 146536%LA
Tychonic (GB) 52240%CA
Tyler Jennings 111100%IL