Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Fabulous Champ 2310626%MB
Fabulous Frolic 32133%ID
Fact Book 85563%IL
Faculty 18111161%CA
Fadaaei 22150%KY
Falkenham (GB) 85563%TX
Familiar Flare 222100%LA
Family Calling 257416%WV
Famous Forest 77686%TX
Fan the Flame 96444%AR
Fandango Dancer 444100%MT
Fantasticat 45372964%MD
Fappiano Road 42250%TX
Fappiano's Star 48473981%PR
Fappie's Notebook 136646%FL
Far North Road 75571%ND
Far Out Wadleigh 31133%LA
Fashion Find 4315921%OK
Fast 'n Royal 21000%FL
Fast and Formal 222100%PR
Fast Decision 118655%NY
Fast Ferdie 117545%IN
Fast Play 24131250%NY
Fastness (IRE) 40352358%NJ
Fat Francis 21150%TX
Father Steve 56332850%AR
Favorite Trick 32232269%NM
February Storm 38201950%FL
Federal League 111100%PQ
Felix's Fire 111100%LA
Fellini 21150%MA
Fenter 44250%LA
Ferrara 1210650%OK
Ferrari (GER) 111100%CA
Festive 52240%TX
Festive Lad 3000%TX
Fey Tru 1000%OH
Fiend 98667%TX
Fifty Stars 21150%LA
Fiftyseven 1100%OH
Fighter Joe 3100%IN
Fighting Affair 54480%ID
Fighting Fantasy 75343%NE
Figure of Speech 18171478%PR
File Away 92222%UT
Filius Acer 111100%CA
Fill the Temple 1000%CA
Final Markdown 222100%PA
Final Row (GB) 32267%TX
Finality 29221966%BC
Finance the Cat 1312969%TX
Financial Diplomat 3000%SC
Fincher Branch 42125%TX
Finder's Gold 1510853%LA
Fine Island 111100%LA
Fine n' Majestic 21150%CA
Finest Hour 57442951%LA
Fini Cassette 111100%PA
Finn McCool 15121173%SD
Fire Blitz 16111169%MI
Fire Town Gorge 111100%OK
Fire Work 32133%ON
Fireboy 1000%TX
First and Only 4000%GA
First Payment Flip 3000%TX
First Recall 21150%CA
First Tour 127758%FL
Fiscal 3000%IN
Fisher Pond 38141232%BC
Fistfite 18111056%OK
Fitz 111100%GA
Five Eighty Four 111100%PA
Five Star Day 1431229667%KY
Flagman Ahead 52240%WA
Flame Boy 22150%KY
Flame Thrower 19141158%FL
Flaming Quest (GB) 1813633%TX
Flaming West 18151267%BC
Flannigan 1410643%NE
Flatter 57434070%KY
Fleet Foot 11111091%MD
Fleet Son 41125%AB
Fleethoof 1000%FL
Flight Forty Nine 4000%OH
Fly Cry 159747%LA
Fly Till Dawn 21150%KY
Flying Baron 154320%OK
Flying Chevron 1513960%PA
Flying Down to Rio 31133%ON
Flying Endowment 1000%CA
Flying Kris 105550%TX
Flying Pidgeon 84113%NJ
Flying Victor 75343%CA
Flying With Eagles 31133%WA
Foolish Era 3000%PA
Foolish Lover 2000%MN
Foolish MacDuff 2200%NM
For Really 178847%CA
For Uncle Mike 3100%TX
Forbidden Apple 2815829%FL
Forbidden Valley 111100%AR
Ford Every Stream 63534775%LA
Ford's Creek 71114%FL
Foregone 82225%TX
Forest Camp 1311159371%KY
Forest Danger 1211008772%KY
Forest Deputy 222100%NY
Forest Fire 63350%TN
Forest Joy 2000%NM
Forest Peace 6000%
Forest Wildcat 112(1)1018172%KY
Forestry 130(1)1149875%KY
Forestwood 19121263%OK
Forever Dancer 1100%AR
Forever Whirl 77343%AZ
Formal Consent 333100%TN
Formal Dinner 51292447%FL
Formal Gold 63535181%CA
Fort Chaffee 74457%ON
Fort La Roca 2000%PR
Fort Stanton 64233%NM
Fortifier 44375%KS
Fortuoso 64350%NE
Forty Won 52120%LA
Fosh 53240%IL
Foster's Landing 7000%KY
Fox Me 111100%MO
Foxtrail 29241862%ON
Fractional 43125%IL
Fran's Boy 222100%KY
Franc Coeur 1000%ON
Frankie the Cat 98778%WV
Franklin Street 1000%SD
Fred Astaire 105550%VA
Free 107660%LA
Free At Last 30231860%WA
Freedom Bound 2000%UT
Freedom Time 1000%OK
Freefourinternet 53382853%FL
Freespool 84555262%CA
French Envoy 33201855%FL
French Rebel 52240%UT
French Seventyfive 84450%OK
Freon Flier 54360%PA
Freud 99766465%NY
Fridaynightspecial 3000%OK
Friendly Lover 25151248%IA
Friends Lake 103967472%KY
Frisk Me Now 38141129%MN
Front Agent 222100%WA
Frontier Gold 16116%CO
Fruition 1811950%CA
Fruition Express 1000%UT
Fugitive 42250%IA
Full Count 63350%OH
Full Mandate 125(4)957963%FL
Full Moons Arisin 222100%LA
Fun and Fancy Free 444100%VA
Funboy 6000%BC
Funny Frolic 1110982%NJ
Funny Tom (ARG) 1000%NM
Fusaichi Pegasus 13111510076%KY
Fusaichi Zenon (JPN) 65467%CA
Future Storm 29161655%CA