Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Na Devil 111100%KY
Naevus 23141252%TX
Naevus Star 52120%CA
Najm Almaydaan 14131393%PR
Najran 91(1)725662%KY
Name for Norm 74457%WA
Naroctive 5000%OK
Nasir 52240%AB
Nassau Hall 144429%IL
Nassau Square 31133%MT
Nates M 333100%MD
Nation Wide News 101110%SK
National News 7000%PA
National Saint 18151267%CA
Native Comedy 111100%PA
Native Factor 24191667%MI
Native Regent 37211438%LA
Native Slew 1410857%WV
Native Storm 4000%AB
Native War Bird 2000%NM
Native Xtarman 1000%TX
Naturally Nicer 1100%NM
Navy Admiral 5100%CO
Navy Bird 111100%VA
Near the Limit 111100%VA
Neon Rainbow 1100%TX
Net Asset 94444%BC
Never Bend Better 42125%TX
Never Subtle 111100%CA
New Trieste 19121053%TX
New Way 72229%OK
New York Prospect 41125%LA
Newfoundland 100(1)755959%KY
Newton's Law (IRE) 85563%NM
Next Wave 43250%TX
Nice and Easy 32267%VA
Nice Walker 111100%ID
Nicholas 19111158%OK
Nicholas Ds 12101083%AB
Nick of Time 33267%UT
Niganithat 6000%FL
Night Caller 158853%NY
Night Ceremony 1000%OK
Night Flight 111100%LA
Night Fright 43125%NM
Night Shooter 1000%MS
Nightofthegaelics 14000%BC
Nineeleven 20131050%CA
Niner Bush 43250%NE
Nines Wild 116655%SC
Nite Talkin 1000%MT
No Armistice 45262044%MD
No Budget 21150%LA
No Limit Soldier 98667%LA
No Storms 4000%CO
No Swell'em Up 1000%LA
No Upper Limit 4000%TX
Noactor 111100%FL
Noble Houston 2000%MI
Noble Savage (IRE) 55120%TX
Noble Silence 52120%NM
Noon Prospect 94333%OH
Nooo Problema 87675%IL
Northdrop 44250%TX
Northern Account 3000%SK
Northern Afleet 15914213182%KY
Northern Crook 1000%PA
Northern Cut 1000%CO
Northern Decision 111100%AL
Northern Devil 42250%CA
Northern Minuet 1000%AB
Northern Niner 108880%LA
Northern Quest (FR) 126650%TX
Northern Spur (IRE) 117545%KY
Northern Symphony 71114%IA
Northern Trend 40262665%FL
Northward Bound 55480%IL
Noryjo 1000%WA
Not a Corgi 83225%NY
Not a Role Model 62233%AR
Not For Love 105937975%MD
Not So Fast 11000%NE
Not Tricky 2213836%NM
Notable Beaux 1414857%OK
Notable Cat 41282254%OK
Nou Graha 111100%AR
Nucay 55480%OR
Nudge 43250%RI
Nunzio 104440%NY