Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
G F Fast N Fancy 22150%NB
G. P.'s Krugerrand 106550%PA
G. W.'s Skippie 222100%LA
Gallant Step 6000%IN
Gallant Will 3000%TX
Galloping Gael 51120%NY
Game Coin 2100%TX
Game Plan 33242061%CA
Garbu 111100%OK
Garcon Gris 555100%CA
Garcon Rouge 158533%IL
Garnered 28171554%WV
Garve 222100%MS
Gary Gumbo 6000%TX
Gateway Road 111100%NY
Gato Del Sur 333100%FL
Gazebo 105550%MN
Gen Stormin'norman 37282259%TX
General Gem 76571%CA
General Griffin 21150%CA
General Meeting 36261747%CA
General Royal 105440%KY
General Solution 1100%KY
Generous Rosi (GB) 64467%KY
Gentle Kent 22141255%MB
Gentleman Jesse 41125%TX
Gentlemen (ARG) 104440%KY
George Green 43375%MN
Georgia Crown 64467%PA
Gerosa 97778%NJ
Get a Check 111100%OH
Get Me Out 8000%SD
Gettin Over 42125%KS
Ghazi 42221433%MN
Ghazi's Secret 1000%LA
Ghibli 111100%FL
Ghost Power 11000%OK
Ghost Ranch 44125%NM
Ghostly Minister 14131071%WV
Ghostly Moves 27251867%NM
Giant's Causeway 244(29)21017873%KY
Gibson County 169956%FL
Gift of Gib 119764%LA
Gilded Crusader 88225%TX
Gilded Time 69514768%KY
Gimmeawink 93786267%FL
Glenview 86563%NE
Gliders Bid 1000%NJ
Glitman 5000%PR
Glitter Code 213314%IN
Glitterman 1010220%KY
Glitzi's Classic 52120%MS
Global Mission 147643%LA
Global View 21150%MO
Globalize 33282679%CA
Glorious Bid 15000%AR
Glyer 33267%KY
Gneiss 96667%FL
Go 52120%WA
Go Bam Bam Go 72229%OK
Go for Four 111100%KY
Go for Gin 59504373%MD
Go for It Matt 1000%SD
Go Gary Go 24228%AB
Godolphin Cat 124217%NE
Gogarty (IRE) 66583%IL
Gold Alert 33311752%TX
Gold Brush 4000%CO
Gold Case 30232273%KY
Gold Cure 42250%LA
Gold Decoration 64350%OH
Gold Fever 44271636%NY
Gold Field Stage 111100%NM
Gold Hat 31133%MB
Gold I. D. 111100%NC
Gold Knuckles 32133%CA
Gold Legend 20141155%TX
Gold Market 137646%OH
Gold Medalist 1000%KS
Gold Pack 333100%CA
Gold Regent 14111071%TX
Gold Return 111100%VI
Gold Saga 32267%WA
Gold Search 97222%IN
Gold Spats 139538%ND
Gold Spring (ARG) 52240%KY
Gold Token 113756154%NY
Gold Tribute 63504470%LA
Golden Dart (NZ) 65350%TX
Golden Dice 72229%NE
Golden Dodger 33267%OK
Golden Foil 1000%TX
Golden Gear 33211958%CA
Golden Glove Champ 1100%IL
Golden Missile 1241129677%KY
Golden Ransom 20121260%NM
Golden Slew 93222%LA
Golden Whirl 222100%WA
Goldmart Prince 1000%PA
Goldmine (FR) 222100%TX
Goldminers Gold 167531%NY
Goldwater 96667%PR
Gone East 132215%TX
Gone for Real 1210975%NY
Gone Hollywood 62443861%NM
Gone North 222100%FL
Gone West 87827789%KY
Good and Tough 37343286%NY
Good Evening Sir 7000%SK
Good Gift 111100%AZ
Good Morning Houston 111100%IN
Good Opinion 31133%FL
Good Time Johnny 21150%OH
Goodbye Doeny 32267%LA
Goodbye Weekend 1100%CA
Gotham City 30272480%CA
Gothic Revival 1000%LA
Gourami 2000%NE
Governor Hickel 106550%KY
Governor Vasquez 111100%SD
Gracious Prize 21150%CA
Graeme Hall 106837672%FL
Gran Dancer 2000%MI
Grand Allegiance 8000%OK
Grand Champion Cat 3100%NM
Grand Chance 53360%IN
Grand Jewel 178529%TX
Grand On Dave 145214%KS
Grand Slam 16214713181%KY
Grave Digger 1111873%KY
Gray Raider 83338%NE
Great Allegiance 222100%MI
Great Notion 61443456%MD
Greatness 63413962%FL
Greedy 15141280%PR
Green Book 2000%MO
Green Fee 22171359%WV
Green Gaitor 3000%WV
Green Raskal 51120%AR
Green Stamp 44250%IN
Greenwood Lake 45292044%KY
Grey Counter 33267%ON
Grey Memo 21161467%CA
Grey West 76686%MT
Griffinite 294414%NY
Grim Reaper 97667%LA
Grindstone 27221970%KY
Gringo Pilot 444100%TX
Gripfast 4000%CO
Groomstick 229732%NM
Groovy Jett 32267%TX
Ground Stroke 105330%AB
Guarani 202210%CA
Guaranteed 66583%AL
Guaranteed Gold 15111067%ON
Gulch 85806981%KY
Gulch It 111100%MI
Gulf Storm 67443654%FL
Gun Bay 222100%NM
Gun Power 62117%ON
Gunston Road 22150%ND
Guys From Space 6000%IN