Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
H. E. Miller 33267%NM
H. J. Baker 31133%IA
Haasil (IRE) 88675%CA
Habitony's Ace 65467%CO
Hackendiffy 111100%OH
Hadif 137538%TX
Hadrian's Wall 44211534%FL
Hail to Wild Again 5000%KY
Haint 17141376%CA
Half a Year 115545%AB
Half Fast George 65467%TX
Half Term 119764%CA
Halifax 1413643%FL
Halissee 1000%NY
Halo of Roses 3000%TX
Halo's Image 58433255%FL
Halory Hunter 94444%NY
Halos and Horns 135538%FL
Hampton Bay 2012945%WA
Handkerchief (ARG) 61117%LA
Handsome Prince 1000%TX
Hannibal Cat 8000%NM
Hansomeprince 1000%TX
Hap 24161146%KY
Happy Acres 1100%OH
Happy Boy Marc 178635%IN
Happy Intentions 1000%KY
Harbor Boy 96667%PA
Harbor Man 63233%VA
Harbor the Gold 19111053%OR
Hard Buck (BRZ) 1810950%FL
Hard Charger 87450%PR
Harlan Traveler 6000%LA
Harlan's Holiday 91797178%KY
Harmony Creek 3100%WA
Harperstown 42250%AR
Harriman 128758%OK
Harrington Sound 71114%NJ
Harry Berry 2000%ND
Harry the Hat 50221734%PA
Hasten To Add 55480%IL
Hasty Spirit 21150%NM
Hat Trick X Three 52240%LA
Haus of Dehere 173212%AB
Have Fun 199526%OK
Hawk in Flight 1000%MD
Hay Halo 179529%VA
Haymarket (GB) 83338%OK
He's a Looker 3200%NM
He's a Tough Cat 21215%IL
He's Tops 41333176%WA
Head West 14000%TN
Heather's Prospect 8000%TX
Heavenly Search 18131161%WA
Hello Houston 111100%TX
Helluvahullabaloo 93333%LA
Helmsman 22151255%CA
Help Your Self 21150%FL
Hennessy 85766273%KY
Henriques 85450%FL
Here Comes Speedy 111100%OK
Here's Dougie 43375%PA
Heres Your Trouble 2100%IL
Hero's Tribute 45332760%KY
Heroicity (AUS) 21150%MD
Heroshima 111100%OK
Hervy 82113%LA
Hesabull 14200%AR
Hesaluckycat 3000%KS
Hestheman 2000%KS
Heza Champion 111100%NM
Hezafastgold 1000%NM
Hi Plains Drifter 44375%LA
Hi Teck Man 237626%TX
Hidden City 1511853%AZ
Hidden Pass 333100%TX
Hierarch 71114%ON
High Beam 1000%NJ
High Brite 60504473%CA
High Cascade 61433354%LA
High Demand 26201973%CA
High Gloss Ink Jet 1000%GA
High Risen 22150%SC
High Speed Ruler 3300%IL
High Yield 95725861%KY
Highintensity Zeus 1000%WV
Highland Gold 31211652%CA
Highland Ruckus 32211856%AB
Highland Venture 1000%AZ
His Excellence 66350%MB
Hit a Jackpot 83338%NM
Hit the Roof 53120%IN
Hit the Trail 139754%NJ
Hofre 2000%OH
Hold for Gold 1810950%KY
Hold Hands 83338%LA
Hold On Chris 111100%FL
Hold That Tiger 1381119770%KY
Holding Court 42125%CA
Holditholditholdit 2000%OH
Holiday Thunder 222100%OK
Hollycombe 12111083%TX
Holy Bull 109917771%KY
Holy Notes 3100%OK
Holy Sting 2615831%LA
Holy Tara 148643%WV
Holzmeister 125542%TX
Home At Last 116655%KY
Home Run Trot 333100%ID
Homebuilder 1000%LA
Hometown Favorite 2100%TX
Homo Sapiens 2000%MS
Honest Ensign 43375%IA
Honor Defend 152213%NJ
Honor Glide 52332650%FL
Honor in Battle 41125%OH
Honour and Glory 116948775%KY
Honour Attendant 30141343%IL
Hook and Ladder 57524681%NY
Hoopsworld 222100%FL
Hopedale O. 111100%WY
Horse Chestnut (SAF) 103(3)917472%KY
Hoss 'N Ryder 111100%IL
Hostile Intent 111100%PA
Hot and Smoggy 2000%OR
Hot Apple Cider 1000%FL
Hot Rock 3100%WV
Hot Shot Luke 1000%KS
Hot War 65467%NM
House Appeal 21150%IL
House Burner 19151158%LA
House of Blues 2000%CA
House of Sport 97667%OK
Housebuster 43281944%WV
Houston 77686%CA
Houston Slue 61117%TX
Hoxie 7100%TX
Hubba Hubba 1210433%ON
Huff 107770%LA
Humble Eleven 2000%AR
Humming 21191152%IA
Humpty's Hoedown 6100%ID
Hunting Hard 95444%NY
Hurontario 22150%TX
Hurricane Center 35241851%AB
Hurry to Dinner 87675%GA
Husband 31133%VA
Hydrophonics 1000%MD
Hyper Two 111100%PA
Hyperborean 42125%LA