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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
S'No Business 108550%IL
Saarland 1201039478%KY
Sable's Boy 222100%NM
Sabona 16131063%IL
Sadler Slew 85450%NM
Sadler's Ruby 2000%KY
Saevus Naevus 31133%NM
Safado 66467%KY
Safarando (IRE) 33267%CA
Safe Expectation 111100%UT
Safe in the U S A 24201875%FL
Safe Prospect 3000%LA
Safely's Mark 28151554%FL
Sagebrush Sam 8000%NM
Sahm 16131169%KY
Sailinwithcaptain 2000%NM
Saint Ballistic 106660%IL
Saint Ernie 111100%IL
Saint Marden 138862%NJ
Saint Sabates 143321%NM
Saint's Honor 106550%LA
Saints n' Sinners 54360%TX
Salem Drive 222100%KY
Salt Lake 60493863%KY
Salty Note 159960%ON
Salty Sea 14121071%FL
Salty Train 111100%ND
Salty's Tuko 22150%WA
Sam Again 111100%TX
Sam Lord's Castle 189844%MN
Sam the Pettyjudge 77571%IL
Sambuca On Ice 86113%ON
Same Day Delivery 75571%MD
Sample Copy 65350%AZ
San Mont Andreas 163319%OH
San Nicolas 53360%CA
San Pedro 32267%NM
Sanctuary 54480%OR
Sand Ridge 126542%TX
Sandia Slew 158640%NM
Sandlot Star 98667%WV
Sanill 2000%OH
Sankarang (GB) 22150%VA
Santoni 222100%AZ
Saquache 4000%IL
Saratoga Six 22201150%NM
Saratoga Sunrise 111100%WA
Sarava 44312557%FL
Sasha's Prospect 17131165%FL
Sask Watch 666100%SK
Satan Sleeps 42250%AR
Satchmo's Band 4000%WV
Satellite Signal 75343%SK
Satellite Sun 27000%NY
Satin Poppy 1100%WA
Sato 555100%ON
Saucey Avenger 6000%TX
Saving Conika 111100%LA
Sawgrass 333100%TX
Saxton 126325%TX
Say Florida Sandy 72624664%NY
Say Uncle 66350%NY
Scatmandu 156533%KY
Schembechler 32267%AL
Scherando 111100%CA
Schiller 111100%CO
Schizoid 54360%NM
Schoodic Mt. 41125%TX
Score Early 87788%CA
Score Quick 1111982%CA
Scorpion 34222162%FL
Scott's Dream 85450%CO
Scottish Halo 116436%FL
Scouting Report 8000%OK
Screen Idol 1000%LA
Scrimshaw 121898167%KY
Scuba Doo 44250%CO
Scudbuster 222100%IL
Sea of Secrets 26252492%KY
Sea Soul 93333%LA
Sea Wall 119655%ON
Seacliff 22111045%NM
Season Screen 111100%KY
Seattle Bound 64467%CA
Seattle Fitz (ARG) 56443664%KY
Seattle Pattern 105440%TX
Seattle Proud 159853%CA
Seattle Red 32267%CA
Seattle Rob 31133%IN
Seattle Settler 111100%TX
Seattle Shamus 53403057%OR
Seattle Shuffle 1000%GA
Seattle Sleet 3712822%TX
Seattle Sun 32267%MO
Seattle Syn 114218%IN
Sebastian 5000%OK
Secluded Hunt 2000%LA
Second Lieutenant 2000%PA
Secret Claim 33161442%LA
Secret Odds 97778%LA
Secret Prince 1000%UT
Secret Romeo 31181342%MI
Secretary Forli 22150%CA
See the Show 111100%TX
Seeking a Home 1611638%TX
Seeking Daylight 46352759%MD
Seeking Diamonds 54360%MN
Seeking Greatness 23141357%OK
Seeking the Gold 78705368%KY
Sefapiano 36241850%LA
Seine Minstrel 1000%MO
Select Session 102110%WV
Selective Pro 3000%VA
Sell the Farm 1000%WV
Semoran 32181547%OK
Send 'm Home 31133%TX
Seneca Jones 48372246%TX
Senor Conquistador 96333%MA
Senor Speedy 127758%NY
Sentinel Star 333100%CA
Sequoia Slew 84338%WV
Serious Business (IRE) 75343%SK
Serve the Flag 75571%CA
Service Stripe 65444163%KY
Set Him Down 111100%
Seven Rings 75343%TX
Shabab 43250%MS
Shadeed 3100%KY
Shadow Caster 74457%TX
Shadow Launcher 22150%IL
Shadow Show 222100%PA
Shaegra 2000%UT
Shaheen 136646%SK
Shakeel 4000%IL
Shanawi (IRE) 18111161%FL
Shannon Run 3000%KY
Shaquin 76686%TX
Sharan (GB) 117764%TX
Sharelyn's Gold 31133%PA
Sharkey 105330%IA
Sharon's Beau 5000%NM
Shawklit Player 102110%NE
Shawklit Won 4000%NY
Shecky Iron 53120%VA
Sheikh Albequick 1000%IN
Shelly's Charmer 9000%ON
Shelter 42250%ON
Sheryar 62233%PA
Shingen Deputy 5000%BC
Shining Spring 93333%PR
Shoe Willie Shoe 111100%TX
Shoer of Power 6000%OK
Shooter 5100%NM
Shore Breeze 47323370%KY
Short Snort 1000%NM
Shot of Gold 1410857%MN
Shotgun John 21150%TX
Shotiche 16121275%MN
Shrike 111100%MB
Shrubs 99444%LA
Shut Down 222100%TX
Shuttleman 111100%TX
Siberian Pine 64467%AR
Siberian Summer 77625571%CA
Siberian Tiger 2200%IN
Side 222100%TX
Sideburn 24191250%AZ
Sidoscope 1100%LA
Sig Navy 1000%IN
Signal 43250%SC
Signorelli 111100%OK
Signoretto (FR) 2000%MT
Sikorsky 86563%LA
Silent Bluff 31201652%NE
Silent Era 33267%MI
Silent Generation 61117%ID
Silent King 1000%LA
Silesia Flash 87225%MT
Silic (FR) 1510853%KY
Silk Song 1211975%MN
Silky Sweep 39352256%LA
Silvador 2200%ON
Silver Bluff 32267%ON
Silver Deputy 77635369%KY
Silver Desire 12000%NE
Silver Fox 1210758%BC
Silver Ghost 60432948%KY
Silver Goblet 2000%CA
Silver Launch 106550%NE
Silver Leader 3000%PA
Silver Magistrate 2000%PA
Silver Music 107660%NY
Silver On Silver 103220%LA
Silver Ray 106550%CA
Silver Saint 117655%CO
Silver Season 52240%NM
Silver Talk 93333%OH
Silverbulletknight 1100%MS
Simbalu 1000%VA
Similar Somewhat 43250%WV
Simkin 1000%WA
Simply Majestic 32133%CA
Simply the Best 5100%TX
Sinful Persuasion 2100%VA
Single Remarque 1000%AZ
Siouxperheart 444100%WV
Siphon (BRZ) 36252056%KY
Sir Bedivere 243313%TX
Sir Cat 21161467%KY
Sir Cherokee 45373271%KY
Sir Dennis 444100%CA
Sir Emblem 71114%LA
Sir Fir 222100%CA
Sir Juli Go 2200%WV
Sir Leon 44375%FL
Sir Lloyd 1000%ON
Sir Silver Berry 1100%IN
Sir V. 111100%CA
Sitting Appeal 1000%OK
Sittinonacloud 1000%OH
Six Below 111100%CA
Six Fast Nickles 3000%WA
Six Speed 21150%TX
Sixto G 1000%IN
Siyah Kalem 10100%BC
Skeet 111100%AR
Skimming 106867874%CA
Skip a Dream 52240%SC
Skip Away 76614964%KY
Skip Skip 65117%OK
Skip to the Stone 80342531%FL
Skip Trial 1611638%FL
Skipper Kipper 2000%ND
Sky Approval 114327%MI
Sky Classic 42383276%KY
Sky Glory 5000%FL
Sky Mesa 108928579%KY
Sky Raider 43375%LA
Sky Raven 5000%
Sky Terrace 1410857%CA
Skys' Drum 4000%ON
Slapshot Morty 111100%VI
Sleepless Morn 125325%NM
Slerp 21150%MT
Slew Baby 2000%FL
Slew City Slew 97725557%KY
Slew Dust 111100%TX
Slew Gin Fizz 2011630%FL
Slew Gulch 62233%TX
Slew Mood 17000%AZ
Slew O'Quoit 111100%WV
Slew of Angels 44125%CA
Slew of Memories 111100%TN
Slew the Coup 64350%OK
Slew the Deputy 777100%VA
Slew the Slewor 4100%GA
Slew the Surgeon 12600%LA
Slew You 62233%TX
Slew's Midnite Run 1000%MT
Slew's Pot of Gold 3100%NM
Slew's Prince 95556%CA
Slew's Verdict 55240%LA
Slewd 61117%WA
Slewdledo 66514264%WA
Slewquero 111100%OR
Slewship 54240%OK
Slewvescent 86563%CA
Slice of Reality 127650%NY
Slick Prince 1000%OK
Slick Report 5000%KY
Slide to the Left 33267%KY
Sligo Bay (IRE) 78595165%KY
Smart Chip 138754%ID
Smart Guy 65467%MD
Smart Strike 14713412082%KY
Smarty Jones 113(1)1058777%KY
Smile Again 42171331%AB
Smithfield 4000%AB
Smoke Glacken 1181069278%KY
Smoken Devine 85450%TX
Smokester 111100%CA
Smokin Mel 85563%NY
Smooth Gold (GB) 9000%MB
Smooth Jazz 54352852%FL
Smooth Move 2000%AL
Smooth Runner 1411750%CA
Snoqualmie 111100%TX
Snow Blink 74343%CA
Snow Chief 21150%CA
Snow Ridge 79584861%FL
Snowbound 60323050%WA
Snowbound Paisley 111100%BC
Snuck In 106736158%FL
So Ever Clever 138862%KS
So Rough 3000%SD
Sociano 1000%MA
Soft Gold (BRZ) 76686%CA
Solar Jack 1000%FL
Sold to Wallstreet 53360%IN
Solid Crystal 1000%LA
Solo Chorus 1000%NY
Solomon's Decree 165531%ON
Someplace Fast 3000%WA
Something Blue 1000%TN
Something Pleasant 21150%GA
Somethingprincely 111100%FL
Son's Corona 8000%MT
Sonant 4000%IL
Songandaprayer 178(16)13411162%KY
Sonic Blue 44375%FL
Sonny's Solo Halo 1000%OR
Sonny's Surprise 1000%OK
Sophisticated Man 4100%PA
Soto 77533849%KY
Sought After 116545%CA
Soul of the Matter 119982%CA
Sound of Rhythm 43250%OR
Southbysouthwest 1000%AZ
Southern Approach 1000%TX
Southern Brace 21150%AZ
Southern Commander 2000%TX
Southern Forest 18151372%AR
Southern Hobo 1000%ON
Southern Leader 43375%FL
Southern Sign 2100%WA
Southern States 555100%LA
Souvenir Copy 53433770%CA
Spanish Drummer 21150%IL
Spanish Steps 101686059%FL
Sparkling Prospect 2000%TX
Sparks of Saturn 111100%AK
Speak 76457%OK
Special Coach 99333%AL
Special Times 109990%PA
Spectacular Skip 4000%UT
Spectaculardynasty 101110%PA
Speed Calling 167531%ND
Speed Dial 111100%AZ
Speed Jaro (FR) 52240%CA
Speightstown 1311159976%KY
Spellbounder 86225%CO
Spinelessjellyfish 45292453%CA
Spiritbound 21191048%LA
Split 96667%VA
Split Incision 1000%VA
Spot 3000%PA
Spreebee 96556%WV
Sprizzo 1000%WV
Spunky Rascal 63233%OH
Squall 71114%PA
Squall Warning 888100%NY
Ssssosa 42250%CA
St l'Enjoleur 31133%OH
St. Alydar 64117%GA
St. Jovite 22150%KY
Stag Dinner 62233%PR
Stage Colony 666100%CA
Stage Show 43375%KY
Stagecoach 177424%NM
Stake a Claim 62233%NM
Stake Procpect 22150%PR
Stamp de Gold 222100%AB
Stand and Fight 55480%CA
Standing On Edge 55120%WV
Standoffish 111100%TX
Stanislavsky 21171571%NY
Star of Halo 146643%AZ
Star of Ransom 21150%PA
Star of the Crop 21171676%OK
Star of the Storm 2000%KY
Star Programmer 50252346%TX
Star Trace 222100%VA
Stark Ridge 94444%FL
Starlit Secret 1000%MI
Starmaniac 1815950%ID
State Craft 111100%KY
Stately Cielo 54240%AB
Statement 15111067%KY
Stauder 7000%AR
Steady Gains 41125%TX
Steel Ruhlr 61117%OR
Stephanotis 67594973%BC
Stephen Got Even 84655667%KY
Stephen's Smile 333100%OK
Stephene Mon Amour 98556%MO
Stevie Ruckus 43250%AB
Stewing Sid 2200%NM
Sticks and Bricks 33267%MD
Stolen Gold 2000%WA
Stolen View 111100%TX
Stone Bridge 129867%FL
Stonecoldbroke 91111%PA
Storada 2100%ND
Stored 17101059%WV
Storm and a Half 104755957%AR
Storm Ashore 1712847%NM
Storm Blast 276519%WA
Storm Boot 85675969%KY
Storm Brewing 43250%KY
Storm Brick 222100%LA
Storm Cat 1091068881%KY
Storm Center 21150%WV
Storm Creek 42343276%CA
Storm Day 95736366%LA
Storm God 54360%PR
Storm of Angels 66583%MA
Storm of Goshen 17141059%NM
Storm of the Night 46624%SD
Storm Passage 45282658%LA
Storm Ruler 64467%OK
Storm Time 42250%TX
Storm Victory 39352974%BC
Storm Walk 65350%LA
Storm's Path 1000%KY
Stormed 35292880%CA
Stormin Fever 68534363%KY
Stormville 6100%SC
Stormy Atlantic 165(6)12811067%KY
Stormy Cloud 1000%NM
Stormy Jack 22171255%CA
Straight A 52240%WV
Straight Flush (BRZ) 31133%AZ
Straight Man 55332545%FL
Strategic Mission 29191241%NY
Strategic Partner 24201458%OK
Strategize 8000%LA
Stravinsky 62433556%KY
Street Cry (IRE) 113867465%KY
Strike Adduce 88563%WV
Striking Lord 444100%PR
Striking Song 199526%SK
Stritzel 41125%WV
Stroll 58433866%KY
Stromboli 214524%OK
Strong Hope 1151049280%KY
Strong Minded 1000%AZ
Strong Performance 222100%TX
Struggler (GB) 21150%TX
Stuka Slew 64467%FL
Stydahar 26181869%KY
Stylish Senor 95333%IN
Suances (GB) 17171694%CA
Suave Prospect 80423746%FL
Subordination 23161461%KY
Successful Appeal 85745969%KY
Sudden Hush 32267%AB
Sudden Storm 107660%TX
Sudden Thunder 33222267%PR
Suggest 43375%CA
Sultan Swain 147643%OK
Sultry Song 57433561%KY
Sum Hercules 21150%NC
Sum Trick 29527%WA
Sumba Wine 22150%OR
Summer Cloud 128325%IL
Summer Ransom 6000%IN
Summer Squire 3000%KY
Summinitup 188633%IL
Summit Climber 32133%IL
Sun Tzu 55240%IN
Sundance Ridge 52240%MA
Sunday Break (JPN) 98746061%KY
Sunday Minister 101110%NM
Sunlaunch 222100%AZ
Sunny Splash 1000%MA
Sunny Sunshine 3000%TX
Sunny's Adios 2000%MN
Sunny's Irish 64233%TX
Sunset Ridge 5000%MB
Sunshine Mikey 1000%TX
Supeona 127758%IL
Super Friendly 21150%NM
Super Prize 3000%PR
Super Quercus (FR) 98778%NM
Super Sizzle 31133%AB
Super Special 32326%NM
Superior Success 32267%OR
Supermec 1100%WA
Superpower (ARG) 444100%TX
Supreme Cat 148429%TX
Supreme Tale 99889%OH
Supremo 22141150%IA
Supremo Secret 1910947%LA
Surachai 87788%CA
Sure Pleasure 111100%OK
Surrogate Dancer 111100%ON
Surviving Bid 31133%VA
Survivor Slew 14000%NM
Swain (IRE) 1211975%KY
Swamp 119982%TX
Swamp Rat 1000%LA
Swampster 86563%ON
Swan's Way 222100%MA
Sweet Dreamer 123325%CA
Sweet Success 1000%WI
Sweetsouthernsaint 110796559%FL
Swift Crusader 62233%OH
Swift End 111100%OK
Swift Lion 2000%OK
Swing Lord 444100%KY
Swinging Sammi 74457%AB
Swiss Gambler 33267%LA
Swiss Trick 83338%IN
Swiss Yodeler 101757271%CA
Synastry 33267%CA
Synastry Express 52240%BC
Syncline 38292361%KY