Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
P F First Trick 1000%VA
P Fifty One 222100%TN
Pacific Missioner 111100%WA
Pacific Waves 22181568%OH
Painful Pleasure 111100%ON
Painting Freedom 64467%OR
Palance 111100%FL
Pallets 142214%NM
Pana Brass 42250%MD
Pangbourne 111100%BC
Panoramic 75571%OR
Pappa Joe 31133%MI
Parachutist 222100%DE
Parade Ground 128650%TX
Paradis 44125%AZ
Paramour 87225%NM
Paranoide (ARG) 157747%ND
Parentheses 98556%NM
Parents' Reward 117655%FL
Parisianprospector 143214%ON
Parker's Storm Cat 58363357%MD
Parlay Me 43125%AB
Part the Waters 32133%OH
Parting Guest 98667%LA
Partner's Hero 45302658%MD
Partridge 51120%AZ
Pass Fail 5000%OH
Pass the Line 111100%FL
Pass the Peace 35171029%TX
Patriot Noise 105550%WA
Patriot Strike 83338%ND
Patsyprospect 74343%NM
Patton 1710741%PA
Payalon (ARG) 4000%CA
Paynes Bay 17151059%ON
Payoffthemortgage 22150%IN
Payroll Deposit 6000%IA
Peace Rules 1351089067%FL
Peacenfreedom 32133%AB
Peak Dancer 1311862%WV
Peaks and Valleys 90675662%ON
Peck 74457%MI
Pegasus Pure Gold 21150%WV
Pele's Smile 1000%TX
Pembroke 127325%KY
Pen 'n Ink 101110%ND
Pepper M. 133323%TX
Peppered Cat 42250%CA
Percifal 3000%CO
Perfect 222100%NJ
Perfect Circle 1911737%MI
Perfect Mandate 30252583%CA
Perfect Score 76457%BC
Perfect Soul (IRE) 101(1)827170%KY
Perforce 73343%AZ
Performing Magic 38272463%NY
Perigee Moon 40321743%ON
Perry Road 222100%MT
Perryman Place 21150%ID
Persian Star 555100%BC
Persian Turban (IRE) 1513853%CA
Personal First 444100%FL
Personal Five 3000%TX
Peruvian 97667%NY
Pete's Sake 21150%ON
Petersburg 27191556%WA
Petesicle 2000%PA
Petionville 76555066%KY
Phantom Man 32267%CO
Pharaoh's Cat 222100%PA
Philadream 51120%
Phoenician 111100%OR
Phone Prince 2000%TX
Phone Roberto 43375%CA
Phone the King 85338%KY
Phoneforchampagne 113327%IL
Phonetics 166638%CA
Phrase's Wildcat 1000%
Picabo Too 111100%OK
Piccolino 138862%LA
Pick of the Valley 7000%TX
Pico Central (BRZ) 75554560%FL
Pikepass 51312753%KY
Pine Bluff 1917632%KY
Pink Duck 3000%TX
Pioneering 125928064%KY
Pipe Peddler 31133%TN
Pirate Stronghold 62233%IL
Pirate's Gulch 83113%ID
Pistareen 5000%TX
Pistol's Cowboy 52120%OK
Pistols and Roses 31133%FL
Piston 111100%FL
Pivot 21150%MT
Placid Fund 23131148%LA
Planet Earth 23161357%LA
Plato 19121053%PR
Play Both Ends 222100%GA
Play With Satan 1000%TX
Pleasant Brave 21150%NY
Pleasant Dancer 3200%VA
Pleasant Pope 222100%ID
Pleasant Tap 112927870%KY
Pleasantly Perfect 53453974%KY
Pleasantprospector 111100%KY
Plenty Chilly 122217%IN
Plentyofit 61117%OK
Point Given 78675773%KY
Point in Time 111100%FL
Point On Mind 111100%CA
Pok Ta Pok 73114%PA
Polish 93222%BC
Polish Gift 22141150%WA
Polish Love 73343%NM
Polish Miner 28181761%MD
Polish Navy 125325%KY
Polish Pro 111100%MD
Polish Rifle 173318%PA
Polish Spray 111100%OH
Polished Brass 22150%MN
Political Folly 169638%OH
Political Move 111100%KY
Political Power 1000%OR
Political Whit 15111067%LA
Pollard's Vision 13311910780%KY
Pollock's Luck 21150%TX
Polly's Comet 1110545%KS
Ponche 94222%PA
Popcorn Crystal 21150%VI
Popular 19171579%CA
Popular Leader 111100%OH
Port Vila (FR) 5000%MD
Porto Foricos 159960%ON
Porto Varas 18000%TX
Posh 19131158%IL
Positively Gold 52240%TX
Posse 1291089372%KY
Poteen 444100%CA
Potowatomi 1000%MI
Power and Peace 189950%LA
Power by Far 146536%PA
Power Storm 84338%TX
Powerful Goer 19151158%IL
Powerful Venue 4000%NM
Powerscourt (GB) 100847171%KY
Pragmatic 32133%NM
Preacherman 62233%NY
Precious Marque 52240%MD
Precocity 40251845%NM
Prefer 2100%AR
Preferences 2000%OK
Premeditation 119873%NM
Premiership 111100%MB
Presidential Order 1911526%IN
Priceless Coin 111100%FL
Pride of Burkaan 108660%OH
Pride of New York 117436%ON
Pride of Slew 55240%CA
Prime Meridian 87450%GA
Prime Timber 101746160%NY
Primordial 42125%IN
Prince Bobby B. 21150%FL
Prince Burkaan (VEN) 3000%KY
Prince Cox 63233%IL
Prince Guistino 2000%IN
Prince Nureyev 133323%KY
Prince of Fame 111100%NM
Prince of the Mt. 104220%LA
Prince of the Wild 21150%CO
Prince Zotti 1000%OK
Prints of Peace 32222063%WV
Private Chieftain 111100%NM
Private Gold 69413652%WA
Private Interview 27181452%NJ
Private Joe 111100%SK
Private School 32133%OH
Private Terms 34211338%KY
Prized 59322644%WV
Prized Bo 1000%UT
Probity 3000%IL
Problem Solver 65117%MI
Profound Secret 75343%CA
Programable 98778%NC
Prohibitionist 33267%TN
Promissory 4017923%LA
Proper Reality 107770%AR
Proper Ridge 6000%AR
Prospect Bay 333100%VA
Prospect Cat 111100%VA
Prospect Feature 1000%WI
Prospected 19151579%OR
Prospective Height 4300%KY
Prospector Jones 38262668%NM
Prospector Street 126650%GA
Prospector's Gift 28171761%LA
Prospector's Treat 1110873%KS
Proud Accolade 91706167%FL
Proud and True 45231738%FL
Proud Cardenal 42125%NM
Proud Cellar 1000%OK
Proud Citizen 64584977%KY
Proud Dhabi 1100%NM
Proud Exchange 71114%AB
Proud Halo 3000%TX
Proud Irish 23211565%NM
Proudest Romeo 87788%FL
Proven Seattle 1100%IN
Prune 1000%IL
Puchilingui 32267%MI
Puck 108880%LA
Pulling Punches 138538%LA
Pulpit 100947979%KY
Pulpit Music 63233%MO
Pulverizing 1000%MD
Pulzarr 14117%ID
Purdue King 82225%IA
Pure Excess 61117%CA
Pure Precision 38221745%FL
Pure Prize 77615065%KY
Pure White Gold 222100%VA
Purge 17715313476%KY
Purple Comet 1100%VA
Purple Passion 137754%MD
Put It Back 72423143%FL
Pvt. Lynch 555100%TX
Pyramid Peak 52240%KY