Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
I Can't Believe 31133%ON
I Like to Win 75457%NM
I'madrifter 117764%CA
I'monfireforyou 1100%NM
Iam the Iceman 66350%CA
Ian's Affair 31133%AB
Ianomami (IRE) 125542%KS
Ide 61423354%LA
Ideal State 111100%IL
Ihtimam 146536%WA
Ile de Jinsky 2000%TX
Ile St. Louis (CHI) 213314%AR
Iliamna 1000%TX
Illinois Storm 54272444%CA
Im Millennium Man 42250%FL
Image Check 111100%OH
Imaginary Sword 1100%NJ
Impeachment 29141138%FL
Imperial Cat 91111%TX
Important Notice 158640%AB
In a Walk 45393169%LA
In Case 25141144%OK
In Excess (IRE) 111816962%CA
In Excessive Bull 60412948%NM
In the Headlights 1000%TX
In the Zone 55480%MT
In Your Thoughts 43250%AZ
Inagroove 333100%OK
Inca Chief 32000%OK
Inca Chief Sap 6000%TX
Include 61544574%KY
Incredible Slew 1100%NM
Independentcounsel 4000%MT
Indian Charlie 1261068971%KY
Indian Prospector (FR) 31133%TX
Indian Runner 2000%NM
Indian Territory 3010620%IA
Individual Style 118873%AZ
Indubitably 111100%MO
Industry Standard 111100%OR
Indy Film 3000%NM
Indy King 51353161%FL
Indy Mood 96333%IN
Indy Pacific 12111192%OR
Indy Talent 86563%OK
Indy Thunder 149857%OK
Inevitable Hour 31133%TX
Inexcess Express 4100%IL
Infield Shift 32267%TX
Inner Harbour 30231447%WV
Innkeeper 41125%MD
Insistent Beat 3000%AB
Inspired Prospect 22150%ON
Instant Karma 111100%NM
Intermediary 64350%MI
Intidab 59453254%NY
Into Bucks 1000%TX
Invisible Ink 25171768%FL
Involvement 111100%OH
Irgun 37261232%IL
Irish Bluff 222100%LA
Irish Dreamin 4000%AB
Irish Open 146536%TX
Irish Ways (IRE) 51120%CA
Irisheyesareflying 126650%TX
Iron Cat 22141255%CA
Iron Deputy 1610956%PA
Iron Social 22150%NC
Ironman Dehere 19171368%AZ
Ironwoods Hope 21150%AR
Iroquois Park 119545%AR
Is It True 42272457%FL
Isaypete 115545%MO
Iskandar Elakbar 54480%ON
Island Born 104440%LA
Island City 4200%OK
Island Storm 77457%MI
Islander 136538%CA
Istintaj 19131158%NM
It'sallinthechase 20111155%OK
It'snotthatrisky 3000%FL
Itaka 7000%TX
Ithoughiwasacowboy 3000%WA
Ito the Hammer 98889%WA
Itron 1111545%TX
Its Acedemic 2000%NY
Ivory Dreams 75114%OK