Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
R C Indy Go 32267%KY
R F F El Dorado 21150%TX
R F F Sun King 1100%CA
R Literary Agent 1000%CA
R W's Prize 21150%CO
R. Cooper 83338%FL
R. Payday 107440%NM
R. S. V. P. Please 127650%WV
Race On Green 5200%WV
Radio Daze 103110%IN
Radioman 111100%UT
Raffie's Majesty 222100%NY
Raft 222100%WV
Rage 21150%NY
Raheeb 84450%KY
Rahy 93796873%KY
Rahy Rahy 111100%TX
Rahy's Quackerjack 53360%CA
Rail 18151056%LA
Railway Cat 52240%OH
Rainbow Blues (IRE) 20171680%CA
Rainmaker 81463746%KY
Raise a Govenor 31133%TX
Raise a Man 3000%NY
Raise a Rascal 103330%OK
Raise a Roughhouse 3000%TX
Raise Suzuran 85563%CA
Raisor's Edge 113218%WA
Raj Waki 93333%ON
Raja Choice 41125%ON
Raja's Best Boy 7000%TX
Raja's Charter 5000%NE
Raja's Revenge 1000%CA
Rajya Sabha 32267%AR
Ramiano 222100%MI
Randy Regent 169744%ON
Ranger (FR) 42250%AB
Ransom in Gold 2000%MD
Rare Brick 98778%TX
Rare Fuse 1000%
Rare Look 1000%TX
Rare Red 51120%TX
Rarified 62233%NY
Rastra 111100%PA
Rather Bold 111100%KY
Ray of Gold 32267%OH
Raz Lea 101010100%CA
Reack Boldly 1000%MS
Read the Footnotes 89705764%FL
Ready to Order 222100%CA
Real Partner 2000%MA
Real Quest 8000%BC
Real Quiet 1410857%KY
Real West 18141267%AB
Really a Rainbow 109770%CO
Really Golden 22150%WA
Really Regent 111100%AZ
Reardon Steel 8000%OK
Reavealing Gold 2000%OK
Reba's Gold 86675%CA
Rebmec 155533%AB
Rebound 2100%VA
Recessible 42125%LA
Reciprocate 167744%AZ
Reckless Youth 2000%KY
Recognized 1100%LA
Recommended List 98333%FL
Recreation 97667%BC
Red 104440%AZ
Red Advance 111100%FL
Red Bullet 75674560%FL
Red Prairie 42250%NM
Red Scamper 1000%MA
Red Sky's 35262571%AZ
Red Storm Rising 86563%WA
Red Tail Hawk 99556%NY
Redattore (BRZ) 59494373%CA
Reel On Reel 73114%OK
Reformer Rally 111100%KY
Regal American 1100%MD
Regal and Majestic 2000%FL
Regal Classic 38292053%NY
Regal Code 136538%IL
Regal Discovery 1000%ON
Regal Flight 21150%ON
Regal Groom 87563%NM
Regal Intention 29252483%BC
Regal Sanction 21150%NY
Regal Secret 111100%NC
Regent Act 76343%CA
Regreta 42250%LA
Reigning King 87563%PA
Relagate 32267%TX
Relaunch a Tune 53240%AZ
Remarkable Charm 111100%AZ
Remember Hope 1000%LA
Renteria 128650%ID
Rep Cord 4000%OK
Reparations 27201244%WV
Repent 110828174%FL
Replicate 86675%CA
Report On Rain 222100%TX
Reporters Dream 111100%IN
Repriced 25141248%KY
Reprized 53240%FL
Reputed Testamony 1000%NC
Research 444100%MI
Retsina Run 64233%NM
Reuben 333100%MN
Reversal 113327%ID
Rff King's Ransom 222100%TX
Rhoadseo 21150%IN
Rhodes 84450%OH
Rhythm 1510853%CA
Rhythm Bound 76571%NE
Rich Deeds 149536%WV
Richland Native 21150%TX
Richly Blended 51322957%CA
Richter Scale 99887475%KY
Richwood 1000%CA
Ricksbag 33267%NC
Ride the Storm 157747%SC
Ride to Win 66467%OR
Riflery 75457%IN
Rigging 53360%IL
Ring 51120%SC
Ringer's Wildcat 12000%KY
Rio Verde 76463850%CA
Rio's Lark 2200%BC
Rip C 111100%TX
Ripley's Class Act 21150%OK
Ripsaw 64467%IN
River Eagle 88675%OK
River Flyer 2018945%CA
River Keen (IRE) 41125%NY
River Squall 75571%TX
River Usk (GB) 222100%SK
Riverside 19191368%OK
Riveter 6000%TX
Rizzi 147643%NY
Road Rush 64350%LA
Road to Seattle 1000%LA
Roanoke 75457%PA
Roar 28272486%CA
Roar of the Tiger 124887460%FL
Roaring Camp 62117%GA
Roaring Fever 80624860%NY
Robannier 1010990%CA
Robb 106440%WV
Robyn Dancer 48352654%NM
Rocanville 74343%AB
Rock 222100%OK
Rock and Roll 24202083%NY
Rock Point 148857%VA
Rock Slide 81594049%MD
Rockers 32267%AL
Rocket's Legacy 2000%VA
Rocking Trick (ARG) 117545%KY
Rocky Bar 23191565%AZ
Rocky D 2000%TX
Rocky T Gun 111100%NE
Rod and Staff 105550%KY
Rodeo 2913931%LA
Roger That 44375%LA
Roglee 2000%KY
Rogue S. 5000%OR
Rojo Dinero 15141067%KY
Rojo Warrior 86563%WA
Rokeby (GB) 1000%AB
Roll Again 6000%SC
Roll Hennessy Roll 16141275%NM
Roman Dancer 1210975%NY
Roman Gala 2000%FL
Roman Night 222100%NY
Roman Rambler 1100%FL
Romancing the Cat 64350%ON
Romantic Bull 2000%ON
Ronton 118764%NM
Roots and Ropes 53360%CA
Rosetti 48232144%AB
Rossini 1341058664%KY
Round Four 3100%OH
Roundup 127542%GA
Rouse the Louse 3000%IL
Rowdy Rowdy Dee 2000%TN
Rowdy Ruckus 103220%AB
Royal Academy 98807071%KY
Royal Albert Hall 149964%BC
Royal Anthem 37292568%KY
Royal Canaska (GB) 33133%ON
Royal Cat 59444373%CA
Royal Cognac 21150%AB
Royal Dixie 111100%BC
Royal Empire 25231768%AL
Royal Merlot 51383773%PR
Royal Nero 1000%OH
Royal Quiz 75571%SK
Royal Regatta (IRE) 95556%CA
Royal Ridge 1000%NM
Royal Rumpus 11000%AB
Royal Strand (IRE) 105440%LA
Royal Twosome 2100%OK
Royal Walk 28201968%CA
Royale Future 111100%LA
Rubio First (ARG) 74343%MT
Rubiyat 1512747%PA
Ruby Hill 102220%LA
Ruckus Hosner 101110%KY
Rugby 76686%WV
Rugged Angel 71114%BC
Rulo Action 111100%OR
Rumor Patrol 1000%CA
Rumors Rife 1000%CA
Run Dot Com 31133%OR
Run Paul Run 43125%NM
Run Production 2910931%LA
Run Softly 23171565%WV
Run to Daylight 333100%TX
Runaway Casting 444100%OH
Runaway Groom 33282679%KY
Runaway Macho 114436%WV
Runaway Prince 1100%VA
Runaway Roo 1100%TX
Running Copelan 51120%PA
Running Empho 6000%TX
Running On End 111100%ON
Running Stag 51383569%FL
Runspastum 222100%TX
Runto the Mountain 54240%OH
Rush 51120%TX
Rushian Meadow 4000%ON
Russellthemussell 76686%WA
Russian Courage 111100%CA
Russian Sword 3000%MN